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Lindsay Lohan & Sam Ronson Reunite

7/12/2010 9:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Lindsay Lohan and ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson were spotted together for the first time in months ... eating out at sushi restaurant Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills last night.


If anything can get the volatile former couple together, it's their mutual love for fish.


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I don't like Harvey and I come to this site to let you zombies know what a crud he his. I could care less about Lohan, Sam, MJ, etc. Almost every story presented here references no sources, shows a picture taken by somebody else...and that picture has nothing to do with the story...yet you immediately (and predictably) assume it is relevant. The "story" about Lindsay and Sam is TOTALLY fabricated. The picture shown has nothing do with it. If you like the 4th grade comment about "fish" I see no reason not to talk about Harvey and a *******. Or the "umpteen" suites currently against TMZ, Harvey's legal track record (when he was active a few decades ago). A little man with a big mouth. If you don't like what is said about stay off the site.

1562 days ago

Johnny Thunder    

Sam wants her last 15 before cement head gets put behind bars because after that her career is toast.

1562 days ago

Damn It Man    

@83...I sure as hell hope so. I double love it when that bitch rants on Twitter. Lindsay likes to make her ignorance public, b*tches! I really think Lindsay is fried and half-ass schizo.

1562 days ago


I never found Sam to be that offensive. In fact she is one of the only people to actually cut Lohan out of her life when Lohan was at her worst. I am glad she is being a friend to her now. I bet it is nice having someone in her corner. So many people seem to want the worst for her right now. Not saying she didn't bring it on herself but the vitriol and seemingly true hatred for someone none of us knows is outta this world.

1562 days ago

Joe Blow    

Commencing senseless "Madeline" rant, where she states that we're all jealous losers who are really jealous, and jealous, and that she "knows stuff" and "we'll see", in 3...2...1...

1562 days ago

Blue cute. Here is Lindsay, with her former girlfriend whom she loves to toss drinks at in clubs, wearing some mighty fine clothing, that she maybe didn't pay for, coming from a dinner where they know there are plenty of paparazzi to take their pictures. OK.......

(This fish jokes were inappropriate, whats the difference between those remarks and Mel Gibson's racial hate filled rants, attacks against any group should not be tolorated.)

1562 days ago


What a couple of 1st class turds.

1562 days ago


Madeline...Nicole..Tema Lindsay..aka Din

Those that support Lindsay,and are so blind from the truth that reading there posts almosts makes a sane person vomit,I'd avise this to them.

Drink a bottle of booze,snort some good quality stuff,and then go drive around L.A. running red lights,speeding,and endangering the lives of others.

When your little joy ride is over,be very dishonest with the arresting officer,so it's mentioned in the police report.In other words deny what you did,blame some schmuck walking down the side walk.Just point your finger at him..come up with some kind of defence.

Now after being bailed out,get back in your vehicle intoxicated,and coked up.Repeat the first step.You can use any vehicle for this experiment for that matter.Maybe you can just jump in somebodies car that you know,and can even bring them with you for the ride.It's all good..:)

Tell the arresting officer it was not you driving once again.Remember..ya have to lie to him,so it gets mentioned on the report.

Also make sure you have enough coke in your system,so you fail the drug tests down at the jail.

Now I know this is asking alot,but if placed on a SCRAM between court appearences,or while on probation..MAKE SURE IT GOES OFF..The only way to do that,is make sure you have a couple good drinks..Having it twice go off is prefered for this experiment.

Now...Come back here to TMZ,and compare your sentences with Lindsay.

See ya in a couple years...Hahahahaha..:)

Odds are you'll end up hating her,in seeing how lightly she got outa this whole mess..COMPARED to the outcome of your sentence.

1562 days ago


Of course she's back with Sam, she has to practice playing lick lick so she don't disappoint her cellmate.

1562 days ago


just the thought of these two having sex makes me want to vomit

1562 days ago


Poor Sam...she's far too good for Lindsay. She should stay well away from Lindsay because LL is like poison ivy to friendships and relationships.

1562 days ago


And why isn't she in jail right now?!? Who gets 2 weeks to surrender for jail-time on a DUI probation violation?!? Nobody, but famous or rich people! I hope she gets a 1 year in jail; she deserves it and could use it.

And apparently, all you have to do is fawn all over this bitch and she likes you. If you don't fawn over her, then she hates you.

1562 days ago

John Stone    

Is that a good idea? I'm thinking no.

1562 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Dyke or not, ronson is one pitifully ugly excuse of a human being.

1562 days ago


Maybe Ronson found out about prison sex and got all excited...

1562 days ago
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