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Melissa Etheridge's Ex Shut Down In Court

7/12/2010 9:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Etheridge's ex, Tammy Lynn Michaels, doesn't need $25,000 immediately since Melissa is footing the bills ... this according to an L.A. County Superior Court judge.

Tammy's lawyer wanted the judge to order Melissa to immediately pay 25k to his client, whom he claims is destitute.  The lawyer wanted another 25k from Melissa for legal fees, but Melissa's attorney, Neal Hersh, convinced the judge Melissa was paying for everything -- housing, food, schools, the works -- so Tammy's claim that she can't afford to live is bogus.

TMZ broke the story ... Melissa filed to end their domestic partnership, and Tammy then filed, claiming the two were married and she wanted the marriage dissolved.

The next hearing is set for September.



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The press sure made a big celebration out of Melissa and Tammy's "marriage" and Melissa's choice of sperm for Tammy.
The liberal press is now conspicuously absent.
The liberal propaganda machine,oh I mean press,doesn't feel it fits in with their agenda.

1474 days ago


Melissa's a total bitch for doing this - 2k/month doesn't pay for jack in California..and she's caring for "er" kids...M.E. is acting like a douchebag, almost as lame as her music....

1474 days ago


Will there be a battle over who gets the strap-on penises? Lesbos kill me with the dildos they have to use to close the deal.

1474 days ago


Melissa is probably the one who talked her into having them kids and whispering sweet nothings into her ear about being together forever. So she quit her job as an actress to make her happy. Now she is bored and wants to leave?? Uh uh! Pay up Melissa!

1474 days ago


Hey, Whatever.......get a up to date computer!!!! Its not TMZ's fault your computer sucks!!!!!

Posted at 6:28 PM on Jul 12, 2010 by sharonlynnmc1

Read more:

Ummmm I actually get on here at work. These computers are VERY updated and apart of a company server. The pages do load kind of slow and have crappy quality miss thang! TMZ, I love you and get on here everyday but you have some serious kinks to work out of this site!

1474 days ago

ripped off    

Your attorney is nothing but a money sucking jerk....I know because I also used him....RUN...He overcharges for things he shouldnt and he is not a NICE person....get yourself another pit-bull one that wont be out just for himself!!!

1474 days ago


#2 aand #6 my sentiments exactly.
In the first hearing they always set things like who is paying for schools, house payments, all that Melissa listed that she is paying. But they also give the spousal support for those things that Tammy needs. Tampax, makeup, shoes, glasses, eyedrops, oil change or new tires on her car, eating out with the kids, laundry detergent.
So I am not sure where the judge has a foot to stand on with his order of no addition support.
Tammys lawyer needs to get in on a Ex parte and get what she is allowed per law and that is a monthly amount for HER and what she needs.
And its ludicrous that Ms. Thing err Melissa didnt just automatcially agree to give Tammy a monthly support.

Tammy get your lawyer back in there for that monthly support, this is the most prejudicial or blatant refusual by any judge I have seen for spousal or partner support.

Melissa shame on you to not give Tammy a month allowance. I dont necessarily agree it should be 25k with you paying everything else, but definately 5k would work.

1474 days ago


Nobody is entitled to "alimony" in California unless you have been legally married for 10 years or more. These two were never legally married at all. This woman needs to get a job, unless she plans to live off her "child support" payments for the rest of her life like most Hollywood ex-wives. Since when does hooking up with somebody with money "entitle" somebody to a free ride for the rest of his/her life? Unless theese two signed a contract giving this woman support, she deserves nothing. Get a job.

1474 days ago


I am really surprised at M.E.'s conduct. It sounds like she blindsided the mother of her children by leaving (calling it 'mutual'). Now she's paying well-below what she can afford and certainly not at the level at which her family had grown accustomed. I've been a longtime fan and am a sister myself, but regretfully have come to see M.E. as a serial dog and shi**y person. Boo.

1474 days ago


So many comments that are incorrect and so little space to enlighten. Why would Melissa had pushed for the kids when she had a boy and a girl already? If Tammy hadn't been lying about not having any money, why did her attorney not contest Melissa's Attorney stating that Melissa had been paying for everything since she left. Tammy didn't say a word. Why would you assume that Tammy is the sweet, truthful one and Melissa is the dawg in this? #50: Melissa is paying for everything and support for the 3 yr. old twins. Why do you think that Tammy doesn't have any money for even tampons? Please, get real. They said she was paying for everything. I would say that includes the grocery shopping, etc... Tammy hooked up with a Rock and Roller and then wanted her to stay at home and play house. She can't fall in love with someone and expect them to change to the person she would like them to be. Peep, stop jumping to conclusions and wait til the court case is final. Y'all make MLE sound like some kind of a hateful person. That must be why she is there for helping out the firemen & cops from 9/11, the peep with Breast Cancer, GLBT rights, the earth and it's plight. Plus all the others she has turned out to help without even being asked. That sounds like one mean Biotch! Not..

1474 days ago


To Chris (in first slot). Hate to break your hate bubble, but Melissa and Tammy never had the chance to get married. Remember Prop. 8? It ended there plans to marry. They were domestic partners.
It's awful to see people take joy in others pain. I don't understand all the hate in our country. I really don't.......

1474 days ago


Something does not add up in all this. Did you see the new entry in Tammy's blog? Sounds like she's sick. (ok I'm not a very good interpreter of poetry). And that she doesn't have money for childcare. That she only has a limited time to stay in her rental. Would that be in Indiana or Hollywood? But she has friends and family. Maybe she really did need that money..

One thing is clear, though. Melissa is treating Tammy way differently than she did Julie Cypher. Julie got a huge amount and still does in order for Melissa to have joint custody of Bailey and Becket. Was there even a court case to decide this? And what sacrifices did Julie make? And she was the one who dumped Melissa. Now we have someone who supported Melissa in every way, which has been discussed already, cancer, holding down the home, and one more...having to walk down that damn red carpet, which she seemed not to like that much about a billion times. And she was the one who was dumped.
And Melissa, instead of offering to pay for custody, is suing for it! And no money for supporting Tammy, even if it was only until she can get on her feet and get a job. ok, maybe the blog is one reason, as Julie was always very private about everything. But I think there' s more to it than that. It just doesn't seem fair though.

1474 days ago


I think Tammy's going crazy..

1473 days ago


And why does she think she would get full custody if she doesn´t have money or a job? I don't get it

1473 days ago


It's just hysterical how gays fight tooth & nail for rights to marry and then wind up divorced and embroiled in the same mudslinging court fights as their straight counterparts.

It proves to me 2 things...

1. Be careful what you wish for.

2. Marriage is an outdated institution....for both Straights AND Gays!

(Oh and 3...)...Did Melissa REALLY think marrying someone nearly half her age was actually going to last?

1473 days ago
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