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Lindsay Lohan & Sam Ronson Reunite

7/12/2010 9:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Lindsay Lohan and ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson were spotted together for the first time in months ... eating out at sushi restaurant Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills last night.


If anything can get the volatile former couple together, it's their mutual love for fish.


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that is a nasty caption. they both like fish huh!who comes up with this stuff.

1571 days ago

Bob Goodden    

Contrary to TMZ staff dirty mind; I always picked Sam as Lindsay's recovery sponsor.

1571 days ago


Sam is a mooch, like were suppose to be IMPRESSED by you SAM because you DJ!? Really? The only reason ANYONE knows your name is because of this girl you call "crazy" who gawd knows why is letting you walk next to her in public! Your porsche doesnt make you cool! I've had one and switched it in for a VW! Your scrawny body is far from sexy in any shape or form, its gross and im sure the only reason she hangs on to you is because theres not many gays she probably knows!!???? APPARENTLY! You talk a gang of sh** about your "paparazzi magnet". When tmz chases you down to ask you questions, its almost like you all of a sudden decide the camera is too much and u run like a bit**! Really? You know you LOVE it and without lindsday you'd be another shadow in the back. Please get a stylist because whatever look your pulling isnt working for you. Also, loose the beanie, its just not working either. Stop being a famewhore mooch and focus on YOU!

1571 days ago


"'Mutual love for fish?' Spoken like a truly sick homosexual male."

Are you kidding me? That doesn't even make sense.

1571 days ago


I said the same thing about the orange lawyer but it applies to Ronson & co as well. Lindsay really has the "gift" to surround herself with the most prominent leeches of this planet. Keep up the good work! Soon, they will all cash in on her death. I can't wait for Ronson's book about their love affair.

1571 days ago


@Chelsey i agree completely
Lindsay don't spend what is possibliy your last week of freedom with her. Big deal she wrote one supportive tweet don't forget all the times she dissed you on the radio, twitter and the Ronsons trashed you.

1571 days ago


This is getting weirder and weirder.

1571 days ago


"If anything can get the volatile former couple together, it's their mutual love for fish."

Come on guys, you are more clever than that!!

1571 days ago


@Nicole. Lindsay just can not get over Samantha for reasons unknown. She's always almost groveling to her. Samantha holds so much power over her. I think part of Lindsay's growth will be when she no longer tweets Samantha, possibly moves to another building because it is very unhealthy to live in the same building as your ex., and has little to no contact with her. Some may think they are together again and more than friends. I hope not.

1571 days ago


Sam is a lovely human being -- it takes a real friend to stand by someone who is at their lowest point in life.

Thank you Sam for sticking by Lindsay -- she is young and need all the friendship and support she can get right now.

Pray for Lindsay, that she overcome all this and go on to do something with her life.

God Bless and keep you Lindsay and Sam.

1571 days ago


And after dinner they went back to Sam's apartment for more sushi...

1571 days ago


This is the celebrity sex tape that I want to see.

Superskankathon! Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm!!!

1571 days ago


"Mutual love for fish" LOL, Even better was "eating out" instead of dining.

1571 days ago


OOH Sam, what the hell are you doing?? Lindsay's problems aren't Sams. Never go backwards always move forward.

1571 days ago

dwaynes chris    

idk why u guys give em so much attention ..i mean lindsay is a freakin mess..who cares about her let her ruin her life lets give the attention to other celebrities ..

1571 days ago
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