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Roman Polanski Won't Be Extradited to U.S.

7/12/2010 7:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712_polanski_getty_BNThe Swiss government has denied a United States extradition request for Roman Polanski.

The Justice Ministry said Monday in a statement that national interests were taken into consideration in the decision, and that Polanski was now a free man

Roman pled guilty in 1978 to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl, but fled to France before he could be sentenced.

UPDATE: According to L.A. Superior Court spokesperson Allan Parachini, "The original Polanski case remains pending. The Los Angeles Superior Court arrest warrant from 1978 remains outstanding."


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We need to send a rendition team after him. We know where he is, and when to get him. Enough with involving foreign governments, those whom carry secret agendas, in this matter. America needs to send in a stealth commando or spy team to kidnap Polanski and bring him back to the our territory to face trial for his crimes. Forget the Europeans, they know that he is guilty, and after their collectively voiced upset, which is sure to come, they'll get over it, and they will be made to respect the USA for taking such a bold action!!! Further, we need to ban Polanski's movies, past, present, and future, from being released in the USA...and discourage American and International film companies from doing business with him.

Lastly, hefty fines should be sanctioned against Polanski, through the courts, about 1 million dollars a day, as leveraged against his film profits, from films that he has previously released here in the States, until he is brought to justice. The courts have the power to levy such fines, but have failed to do date? Well, it is time that they be called on it, and thus, forced to do their jobs--something they have not been making an honest effort at executing.

Anyone who works with Polanski should be made aware, that doing business with him will place their investments, and resulting profits, into serious risk; those...that which...involve Polanski, directly, or indirectly, from DVDs, to Cable, and Broadcast TV, profits, etc., will be subject to said fines being levied against said films, production companies and studios, et al, until the fugitive director is made to serve his time in a US prison. This court order should be back-dated to include profits from films that have been in release for years, in the United States and related territories!!! If you really want to bring Polanski to justice, these are the kind of tactics that will bring about actual results, not just more empty talk.

1562 days ago


Kathy #49

LOL! You are funny!

1562 days ago


r64 = fish

1562 days ago


What give TMZ ? Lindsay 24/7 all over page one but the story about Roman Polanski the child rapist not being returned to the US to face justice is on page two. Worried about stepping on some big Hollywood toes ?

1562 days ago


#68 Zip

That's a great plan. I was thinking about something like that but was too angry to think up a plan. Good post, dude.

Hey #8 gimmeabreak

If a person goes and drugs, than rape your child in every way possible would you be ok with a 90 day punishment or just a psycological evaluation?


It's amazing that people are boycotting Arizona but not the coutries that harbor this POS.

I hope KARMA strikes him and he winds up in a Brazilian prison. Them folks know how to deal with s*** like Polanski.

#64 mrspatrickcampbell

I wouldn't be surprised if you are a pedophile. Always know that where ever you are on this planet that there will always be atleast one person that thinks you are a disgusting sorry excuse for a human being you POS.

1562 days ago


@ TMZgossip

As usual, TMZ under-reports for linkbait. The Justice Minister in Switzerland publicly noted that they had requested transcripts from the US of meetings with the original judge to confirm Polanski's claims that the original plea agreement applied time served in a psych hospital as the extent of the sentence. The US failed/refused to provide, so the Swiss decided his original time had been served, case closed. Either the US has something to hide, or they are incompetent. They may have also been sending a signal to the US that they didn't appreciate having one of their main corporations, UBS, pushed around by the IRS last year and decided that it was more important to maintain friendly ties with France, who is on their border.

Either way, this is all in the news. If you had bothered to do any actual research, with reputable reporting organizations and not some hack gossip site like TMZ, you would have discovered this.

1562 days ago


Unlawful sexual intercourse. Gosh, what a mouthful. Would it really be that hard to say that he DRUGGED and RAPED her?

1562 days ago


All of you people talk crap about Roman and call him a rapist... I'll bet 90% of you also cried when that child molester Michael Jackson died. Learn the facts about the case before you judge him.

1562 days ago

I Chinee    

This just proves how europeans love the little kids. sick mother****ers!

1562 days ago


Our husband - a handsome, well-built Latino of 39 - has massive uncut sizemeat with humungously large and loaded low-hangers.

1562 days ago

I Chinee    


You're a ****ing dumba**! I hope you don't have any kids. There is no excuse what so ever for what this sick bastard did. People all over the world have been through hell and you don't see them out there raping little kids.

1562 days ago


I agree with "Skippy". Polanski is a child molester, and an admitted one at that. This kid was 13 years old and, even if she had performed naked cartwheels in a circle around the man, the fact remains he had no right to touch her. He was the adult, he was the legally responsible person to make sure this child was safe in his presence and certainly the one to be held liable for any sexually inappropriate behavior.
I am appalled and sickened by the people coming out to show such strong support for this man and have to wonder if they would see it the same way had it been their own 13 year old child? Would they believe their child had been the seducer? I doubt it. She was a little girl. How old was he?
By the way, do remember that he was also with a 15 year old girl in Europe after he had slithered out of the reach of the American Justice system. He clearly thinks it is okay and if you think he has changed his tune in the ensuing years, you would be sadly mistaken.
Money talks once again, or so it would appear.

1562 days ago


Wow you people are funny you really think Polanski's the only person who does this in Hollywood? This town has been sick and twisted since the 20's. Why do you think Anthony Pellincano went to jail? He had dirt on all of Hollywood. Read Hollywood Babylon. He's just one of many.

1562 days ago


"national intersests were taken into consideration..."--know what that means? France was putting major pressure on the Swiss Govmt not to extradite, saying to them "are you like the U.S. (prudes) or are you like Europe-- one of "us" (sophisticates). So the Swiss caved. European PCness

1562 days ago

Annie Ruok    


Practice what you preach. Michael Jackson was innocent, he always maintained his innocence, and he was acquitted, because none of the crimes he was accused of ever happened. Learn the facts about the case before you judge him.

1562 days ago
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