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La Toya: Michael Wanted to Teach Bubbles to Talk

7/11/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson spent thousands of dollars on research to see if it was possible to perform a medical procedure on his beloved pet Bubbles that would give him the ability to speak ... this according to an interview with his sister La Toya.

Michael eventually came to realize that any such procedure would be too risky, but not after flying in experts. La Toya told News of the World, "... He wanted to give him vocal chords and asked doctors, 'Can I give him an operation so that I can know what his thoughts are?'"

La Toya says the most Bubbles ever mustered up was the occasional bark or grunt.


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La Toya is such a trader she has been talkin mess about Michael for a long tome she is just mad because people would rather listen to her brothers and sisters than here.She has never had their back I feel like she should be nicer to her family. I mean that is her little brother. That is just something you don't do.

1378 days ago


ha ha bubbles would probably tell everyone how MJ used to touch his pee pee as well as touching the pee pee of young boys. Let that child molester rot in hell.

Posted at 11:35 AM on Jul 11, 2010 by Kevin

i find it so interesting, again...a human experiment on this site, that most of the nuts who post this stuff (above) are always lame aZZ, uneducated, right wing nut jobs, men, or young guys who have nothing better to do but talk about this....! so typical. Ah, how do you know this, Kevin. You don't.

YOU rot in hell, loser. Grow up. Find something better to do rather than post this BS all over tabloid websites. Good god!

1378 days ago


Mike, please talk to us!


I love You so much, please come back


1378 days ago


it's rather creepy how certain ppl continuously post how MJ is a child molester. that's the only thing they ever have to say--i mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but damn, don't you ever have another thought. why so fixated? only child molesters think of molesting children ALL the time__leave the children alone, OK!

1378 days ago


Why is this news? Do Better TMZ. Let's be honest, have you never wondered what it would be like to communicate with other creatures? The only diff is he could afford to attempt to make it happen. This is no different than teaching chips sign language. Let that man Rest......

1378 days ago


This is a CHILD'S DREAM.... so funny Michael, and cute

1378 days ago


I think it would of been great if Bubbles could of been able to talk. I bet he would of told off all the tabloids and the media. Michael was too nice to do that but I bet Bubbles wouldn't have been too nice to give them a piece of his mind. He would also be putting all you haters in your place too. HEE HEE. Love you Michael Joe Jackson. "It's All For Love. L.O.V.E."

1378 days ago

fernanda lopez    

I think the money would have been better spent having Latoya's vocal cords removed.Just Sayin

1378 days ago


Michael and the world famous primate researcher Jane Goodall.

1378 days ago


I would love to have been a fly on the wall (Danish expression) in the TMZ editorial room when they decided to go with this story.
Do you think it is sometimes hard for TMZ employees to take themselves seriously? :-P

1378 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

La Toya did you do this just for the money you would get for the sensational story of you brother wanting his chimp to talk? seriously, all they need to do is teach it sign language like other chimps have learned. Why on earth does even his sister feel the need to make him sound even more weird then the press has done before? Michael wanting to know whats on the mind of an animal isn't weird at all.. I dont believe he would ever try to do surgery on a helpless animal... The monkey, even though it has vocal cords and makes sounds,,, can not reason or think like a human. I'm pretty sure MJ knew that as he was very well read and educated!! La Toya NICE job of once again selling out your brother for the money!! ( We all remember you book of lies!! )

1378 days ago


Ha Ha Ha. Look at these Dunder Mifflin Pens, just $5 with free shipping.

1378 days ago
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