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Sandra Bullock's Angry Confrontation with Jesse's Ex

7/12/2010 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock went off on Jesse James' ex-wife during a heated phone conversation a few months ago ... so says Janine Lindemulder's attorney.

Attorney Richard Masson tells TMZ .... the blowup occurred while Jesse was in rehab earlier this year.  Janine called her daughter's cell, and Sandra answered.

Masson would not reveal what Sandra said to his client, but he claims it wasn't the first time Sandy expressed harsh feelings toward Janine.

During today's custody hearing, a teacher from Sunny's school testified that Sandra made derogatory comments about Janine in front of Sunny.  According to Masson, Sandra told the teacher, "Quite frankly, I'm glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else's life."

Janine is trying to stop Jesse from taking Sunny to Texas.  As we first reported, Jesse wants the kids to continue a relationship with Sandra.


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Pam, take your meds please.

1565 days ago


This coming from a porn skank. She should be grateful Sandra wanted anything to do with her spawn.

1565 days ago



Vivid called. They would like you to be their spokesperson.

1565 days ago


thats funny how many of you are quick to put Janine down.. however, the real trash is the one who got involved w/a man who was still married and his wife was 8 months pregnant.. that being Bullock. If Bullock really cared about the child she would not put the mother down for it wasn't for Janine Bullock would not have known Sunny. Janine, keep fighting for your daughter and do not give up... Bullock and James are both trash.. just that Bullock hides it better w/her money.

1565 days ago


It must be true...... The lawyer for the porn star said so. LOL!! If the skanky porn star wanted to give her kids a chance at a decent life she would relinquish custody and jump off a cliff somewhere.

1565 days ago


didn't Janine say at the last hearing in June on camera. She still has never spoken to Sandy, ever ! wasn't it on a tmz video?

1565 days ago


"I told ya, I told ya..." Seriously, how old are you? Her "true colors"? What might those be, Pam? You sound like a skanky ho, ho, ho to me. A bit jealous are we?

You're getting "news" from a freaken gossip website. Hello!! This is for entertainment purposes. If you read these articles and believe ALL of what Harvey and his little photog rats feed you, that it's nothing but truth, then you're an idiot plain and simple.

If this indeed happened, then Sandra never should have said anything. However, she is in fact a human being and we all make mistakes(Yes, even you Pam). It's obvious that Janine is upset that Sandra has a better relationship with Sunny than with her. She's crying wolf, and most likely trying to make Sandra look bad. If Janine cared at all about her child she would stop running to the media and speaking out about all of this. Show some class, and get some help, for you and your daughters sake.

1565 days ago



Please think before you write. Sandra Bullock is one class act - she took those kids in when the porno queen was in jail and gave them stability. Janine the skank is just that - a freaking porno whore.

1565 days ago


Aaaw! Another telephone conversation (untaped and unverified this time too) lol and shock horror, a teacher's comment is that in front of Sunny, Sandra Bullock said "quite frankly I'm glad she's in jail now she can ruin someone elses life?!" Wow, hang her now guys, get the whip out, give the kid to Janine the loving caring mother - NOT!! All she did was say something everyone else was thinking and now a teacher has come forward to defend a drug addled porn star - glad I don't have kids there then!!
Sunny had been around Janine's drug and alcohol abuse, Janine's lifestyle of porn and now a fellow felon for a husband?! Any nutter who gives the kid to Janine should be struck off, Sunny has rights too and she is old enough to understand what her mother does for a living - you think you'd want Janine turning up as your mummy if you were at school?! No you'd die of embarrassment or be the butt of endless jokes by other kids (let's not forget kids can be nasty, evil little bullies)!! It's time someone asked Sunny for her opinion, doesn't mean it has to be abided by if it's considered a risk to her, but she has an opinion!! This woman uses Sandra Bullock's name in every custody battle and if you remember last time Jesse himself told the press and Janine to shut up about Sandra as he was Sunny's biological father and any decision made was on that basis, not who he was currently married to!!
Guess Oskansa/Octomum gave Janine a few ideas of her own lol!!

1565 days ago



1565 days ago


If James ex-wife is not good enough because she is a porn star
Then what about James who sleeps with porn stars and get them pregnant. Seems he is no good for Sunny either. Court should take her away.
Sandra needs to step back out of their business.

1565 days ago


Sandra is wrong. Dirt bag Jesse James is using his kids to bag Sandra back. Sandra needs to walk away this is not her business any more, unless Sandra is lying and still with Jesse. If that true I feel sorry for her little adopted boy being raise with a racist.
Sandra had no business putting Sunny's mom down to her face.
The judge should take Sunny from Jesse and give her back to her mom. Jesse is a lowlife douche bag. He is no better than the ex-wife. So the kids need to be kept away from Jesse to.
Sandra is not the judge of any one. Sandra only know what Jesse told her.

1565 days ago

Aaron Salmon    

I have no sympathy for Ms. Lindemulder!

1565 days ago



This is Not your world. Tattoo's head to toe is a world you don't live in and equals mental incompetence and trailer park trash.

TO MY POINT...look what's going down in this custody battle. 2 trailer park losers fighting over a kid AND YOUR IN THE MIDDLE.

Yeah girls, date the bad're idiots. Turns out he's a complete ***** under those tattoos by his own admission. Looking in his eyes...I KNEW HE WAS SOFT!!!

Sorry you have to live that nightmare Sandy. You should have known better.


1565 days ago


Sanda made very bad choises in her life and still doing it.
Why did she adopted a black child? To be IN ?
Too much taking serious her last movie?
Give me a break.

1565 days ago
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