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Oksana Allegedly Told Dentist -- It Was Mel

7/12/2010 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712_oksana_EX_getty_01Oksana Grigorieva claims she told her dentist Mel Gibson knocked her teeth out the day after the alleged incident ... sources tell TMZ ... but there's a problem.

TMZ broke the story, Oksana claimed Mel knocked one tooth out and chipped another during an explosive argument on January 6.  We're told Mel denies doing it.

The tape that Oksana secretly recorded with Mel during the showdown catches Mel saying, "You f**king deserved it."

Here's what's interesting about the dentist ... We're told the dentist never reported the incident to police.  Under California law (Penal Code Section 11160), a health practitioner must report to police when the professional "reasonably suspects ... assaultive or abusive conduct" against a "spouse or cohabitant."

Sources tell us Mel and Oksana were indeed cohabitants on January 6.

The dentist could be a critical witness if Gibson is prosecuted for domestic violence.  The failure to report could become a big issue.


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Battered women lie all the time I know my mom did how many times can you slip and hit a door knob?

1502 days ago


On the policy of letting black people into Australia

1502 days ago

Pretty LL    

They both suck. He's proved repeatedly what kind of guy he is and Oksana, geez what a golddigger. It's obvious she wasn't getting a wedding ring or straight cash from Mel so she was using all of this as blackmail. The two of them deserve each other.

1502 days ago


Bitch is fishing for a payday is all shes doing.

1502 days ago


Lyn I think you're an idiot. The first thing an abused woman does in an abusive situation is try to talk calmly and softly in an effort to calm the situation down. Have you ever talked to women who have been physically and verbally abused? Because, if you have, you will know that her behaviour is a classic response to try and avoid further abuse. Abused women try to sound disconnected form the abuse because they know that if they react then it invites further abuse from their tormentor.
As for his need for medication (whatever the hell that means)...she does not and should not response to that.
This man should really be in a place where they keep the doors locked 24 hours a day, and he should be forced to under go therapy to help him understand and control his disturbing mental problems.

1502 days ago


I don't understand why Mel didn't call security and have her removed.

1502 days ago


At this point no one wants to believe Mel, but I know that sometimes you have to smack a b*tch.

1502 days ago


He is mentioning restraining order
so this recording is clearly not so old.

1502 days ago


something aint sitting to well with me about this Oksana chick.

i first i thought she was just some chick who was just so emotionally strained she just gave up in that department..

but then i heard these new tapes... i sense some manipulation..

i wouldnt be surprised if she was smiling on the other end as he went off on them rants..

Mel's not innocent either, but i dont think this whole thing is on Mel gibson

1502 days ago


Okay some of you people on here are ignorant! There's never any reason for a man to hit a woman in the mouth and knock out her teeth, but to do that while she has your child in her arms....that's just a sick person who needs to be put down like a rabid dog!! That's coming from a real man! I know most of you haven't gotten the entire story, partially because crazy Harvey and crew are slipping today and didn't pony up the cash for the leaked tapes. However, I just got done listening to 8 minutes of them on a website called and to be honest, I really believe that Mel is a psychopath! I'm not kidding one bit, to hear him growling and breathing all heavy like he was, I can just imagine him talking to her like that in front of HER kid. I mean, he had the audacity to tell her that she deserved it! How F*uc*ed up of a person do you really have to be to do that?? Plus he tells her that if she gets a protective order she'll end up in a rose bed....WOW!!! Fame and fourtune has warped his sence of his place in the world. He's not king of the world for God sake!! I just don't understand how you can be in your right mind and side with him on this?!?!?!

1502 days ago



ABUSED or not.. when the coverage of your abuse becomes national, why the hell woould u continue to talk to the abuser if you knew it would throw more fuel on the fire?

I know just by her responses she got a hidden agenda. Look at the chris brown, rihanna thing.. look at how fast they got separated, restraining orders, everything.

They can't even cALL each other

but these two are somehow talking?

Oksana got some agenda.. im standing behind it

and mel is wrong for the racial stuff... and those insults..

but through al those insults, i think oksana got a plan.. any woman going through abuse would never want the WHOLE world to know of it.. and further exploit it..what's the motive.. why? aren't you shamed enough?

unless u dont feel any shame, or guilt..sociopath?

alright im done

1502 days ago


she just wants his $$$

1502 days ago

Why oh Why?    

@54, Brightside

Agree with you, that´s why I find it strange that she tells him "It´s none of you f - ng business". Not the best words if you want to calm an abuser down.

Not defending Mel here, just saying.....

1502 days ago


Oh here is a thought...
Why don't you have someone tape you when you are sh*tfaced drunk and see what comes out of your mouth!

1502 days ago


@Lynn M... I totally agree with you... I ve seen women do that kind of **** to good friends of mine... and what do you expect to hear from a person which is tired of giving all and that finds out he or her has been betrayed? Surely not compliments..
@Brightside... I ve been abused, and not always you shut up... When i got punched in the eye by a guy three times my size (I used to like them tall and big, not anymore though!), i yelled and yelled and at some point i became also very agressive, then i realized i was loosing myself because of that person, i couldnt allow that, so thank God, I saw the light in one of those punches and walked out, back to sanity...
Not everybody reacts the same to situations, and some people are really evil... they will even allow to get punch or even punch themselves in order to accuse their partner...
The sad thing here, is that she obviously doesnt care about the baby, perhaps because she realized that not even having a baby would get her more money...
Cant she work and be a independent woman???

1502 days ago
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