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Roman Polanski Won't Be Extradited to U.S.

7/12/2010 7:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712_polanski_getty_BNThe Swiss government has denied a United States extradition request for Roman Polanski.

The Justice Ministry said Monday in a statement that national interests were taken into consideration in the decision, and that Polanski was now a free man

Roman pled guilty in 1978 to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl, but fled to France before he could be sentenced.

UPDATE: According to L.A. Superior Court spokesperson Allan Parachini, "The original Polanski case remains pending. The Los Angeles Superior Court arrest warrant from 1978 remains outstanding."


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I fail to udnerstand the point the person who said "Polanski is just one of many" who molest kids in Hollywood.

Your point is -- what? That because it happens, that somehow makes it okay? People get murdered, too -- so, using your logic, that makes it okay and no one should ever be arrested for it?


1534 days ago


Dear No. 83, "Jenn" - I can't even begin to imagine what kind of drugs you are on that could POSSIBLY allow you to believe Michael Jackson was "innocent."

LOOK at him in interviews, will you? READ what he was taking! I happened to live in L.A. from 90-93. I was at a private (UCLA professors, mostly) NON-"industry" party 6 months before charges were filed. A friend of mine -- who is a set decorator and he happened to mention that Michael Jackson was a child molestor and everyone stopped and said "WHAT?!" And he said "oh, come on, ou don't know that? EVERYONE in the industry knows that!" Then he said that he was friends with a guy who managed the Toys 'R' Us in the north valley -0- and how Jackson would come in with one 10 or 11-year old boy (different ones) all the time and buy $10K worth of toys, be fondling them, etc.

JACKSON WAS THE MOST MENTALLY ILL, PERVERTED, CREEPY, DRUG-ADDICTED GUY IN THE WORLD> yes, a great musician, dancer and songwriter...but that doesn't mean you can blind yourself to the obvious!

1534 days ago


You readers are SO upset about Jake and Vienna, and SO upset about Mel and Oksana...

but see to think that DRUGGING an underage girl and having sex with her is A-OK.

Yes, he's a great artist -- he's also a RAPIST and a CRIMINAL who is being sheltered by the "entertainment community."

It's absolutely shocking that these people -- "stars," "role models" -- think it's okay to bring a girl who's (12? 13? I forget) into a place, DRUG her and have sex with her. It would be okay if it happened to their daughter? (maybe it would -- scary!)

What the hell is wrong with you people -- with actors and actresses who support this man? If he were a "no name" on the street who did this, there would be vigilantes hunting him down, but somehow, because he's a director, he gets away with this?

1534 days ago


This is not a surprise. I never expected him to be extradited and do any time for his crime. He's regarded as a genius in the film industry, therefore, that translates into "getting away with anything and everything illegal." What appalls me, is, that so much of hollywood has turned a blind eye to his crime, just so they can say I worked with Roman Polanski. "Pathetic" don't you think

By the way, he plead guilty to a lessor charge that still carried jail time, however, we all know what happened with that. Vive la France...or is it le... Anyway the french have been harboring a criminal this entire time. They do detest us don't they... Americans that is...

1534 days ago


I don't know much about this case.
How did it happen that a 13-year old girl was with a 40+ year old man?

1534 days ago


He drugged her and raped her.. He plead guilty to a lesser charge then skipped town...I think he did a small stint in jail and thought that was enough time for him. Hence his long stay in France.

1534 days ago


The Swiss NEVER, EVER help any other country why d'you think so many crooks move there and have bank accounts there lol?! They won't supply financial information to help in fraud, robbery etc cases, they won't HELP period!! Even during WWll they were neutral observers - not willing to help out either side, not willing to stop them either!!
Polanski knew what he was doing by moving to Switzerland, they don't extradite anywhere even to Europe as far as I'm aware, once you touch Swiss soil and become a citizen nothing will get that person extradited!! Of course you have to be multi-millionaires to live there, oh yes and you don't pay taxes lol!!
So to all who feel happy visiting Switzerland and proclaiming it a beautiful, wonderful country, just remember the place isn't just full of celebs but also crooks and of course Polanksi now who is a sex offender, a child rapist, a free felon who can roam wherever he wants!! His films were crap, he's overhyped by the luvvies and now he's free to play with their kids!!
Karma's a bitch old man and one day your rotting flesh will be roasting on the Devil's private spit, his turning fork a three pronged attack - your seat in Hell was paid for a long time ago, your ticket non-refundable!! In your case the only way is definitely not up!! Sweet dreams old man because the price is going to be a hot and fiery one!

1534 days ago


can't wait for the next time they arrest him somewhere, the U.S. still wants him, he does not have many places to go who will let criminals run free and not hand them over to justice, he is not free, he would be if he came and faced the music and possibly some jail time, after that he would be free to go anywhere, if he would stay in the states he would have to register as a sex offender but at least he would be a free man, at this point his whole life has become a cowards run from justice, a wanted man, if he had faced the music years ago maybe most people would have forgotten his sex offences by now

1534 days ago


Does anyone else realize that Polanski served more time under house arrest in Switzerland, than he did in prison in the US, for child rape.... that is just wrong on so many levels.

1534 days ago


I am a man
polanski what a disgusting person you are.
look at you, don't you stink?

you are not a man. I am, you are not. something between an animal and another animal.

the swiss as usual like the money a lot. But the fact stays: polanski you are a mix between animals

and you better keep running: never again in the US. or maybe not .. I just changed my mind: come over here: be a man and come over here and face the music.

I wanna see you doing just that. Free yourself, come to the US. Do it. Show to the world that you are not afraid.

coward... like to play big with little girls uh? try to play big with me.. lemme see


1534 days ago


Disgusting! This nasty sissy! All child molestors are sissies and bullies. They only will pull that crap with a helpless child knowing that a grown woman would whoop their behind. This punk ducking and dodging and trying to walk around like he's so refined. Piece of crap.

1534 days ago


Disgusting! This nasty sissy! All child molestors are sissies and bullies. They only will pull that crap with a helpless child knowing that a grown woman would whoop their behind. This punk ducking and dodging and trying to walk around like he's so refined. Piece of crap.

1534 days ago


I am ecstatic the Swiss government is not allowing the extradition. The LA district attorney should prosecute more serious crimes. The girl Mr. Polansky was involved with consented to pose for pictures. Her mother left her alone with Mr. Polansky.

1534 days ago

The guy who knows    

Why don't you tell the real story here? He was let go not because of his money or national interests but only because the application for extradition was incomplete and the DA has refused to present some important do***ents to the Swiss Ministry of Justice. That's it. Everyone who says it was different is simply lying!

1534 days ago


Most of the comments I have read are revenge seeking morons with nothing to do.
You want to be outraged? Be outraged that children are being murdered in Afghanistan, be outraged that many children are living at subsistence levels HERE in the USA.
But no, you spend your energy on this. Welcome to America.

1534 days ago
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