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Sandra Bullock's Angry Confrontation with Jesse's Ex

7/12/2010 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock went off on Jesse James' ex-wife during a heated phone conversation a few months ago ... so says Janine Lindemulder's attorney.

Attorney Richard Masson tells TMZ .... the blowup occurred while Jesse was in rehab earlier this year.  Janine called her daughter's cell, and Sandra answered.

Masson would not reveal what Sandra said to his client, but he claims it wasn't the first time Sandy expressed harsh feelings toward Janine.

During today's custody hearing, a teacher from Sunny's school testified that Sandra made derogatory comments about Janine in front of Sunny.  According to Masson, Sandra told the teacher, "Quite frankly, I'm glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else's life."

Janine is trying to stop Jesse from taking Sunny to Texas.  As we first reported, Jesse wants the kids to continue a relationship with Sandra.


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There is a good possibility that the Bullock James breakup was smply a charade - just for "press" and Sandra's image - publicists can push a lot of false information to the press. Perhaps Sandra is not what we think she is -- she may be a NAZI lover, open marriage, etc. Who knows. But if anyone can find out, it will be TMZ.

1566 days ago


Sandra B. ain't no saint and her breath smells like Jessie's pepe which was in Janines poopoo, so there you go.

Jesse cheated and lied to her with these other skanks and was bedding Sandra at the same time so ...
Sandra seems sort of cheap and dirty now. More so and & especially if she gets back with the loser.

1565 days ago


UH.... so she said it.... BIG DEAL!

I am sure the child appreciates someone standing up for her like that.

Besides, Sandra doesn't need any of these headaches. If she really wanted to be MEAN, she would not want to continue a relationship with this child.

1565 days ago


Can't Jesse afford to just buy her silence?

1565 days ago


Sandra Bullock never surprises me! She manages to always come out on TOP! She doesn't need Jesse James she has her son Louis Bullock, and she has oscar! Who needs Jesse James! She will always be America's Sweetheart! If anyone needs some space from Jesse James its Sandy!! She is one classy lady! She has alot ahead of her!

1564 days ago


Jessie shouldnt be able to move out of state just so Sunny can be close to Sandra WTF is wrong with this selfish Cheaten ass.Jessie is the one that caused all this drama. And now he wants to move Sunny away from her mother.What T hell is wrong with these people. Her mom is trying to clean up her life , and now he pulls this ****. What a horrible thing to do. Whats wrong with Sandra ? Kids always want to go were they can get spoiled the most. and Im sure Sunny is going for whatever her dad wants. Jessie is doing this to try to get Sandra back ,Not caring whos life he affects. I PRAY HER MOM WINS ,JUSTICE FOR HER MOM. GOD ISNT GOING TO TURN HIS BACK ON HER EFFORTS

1564 days ago


Waiting in the wings for Jessie to win and come back to any cost. Sandra and Jessie might be different on the outside, but of the exact same flavor: Sewage.

1560 days ago


hey janine you choose drugs over your children need i say anymore? You have no business after all these years to think you can step back into their lives. You are not stable, and your kids no it, and whats up you never speak of the other two kids? Leave them be their in a very stable secure place. Remember this kids remember everything. Let sunny come to you when she is ready, which hopefully will be never! Do uyou just want to be in the lime light? I do hope jessie has a great lawyer and the judge reads right through you!

1559 days ago


Aynonmous, I hope your wrong, with that said living in US state that has a reputation for racial segregation. This would be another outtake of "Mommy dearest". I hope time proves this theory to be a mistaken impression.

1553 days ago


I do think she said such a thing, she would not talk like that. And she would never talk like that in front of the child or anyone. Thats my opinion.

1552 days ago


Sandra Bullock is just as fake as all the rest in Hollywood, in my book. She needs to mind her own family business and get completely away from Jesse's and Janine's lives both! She evidently likes all this trash drama and is using this kid Sunni to keep this chaos going. If Jesse was so rotten (I believe he is) she divorced him, then he is too rotten to be involved with her in any way, and that includes being involved in Jesse's life and daughters life in any way. It's OVER, get over it. Move on. I don't want to hear any more about that sleaze bag Jesse or any of his family members, treatment or no treatment. It's all a big farce anyway! Bullock's going to keep playing around with this trash until she turns everybody off. I'm done reading about her, already. She is not who I thought.

1541 days ago


It's ridiculous that Jesse would be allowed to drag Sunni clear across the country thousands of miles away from any possibility to see her mother if she wanted to. No parent should be allowed to do that. If Jesse is such a changed man he needs to step up to the plate an provide a real home for Sunni without any need of Bullock's involvement, and provide supervision for any visitation with her mother. This is none of Bullock's business or affair and no need to be involved. She has her own child to provide for. If the Sunni needs anything Jesse can provide all the love, food and necessities she needs and if he is a real man with character, he will do it in California. This is up to the courts supervision and child protective services to make sure she is cared for. Bullock is not the only woman in the world who can show her love. I blame Bullock for all this continued disruption in Sunni's life. Move on! Tell Jesse to go take care of his own children and be a man for once in his own skank life.

1541 days ago


It's Bullocks unbelievably poor judgement to hang around with trash in the first place....Lie down with dogs,you get fleas ...

1537 days ago
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