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Jesse Jackson -- Cavs Owner a 'Slave Master'

7/12/2010 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse Jackson has come to the defense of LeBron James -- even though no one asked him to -- and compared Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert to a "slave master."

In a harshly-worded statement, Jackson took Gilbert to task for his open letter to Cavaliers fans which slammed LeBron's decision to sign with the Miami Heat. Jackson says, "He speaks as an owner of LeBron and not the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. His feelings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality. He sees LeBron as a runaway slave."

He goes on, "LeBron is not a child, nor is he bound to play on Gilbert’s plantation and be demeaned. He has been a model citizen and has inspired the children of Akron, Cleveland, the State of Ohio and the United States."

Not sure if Cleveland fans would rush to LeBron's defense right now.


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#82, SAM, first off I DO HAVE IT RIGHT....he is bi-racial but look at the skin color...GET IT, he is not your usual WHITE PRESIDENT!!! So YOU NEED TO GET IT. He he is the closest thing that black americans have ever had to hold OFFICE. So I will take it as I see it. And you are right, there are people that don't like his policies so be it but there are more poeple out there that just make NASTY, NEGATIVE, IGNORANT comments and then want to APOLOGIZE. SO AS I SAY AGAIN..IT GOES BOTH WAYS.

1567 days ago


You have to admit that Cavs owner went out in left field with his comments. Lebron didn't have teammates playing with him, he had cheerleaders who were just as impressed with his skills as the fans. That's why they couldn't win a ring. They weren't pulling their weight. They wanted him to win the ring instead of expecting the team to win.

1567 days ago


That idiot Jessie Jackson is part of the reason a lot of whites think so many blacks are more racists than the KKK ....Its always the hate stuff from him and some of the other mental midgets ... I wouldn't show my face if I was him after watching some of the racist bull**** the black panther group has been talking about all over the news the past few days ....

1567 days ago


Isn't LeBron jewish anyways??? That's what Mel said!!!

1567 days ago


Jesse needs to shut his mouth and concentrate on payments to his illegitimate family with Rainbow Coalition Funds.

1567 days ago


This country will never overcome the race issue as long as we keep giving these idiots like JJ and Rev. Al the attention they want. These two are the ones driving races apart. JJ get a life and do something people other than you and Rev. Al care about.

1567 days ago


As unpleasant as those words are, they ring true. Jesse Jackson might be a racist hack, but in this case he's right. The Cav's ownder did behave like he owned LeBron. Just because the latter worked for him for a while doesn't mean he's permanently tied to him. His petty, immature, vulgar insults just proved it.

1567 days ago


Jesse is an idiot as is the owner of the Cav's Dan Gilbert
LeBron cut the deal he felt he needed he is like any employee congratulations on getting a better job and more money something we all strive for!

1567 days ago


Complete racist, opportunist ****.

1567 days ago


Per usual, Rev. Jackson weighs in on the important issues. Meanwhile, the streets of Chicago are worse than a war zone and he climbs on his pedestal to bemoan stuff like this.

1567 days ago


Jesse, you douche, all I ask the guys I work with about you and EVERY one of them say, "What had Jessie done to promote/help african Americans...nothing...He has been hanging on to MLK's coattails the entire time. Zero help for the community he swears to help". Self promoting douche bad...Jessie this is what your community says about you, no ****. Sad. You had an opportunity to not hide behind your Bible. Instead you chose the "Whats good for Jessie bull****". Total ****ing kook. Hope you read this. Its too late for you....

1567 days ago


Move along, Ponds*** Jackson. Obama's in the White House-there is no need for civil rights leaders any more.

1567 days ago


Jesse shut the eff up and go over to your girlfriend's house you media whore

1567 days ago


Inspired the youth of Akron?? by playing for himself and not the team? by accepting large valuable gifts from recruiters while underage and in high school against the rules of the system? He's just another over-glorified athlete who represents all the wrong things to the youth of America. Excess, selfishness, superficiality, greed... Don't get me started on Jesse Jackson - is he still alive?? when is he going to get off the master/slave soapbox. That box is long gone and he keeps trying to stand on it.

1567 days ago


Slave master? Plantations?? Oh, please. If my memory of American history serves me right, a slave did not make the money Labron James was making. Trying to throw race into this situation is a way to throw the attention off of the true situation.

1567 days ago
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