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Oksana Allegedly Told Dentist -- It Was Mel

7/12/2010 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712_oksana_EX_getty_01Oksana Grigorieva claims she told her dentist Mel Gibson knocked her teeth out the day after the alleged incident ... sources tell TMZ ... but there's a problem.

TMZ broke the story, Oksana claimed Mel knocked one tooth out and chipped another during an explosive argument on January 6.  We're told Mel denies doing it.

The tape that Oksana secretly recorded with Mel during the showdown catches Mel saying, "You f**king deserved it."

Here's what's interesting about the dentist ... We're told the dentist never reported the incident to police.  Under California law (Penal Code Section 11160), a health practitioner must report to police when the professional "reasonably suspects ... assaultive or abusive conduct" against a "spouse or cohabitant."

Sources tell us Mel and Oksana were indeed cohabitants on January 6.

The dentist could be a critical witness if Gibson is prosecuted for domestic violence.  The failure to report could become a big issue.


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Maybe Oksana asked the dentist NOT to say anything fearing for her safety.

If you look at Mel's teeth, it's clear he doesnt go to the dentist very often as they're stained YELLOW (smoker) and crooked....NAS-TEE!

1566 days ago


Yeah, the dentist is legally required to report abuse-domestic, elderly, or child- to the authoritites. Even if Oksana asks him/her not to say anything, it is a legal requirement for the health care professional to report any suspicion of abuse. They should have explained that to her.

1566 days ago


Mel no saint he is an addict with a temper when drinking! But this chick makes Heather Mc look like a an angel;Oksana lives off rich men & child support. She hoped for a big pay off and when Mel called her bluff she leaked the tapes. When did the tape start during the conversation? How much was edited by her music friends? Why is she not in trouble for tape a conversation on the phone? If she was so afraid why after the so called attack did she travel the world with Mel? Really victims out there receive no help because of woman like her; afraid for her life please, Mel describes what she had on that day; meaning she was not so afraid to see him. Did she drink with him knowing he is a recovering addict; to cause this rage? Mel has friends of all nationality, sexual orientation & race who have stood by him in Hollywood. WMA should have waited for court to decide if these tapes are real and if Mel is a racist after talking to people who have known him for over 20 years instead of allowing this gold digger to post what may be altered evidence. Mel apologized to the policemen after his drunken rage it is do***ented on police report; but no one talks about that, do they. Is Mel a angry drunk who loses control; yes. It is an illness that he has fought for years to control and most addict hang onto religion to save them. Mel has all the signs of an addicted personality disorder. Oksana is just a gold digger; who trashed her own daughter father for money. Feel sorry for anyone it will be for that little girl.

1565 days ago


I will gladly donate money to any campaign that moves to get Mel Gibson's a$$ in jail where it belongs. I am amazed at how many (and I am assuming) intelligent people here feel that it's absolutely A O.K for one person to be violently verbally and physically abusive to another. I would hate to think what their childhoods must have been like because I can only think that their parents encouraged them to behave this way when they were angry. And to use drinking as an excuse is plain ridiculous.
So it's O.K. to injure a person while driving because, hey, you were drunk and you didn't mean to do it and everyone knows that when you're drunk, you're not in control, so that's O.K. NOT!
So don't use the same excuse in an argument. If you're drinking and you're out of control then you are in the wrong. There is no excuse. Being drunk doesn't excuse bad behaviour and being angry doesn't excuse bad behaviour. Mel Gibson behaved worse than badly...he behaved like the nasty, arrogant, celebrity pampered sh*t that he is.
A real man would have walked away from this. A real man would have shrugged his shoulders and said, right, fine, we're through, I'll support the child, you go your way, I'll go mine...and that would have been it.
But not Mel Gibson, oh no, because he's not a real man. He's a twisted, psychotic, alcoholic, f*ck up of an excuse for a man with a deep seated hatred of women and minorities.
Whatever she has done to him, however he feels she has used him makes no difference. It's not important. What is important is how you react to someone who's upset you and if anyone feels it's excusable to react as Mel Gibson did then they are less than human because, like baboons and hyenas, they have never learnt self control.

1565 days ago


Why am I NOT surprised that a mandated reporter failed to report? Even if Mel Gibson were any Joe Public, I'm still not surprised. Doctors and dentists are WORTHLESS for reporting suspected abuse.

1565 days ago


The poor man is Bi-polar. This is just cruel.

1565 days ago


@MsSuburbia thats BS they are higher paid than most normal surgeons.. they are not going to waste their meal ticket on her.

@chris.... pre-nup is for people who aren't fighting... this is called black mail and check her out she is very good at it and done it to a few guys already including Tim Dalton aka James Bond...

1565 days ago


What about the Black Panthers that hate Cracker,
That is a much more serious issue than Mel. He does not pose a threat to me as do others that hate my race...
This is PETTY crap on Mel's personal life as we all have...

1565 days ago


I can't believe anyone is excusing his behavior. Anyone who can't control their emotions like that shouldn't have chldren. And at his age, if he can't sniff out a gold digger, too bad. Yes, he has mental issues (don't we all) but he's out of control.

1565 days ago



Because men experienced in the real world know how some females can be.

ANd how manipulative and cunning they can be.

no one is excusing his actions, but there is a WHY to everything. It seems like you're just jumping on the females side..

Remember there's 3 sides to a story, MEL's Side, OKSANA's Side


I know she had motives.. I dont even know her past history and just judging from her tapes, I know she got motives. It may not even be money... she may get a kick out of watching men squirm and show their emotional instability..

im calling sociopath on her part

and a bit of narcissism on mels part.

1565 days ago


wow, i hope Mel listened to himself on that tape; i had to laugh - sounded like a little bitch (i've had a few out-of-control curse fits like that when i was young and dumb LOL) but, what was obvious to me is he was sick of HER shi t. and, i beleive she muted him when she was ranting about him hitting her while she held the baby; i don't believe he even heard that part. strange how during the entire tape, this is the only time he is quiet (and i believe i heard a click when she went back to him.) also strange is when he said "you deserved it", it didn't sound to be connected, as if he was replying to something else. i think some patch work was done there, humm...

i've learned to always be skeptical of what is splashed all over the news, and to especially be skeptical of the ones doing the leaks. so many innocent people are ruined by the media jumping the gun, then, of course, when it's proven the information is wrong, not many reports to clear the names of the people they've wronged. so, the public, for the most part, continue to believe all the bull is fact.

be careful people _ you're not immuned! celebrities are not the only ones that can be ruined by gossip and inuendo.

1565 days ago


Pills are good, Mel. Pills are good.

1565 days ago


After just getting divorced from a borderline personality, gold digging con artist I've become skeptical of this woman. She has reels of secret conversations? What did she do or say before she turned the recorders on? Isn't it illegal to record someone without their knowledge and the evidence is inadmissable in court? My ex knew how to push my buttons, especially when she was confronted with her lieing and stealing. I never yelled or got violent, though she did on a regular basis. She cost me two homes and about a 250k and never worked more than 20 hours a week and kept getting fired for her attitude. Thank goodness we didn't have kids. She lied to all of our mutual friends. I think Mel is being set up. The Dentist didn't report anything because there was nothing to report. Why would he risk his license?

1565 days ago



If she had done this to him, I'd call her sorry butt out too. This is not a man vs. woman issue. No one should make anyone else that angry over money and loss of companionship. She accused him of hitting her while holding THEIR CHILD. HIs response: "You deserved it." There's no defense for that under any cir***stances. Ever. And if she was holding the baby thinking she wouldn't get hit, she's shouldn't be a parent either. Both of them suck for different reasons.

1565 days ago


good point,,,,what did she say beforehand before she turned the recorder on, and then she goes on her best behavior. Hmmm.....And like someone else said, she kept running her mouth real low, and I don't think he heard all she said when he said "You deserved it!" I would not still live at a man's house whom I thought was dangerous. I don't think a partial tape is admissable in court. She has somewhere else to go, she already extorted one man getting knocked up. Next time think with the big head, Mel, not the little one.

1565 days ago
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