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La Toya: Michael Wanted to Teach Bubbles to Talk

7/11/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson spent thousands of dollars on research to see if it was possible to perform a medical procedure on his beloved pet Bubbles that would give him the ability to speak ... this according to an interview with his sister La Toya.

Michael eventually came to realize that any such procedure would be too risky, but not after flying in experts. La Toya told News of the World, "... He wanted to give him vocal chords and asked doctors, 'Can I give him an operation so that I can know what his thoughts are?'"

La Toya says the most Bubbles ever mustered up was the occasional bark or grunt.


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Mimi from Indy    

Kudos Mimi@Indy! I've heard about little Susie being real, but never read this story...this made me blurry...I love that haunted song--sounds just like something out of an opera or musical. I know Michael had dreams of doing one, just wish he'd gotten the chance...

Cher: Thank you for your kind remarks. I get this overwhelming sadness when I hear that song too. It just goes to show how remarkable MJ was, he had talents so diverse that it boggles the mind. It, to me, also shows as someone else pointed out, his deep caring for ALL children all over the world and their plights. He was just a wonderful and beautiful man inside and out. This world has suffered such a tremendous loss. Thank goodness his fans know and understand the REAL MJ.

As for this Neverland issue, I'm not to keen on it either, being turned into a tourist spot to help fill the coffers for the state of CA. Once again, he is being used for others to profit. If it was to 'honor' his memory then that would be different but we all know THAT would not be the motive.

1563 days ago


Bravo La Toya das hast du wieder tol gemacht so etwas zu sagen von deinem Bruder Michael ! Ihr Geschwiester lehrnt es nie .

1563 days ago

Mimi from Indy    

First of all who in their right-mind would believe ANYTHING that LaToya Jackson says? She was paid for this article and I am sure that part of the deal was that she had to make it “interesting” Michael probably said something more along the lines of “wouldn’t it be great if he could talk” Stop regurgitating the same misinformation and look int the FACTS before continuing to slander this poor man.

Posted at 5:51 AM on Jul 13, 2010 by Nellieo

Thank you Nellieo for your post and your links. I have 'bookmarked' both.

1563 days ago

Mimi from Indy    

I know precisely what Bubbles would have said.
He would have hopped onto Michael's chair looked the man in the eye and said knitted his eyebrows together and said.

" Son, its not my business but...Latoya: Look they got this place in Beverly Hills. All the rich folks with barking dogs go there. You can take her there and they will clip her vocal chords and spay...
Oh, she's your sister? a sorry man forget I said anything..... We still cool ain't we bro.......?

Posted at 6:07 PM on Jul 12, 2010 by Bonebad

I sorry folks, but this just cracks me up. LOL

1563 days ago


Just curious, have you read any of the links I've attached or done any research on Barrack?
If you have and you still think he's simply a great Businessman, I will respect your opinion and leave it at that, but if you haven't read the links or research,and you REALLY want to know what happened to Michael, I suggest you do so keeping in mind that this was a conspiracy, meaning it may not have started out as premeditated murder, but that's how it ended up, and there were a GROUP of people involved in making it happen, not just Barrack.

Here's the highlights of why I consider him to be "Head Vulture":
-has lived next door to Neverland for years so he has full knowledge of the value of this property--which is FAR above the value you posted. You are talking about the face value of the house and land, when I'm speaking of that and the value of what's beneath NL--it is rich in oil, gas, minerals and has a water reserve which is a huge issue in CA right now
-Is affiliated with William Bone of Sun Colony, the man who sold NL to Michael and runs Sun Colony--the owner of the subdivision, Red Rock Country Club, which owns the note on that house of Conrad Murray's that is in foreclosure....and has been for way longer than normal
-has been affiliated with the shady Tohme of TRW for years, who contacted Barrack to help Michael out of a looming Neverland foreclosure in 2008...
-Paid off the Fortress loan and pulled NL out of foreclosure,setting Michael up with a stake in the new company--Sycamore Valley, LLC, but insisted that Michael return to the stage to protect his ROI. He referred Michael to Phillip Anschutz of AEG, he referred Michael on to Randy Phillips of AEG Live, who setup the 02 Concerts which were the beginning of the end for Michael
You asked for motive and I say there are many for Barrack and the rest of the rats.
Think about it, if Michael had done the 50 Concerts (a feat that most people in their right mind think couldn't be done even by someone in perfect health--this alone has to raise a red flag as to AEG's part in this) he would've gotten $50 mil, and then there was to be a World Tour which he could've named his price to do. I think Barrack and Co. had no intention of allowing Michael to get to the place where he was on top of his game again and could take complete control of his financial situation meaning Barrack would NEVER get him out of Neverland and Sony would never get him out of the Sony-ATV.
The thing to remember is that everybody (Barrack, Tohme, AEG, DiLeo, Branca) had Michael right where they wanted him Financially dependant on them. Problem is, Michael was starting to get strong and the day after his alleged meeting with Branca about rehiring him, he had a showdown with an AEG official, putting him "in his place." They had also done this another time by having DiLeo tell Michael that if he didn't come to rehearsal, they were going to put him out of the Holmby mansion.
Now of course, this may or may not be connected to Barrack, but as I stated, he was only one of a grouo of people who were not out for Michael's best interests. The important thing is that this group were all interwoven very tightly...with Barrack in the lead position. This is why when he says one thing about NL, then does something else, I'm more and more convinced that he was the main player in this. Yes, Murray administered the final punch, but there were many who stood behind that punch.
I won't even go into the fact that Nanny Grace was also involved behind the scenes. I think like Murray, she was used as a means to an end. This is more likely why Michael fired her and Tohme, because he realized in the end, they had gotten practically in his skin--they were that close to him, yet they were working for his enemies the whole time...
As you can see, there is so much to this it's confusing. But I advise you not to take my word for it--think about how Michael's life played out since the late 80's, research the players involved--their past and present (Barrack lying about not having plans for NL all while applying for trademarks for an MJ museum, and hooking up with Rob Lowe, founder of the SB Comm. Development group)then make a decision. If you can think about this and still walk away saying it's all coincidental and you believe Michael died simply because of Murray and drugs, then we can be done with this discussion...
No Peace till Justice!!

1562 days ago


314 @ Alice. Hi :) Thanks for telling me about your daughter. That must have been the most awful time for you - I'm so glad she is now ok. L.O.V.E from Australia!

1562 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

Whether or not this story is true I think it's rather cute someone would attempt at making primates talk. Unfortunately recent study has determined that primates are incapable of human speech as human speech comes from thousands of years of evolution that's exclusive to homo sapiens, however they have other ways in communication that we're just starting to learn. Their grunts, screams, facial expressions, body movement, and use of "tools" are methods of communicating with each other much like very early cavemen would've communicated, and some have mastered sign language of simple words. The most Michael would've gotten out of Bubbles in terms of modern human communication is sign language for simple words.

1561 days ago

Brigha from UK    

302. Since the main difference between humans and other animals is generally accepted to be language, this area has been extensively studied by academic psychologists.
There is a huge difference between 'language' and 'communication'. A parrot may be able to reproduce language but could never be deemed to be communicating. Likewise, humans who have lost the power of speech (most likely through strokes or other brain trauma) may lack the ability to produce language, yet still manage to communicate effectively.
So yes, you are right that primates cannot produce language. Anatomically they have no vocal chords. However, they have shown remarkable abilities with sign language and digital soundboards. In short, the abilities shown by chimps far exceed that of any other species (Google: Panbanisha, Washoe, Kanzi, Panzee, or Nim Chimpsky to read more).
I used to teach psycholinguistics many years ago, and primate language studies was an area which totally fascinated my students and myself. So Michael was not being 'wacko' or 'crazy'. It really is not such a ridiculous idea. I firmly believe that one day we will be able to communicate with chimps - and I'm not that crazy - HONEST!!!

1561 days ago


haha its so funny how offended people are getting at how crazy michael jackson really was. Personally, I find dont find this so far fetched for him.

1560 days ago


Thank God LaToya is not my sister!!!! I love you Michael

1550 days ago


Jesus seriously is this news TMZ?

Let MJ Rest in Peace for godsakes...

1545 days ago
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