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Lindsay Lohan -- Still Lawyerless

7/10/2010 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has not decided on a new lawyer yet, but hopes to have one by next week ... this according to her lawyer in New York.


As we first reported, Shawn Chapman Holley resigned as Lindsay's lawyer just days after Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in the pokey.

Stephanie Ovadia, who is representing Lindsay in her lawsuit against E*TRADE, tells TMZ they are still interviewing lawyers and "no attorney has been retained." She added that they hoped to have one chosen in the next couple of days.

Sources close to Lindsay have told us she has vowed to appeal her sentence.


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I believe that Lindsay was fired by her lawyer because it eventually got around that Lindsay referred to African-Americans as "Colored", which is a term that has not been used since the 50s and earlier. It is code for "racist". True story.

1530 days ago


She deserves to spend every single one of the 90 days - but somehow someway I bet she gets around it. Bull****!

1530 days ago


The Lohans are complete morons right along with all the sniveling idiots who are saying what an unfair sentence she got for driving drunk many times! This bitch had a chance to make it right 4 years in fact but she was way to busy getting her drink and drug on! If one of the lawyers who got OJ Simpson off for murder couldnt get this chick off then nobody else can either!

I hope all her ****bag fans get killed by a drunk driver because they all ****ing deserve it! They obviously care about others lives just about as much as this washed up has been drug addict!

Tell us you dumb ass kissers what do you think is a fair punishment for this freckled freak you idolize? What do you think her punishment should be for her 2 dui's and drug possesion and the many probation violations? Really this should be good, tell us!

1530 days ago


Conviction? IIRC, she was not convicted; she did a plea bargain to avoid going to trial and probably going straight to prison. How can you appeal a plea bargain? Lots of luck getting a sentence appealed.

1530 days ago


All she had to do to avoid this was go to an alcohol class once a week. That's it. And then show up for her probation hearing. She would not do that simple thing and wound up with jail time and her family screams that it isn't fair. The court gave her plenty of chances, and I'm sure her attorney advised her strongly to follow the court's order.
It was all so simple. One class a week to avoid all this.

1530 days ago


Oh, stupid one, not only is whoever is doing your lips stupid but why not get Gloria Allred or Mark Geragos to defend you? Mark needs to get back in the spotlight so I'd contact him first. You can afford it. Don't bs me.

1530 days ago

LA Native    

One class a week to avoid all this.

Posted at 11:58 AM on Jul 10, 2010 by pickwick

Yes, everyone seems to be forgetting this FACT. You make a great point, as well as Thomas before you:

Conviction? IIRC, she was not convicted; she did a plea bargain to avoid going to trial and probably going straight to prison. How can you appeal a plea bargain?

Lets all get it straight now. This is why she no longer has an attorney and will be hard pressed to get one now. No lawyer will want this client who refuses to follow their professional direction because "she knows better". Go directly to jail as you should LL. Time's up.

1530 days ago


Typical entitled Hollywood a-wipe. Notice how anyone who ever had anything to do with Paris Hilton gets in trouble? Poor wittle Windsay Wohan -- Get lost! Talentless drunk.

1530 days ago


The economy is in bad shape, our politicians are corrupt, the Gulf of Mexico is being trashed as are much of our oceans, we need jobs, better education, repairs to our infrastructure, do away with unnecessary, continual war on poor people in other lands for war profiteers, health care for all our citizens as in other industrialized countries, affordable housing, etc.

But all the attention is on Lindsay Lohan and her bimbo, party-girl buddies. Notice she pretends to be crying while she's smiling and laughing. What a dumb attention whore/drama queen. She knew this was coming but ignored it.

1530 days ago


Lindsay is having trouble getting a new lawyer? Try Jose Baez (caysey anthony's lawyer) he would be more than happy if he could but he can't (too bad, so sad)

1530 days ago


This is the perfect opportunity for her to just buy more time. She'll decide on a lawyer two days before having to turn herself in, that lawyer will ask for an emergency hearing at which they'll file an appeal but also say they need extra time, being new counsel, to review the case and prepare an appeal. This means that her turn in date will likely be postponed for at least 2 weeks, if not a month or more as they appeal. When they lose the appeal they'll then ask for the latest possible turn in date. While all of this is going on, she won't be in court though (her lawyer will handle it all), she'll go off and film her porno thing, enjoy promotion for Machete, etc and then after all appeals and delays have been utilized for long enough to do everything she wants to do, she'll give in and go serve her time.

All of this is nothing more than a delay tactic, I have no doubt.

1530 days ago


Its time Miss Lohan to pick up her big girl panty's and grow up.

1530 days ago


Just go to jail and serve your time, when you get out, you may appreciate life more and not take it for granted. Life is precious!!!!!!!!

1530 days ago

Jason Carson    

She should go to jail. What makes these people think they are above the law because they are actors, singers or performers. They are not expempt from the law as they often think they are.

1530 days ago


Still no lawyer!?!? I thought she had a new lawyer.

1530 days ago
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