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Coco vs. Kim K

The World's Biggest Ass-Off!

7/12/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

It's an ass competition for the ages -- the curvacious Coco versus the badonkalicious Kim Kardashian. Four cheeks have entered ... but only two will emerge victorious!!!


Both ladies flaunted their famously plump backsides at the AMP Energy Bullrun Rally in New York City this weekend.

Question is ...


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ITs terrible how many of you commenters are making racial slurs amongst black people saying they(we) are the only race out there(there are many) that "like" big(or fat) asses. One of the commenters said "Bad taste in men" as far as I know Coco is still with Ice-T and Kim has been with many Black guys. So this is where we are going back to? Against blacks again? Where is Martin Luther King when ya need them. Anyone can do whatever they want with their bodies. Haters will be haters, lookers will be likers, touchers will be lovers, and buyers will be victims once they exceed quantity. Many of you are upset because either you cant "afford" to look that way or God didn't make you that way(excusing Coco). Suck it up, and if you have an issue, either find a way to call or email the person or meet them face to face, grow some balls and SAY IT WITH YA CHEST.

1274 days ago


Most people commenting are probably white and have no idea how a women should be shaped. Most African Americans men don't like a women to be shaped like a 7 year old boy with fake boob implants, we like real women with a female body. Cut the BS and recognize that they are curvy women that have a lot of body to offer! If you think they are fat and disgusting just do yourself a favor and go rob a bank then turn yourself in! The in result is a lot of time in prison with a bunch of guys I am sure you would like that! haha

1274 days ago


neither..........both are gross.....remember...they both get older.....imagin them asses in 30 years......YUK GROSS !!!!!

1269 days ago

robin rsunny    

i think their fake asses look stupid ,females look attractive with big butts ,but it gets really gross when it is that huge

1268 days ago


I don't care what you will say but.... I will **** the two of them

1226 days ago

Pam Johnson    

They are both trying to have Hottentot butts!

1224 days ago


me las voy a cojer a las dos

1223 days ago


It is better to have ass than no ass at all like most of you making these negative comments who most likely have flat,saggy,square ass and can't get ass unless you filled it with loads of silicone like most of you if you have money. You are probably fat or some guy with a fat wife also. If they are happy and want to show off what they have, more power to them.

1219 days ago


They both have great booty. But Coco is hella better than kim. Imean look at it round and damn imagine hittin that from behind and yes im white and a male. For all the others who get on and bithc and whine about em you prob are like what the peeps are sayin flat all around and saggin and prob white also. Not to many white guys like a big ole booty. So for all the haters go work out and come back when you get something.

1208 days ago
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