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Elin Nordegren -- Swooshless

7/12/2010 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren went for a bike ride near her home in Windermere, FL over the weekend ... with a noticeable lack of Nike gear.

With $100 million on the way she can switch to Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Converse, Under Armour ...

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No Avatar


She is so hot

1532 days ago


Somebody tell her to clip her helmet on. It's almost no good just sitting on your head.

1532 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Chances are the people who are bashing Elin are most likely a whore that Tiger banged and left. Elin looks amazing! Stay classy! Team Elin...Tiger is a putz..LOL no pun intended

1532 days ago


I love reading the Tiger's lovers comments. They still believe he's some kind of God.
They are completely in denial if they believe he will become the golden boy of golf again. He's nothing more than a punchline, a world joke and even if he can win again he will never ever get the same kind of respectability he once had.
Too bad to throw everything away for some skanks. What a waste !

And still there are degenerates who are rooting for him just because he can hit a golf ball with a stick.
He's not a hero. He did nothing for the good of humanity : oh yes he gives money to his charity - big deal every celebrity has his own charity... He didn't cure cancer, he didn't save lives.
He should go to Haiti just one day in order to realize what a lucky man he is and count his blessings. But I highly doubt this guy has a heart and a soul. He's an empty man with no emotions at all, a cold robot who only cares about himself - sex and golf are his main reasons to live.....
Poor excuse for a man who believes the world revolves around him. A dumb golfer who is entlited because he has money.
Money can't buy you class, morals, principles and dignity.

BTW to all of you who trash Elin calling her gold digger, bitch or whatever. At least she has more dignity and pride than the likes of Mrs Clinton, Vanessa Bryant, Mrs Spitzer, Cookie Johnson and all those doormats who decided to stand by their cheaters of husbands !!!!!!!!

1532 days ago


@ Lezzie get a life idiot !!!!! She owes you nothing nothing nothing to you and everybody else for that matter.
What she's doing with her life is her concern only. Your jealousy and bitterness towards Elin is beyond pathetic. She has always conducted herself with class and grace ; that's why you hate her ....
She has always taken care of her children much much better than any other person would have done under those cir***stances. Your super Tiger did nothing for his kids by the way just embarrass and shame them.
Mind your own business I believe it should be well enough.
Never forget your little Tiger wouldn't be in this mess if he hadn't decided to stray.
So keep your nasty comments to yourself and leave this woman alone. You don't know her so shut up your big mouth.
You look like a bimbo Tiger slept with by the way!!!!!!!

1532 days ago

Rachel es una puta    

By reading some of the comments here one would think it's Elin who cheated LOL ......
Remember this is Woods who slept with hookers and porn stars. He's the bad guy in this story .

I can't wait to see Woods with Rachel the puta in public. They so deserve each other : two ugly nasty dirty classless immoral repugnant selfish PIGS .

1532 days ago


Leave her alone already you f**ken s***bags !!!

1532 days ago


Women get cheated on all the time......She is not the first or last. Difference is that most women with 2 small kids wouldn't have time for a bike ride yet alone any alone time. All you have to do today is have kids with someone famous and your set. No struggling single mother for you. Poor Elin she could have married a poor guy......

1532 days ago


In my next life I want to come back as that seat! woo hoo!!

1532 days ago


Nice!....I would rather see her schlep her hot body up the Alps on her bike than and emaciated Contador or Schleck in the Tour De France.

1532 days ago

Rico Suavy    

I would let her sit on my face. Tiger will regret his actions after he grows up in about 10 years.

1532 days ago


Some people are soooooo STUPID!! why do you fools even comment?? Just darn numb brains.

Tiger is the one that is messed up and really needs the help. And now for his stupidity, he's paying all that money for what? some tails that ain't even worth a penny.

Elin, you ride your bike gurrlll and spend that money!!!

1532 days ago


i really want her! she's so hot

1532 days ago

J Simp    

Elin looks hot there.

1532 days ago


Nike quit making cycling clothing equipment over two years ago

1532 days ago
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