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Jesse's Ex Threatened to Kill Him -- Allegedly

7/12/2010 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, threatened to kill him ... this according to what Jesse's lawyer just told the judge in their custody war.

Jesse has been testifying on the stand this morning, but hasn't mentioned the allegation ... so far.

As we previously reported, Jesse bought a house in Austin and wants to take Sunny there so she can be closer to Sandra Bullock ... who developed a close relationship with Sunny before her divorce from Jesse.

But Janine filed documents trying to stop the move -- saying the Sandra excuse is BS because if she really cared about Jesse's kids ... she would have stayed in California.

Story developing...



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He's moving to Texas because being a racist is more accepted there.

1529 days ago


why is anyone bashing Sandra? all she's done is help raise Sunny and try to erase any bad memory of drugs and pornography.
this story of Janine trying to murder Jesse does not surprise me one bit. she's had numerous incidents of spousal abuse against Jesse, even before they were married (and yet he married her?). i think Jesse has been rather mature by trying not to disclose all this horrible evidence until now. if this was me, i would have dumped every bit of evidence on the first day of court. who knows what else he has stashed away if she continues to battle him for custody. Janine should just give up now, before we learn more of her dirty secrets of how she is terrible mother.

1529 days ago


Hey Rooster,

While the courts will be the ultimate decision maker since the two parties can't see eye to eye or settle it themselves. With the help of a child psychologists report the child wishes may be honored by any court. At the age of 12 in most countries and states a child's wishes are heavily taken under court consideration. Please seek your own help and attention and lay off the ganga will ya.

1529 days ago


She should just move in with Mel Gibson and they could kill each other and everybody will be happy!!

1529 days ago


Triste fi para uma das mais belas Vivid Girls que já ví...

1529 days ago


Is that Dr. Joyce Brothers standing behind him?? Sure looks like her...although I am likely dating myself by even knowing who she is...HA!

1529 days ago


Sandra Bullock is the best thing that ever happen to those kids!

1529 days ago


The court sided with him and the court appointed attorney for Sunny did as well. At least he is not making statements to the tabs every other day for payment. Honestly this chick should PUFF!! be gone.

1529 days ago


When Jesse married his first wife and had two boys he was not a good husband or a good father. When he married his ex-wife he knew how she made a living and was just fine with it. Now he is acting like he is father of the year and has never done drugs.
Sandra was a victum so I do not understand why she left California and went into hiding. If she loved his kids like her own she would of stayed close to them.
As for Jamie she is the MOTHER good or bad she gave birth to Sunny and has done everything the courts told her to do so she should be able to see her child. Only good thing Jesse did was mary Sandra but that does not make him fathr of the year. He did not seek custody till her married Sandra B.
Has everyone forgot how he lied to Sandra he is still the same snake that screwed around on ALL of his women.

1529 days ago

chuck steel    

kill him with what, her STD's????

1529 days ago


It is BS.. the only reason Jessie wants to move closer to Sandra is for himself not his daughter.. he's just using his daughter to stay connected to Sandra. Sunny has a mother, even though Sandra can still be part of the child's life IF Sandra chooses to do so, Sandra is not her mother and moving her closer to Sandra is just a ploy by Jessie for Jessie. I feel so bad for that little girl.

1529 days ago


LOL!!! You guys bust me up....kill him with STD's is probably right...Jesse being a stalker..probably right.. Guys, Sandra Bullock is too smart for these lowlifes.. she has her own life and many many many people to protect her and her son...Time for Jesse to move on and take care of his OWN child...on his OWN..I wonder...can he wipe his own ass for once???

1529 days ago


Those children are being uprooted from their friends and home to be a part of Jesse's self-centeredness. He cared so much about his kids that he brought this mess on them. He's no better than his porno ex...and Sandra's simply an ex-step parent.

1529 days ago


totally agree with you #51 gutsygirl.
But i'm with Janine, i do hope she gets custodial visits with her child. Like you said, "Sandra's simply and ex-step parent" with no rights. Sandra now has her own life now with her adopted baby boy that she needs to totally concentrate on and care for him, and she needs to keep away from that very bad boy jesse.

1529 days ago


Isn't it peachy how Jesse can do what he did and divert all the publicity onto his ex before Sandra? Wake up people. People in Sandra and Jesse's position don't want the crap on them... Thus they exploit a person in the mix that is easily discredited. Same.

1528 days ago
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