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The Best Man

7/12/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 68-year-old resurfaced at a comic convention in New Jersey this weekend, looking frisky.

Pete was never given a full explanation as to why he was kicked out of the Beatles.

Best still tours with his group The Pete Best Band.


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I believed all the jealousy stories until I heard Sir George Martin say Pete Best was simply a 'lousy drummer'. He coudn't keep time/couldn't even do a drumroll. Keeping a beat was important back in the old days, long before twirling sticks and hair spray were essential for dummers. I mean, DRUMMERS.

1529 days ago


When you see Brian Epstein interviewed as to what made him take notice of The Beatles, the first thing he says is that he was struck by "their beat". That was "the atomic beat", a Pete Best invention that all of the other drummers, including Ringo copied.

Also, George Martin didn't say fire Pete. He just wanted to use his 30+ year old studio drummer Andy White for the recording session. He said - and did the exact same thing when the replaced Pete with Ringo. He listened to Ringo, then used Andy White the following week.

1529 days ago


Your all wrong. The Butler did it.

1529 days ago


I heard from a Beatle show that:

Pete was a better drummer
Ringo was a better Beatle!

1529 days ago


He helped launch the Beatles by getting them gigs at his mother's club. I'm not sure what happened. Funny enough, he used to post a lot on a Beach Boys' message board several years ago, claiming that the Beach Boys were better than the Beatles! He would pick fights with people online and say how overrated Paul McCartney was compared to Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. He seemed sincere, too, it wasn't just jealousy. It was funny to read. He still looks great for a man of his age, has big blue eyes similar to Ringo's.

1529 days ago


He kind of looks like he could be Ringo's brother!

I bet they had a blast playing all those months from home in Hamburg at the Reeperbahn. What a crazy place.

1529 days ago


I heard it was because Pete took a leak on Paul's new Hofner (which he purchased after Stu left the band) while playing at the Starr club in Hamburg. Paul apparently bagged one of Pete's better looking groupies down at the Reperbahn, and Pete was pretty pissed about it and took it out on the Hofner.
All-in-all, I suspect it had something to do with Paulie.
Anyway, that's what the owner of a cafe told me back in 1981. The cafe was located next to the Starr Club and she said they stopped in all the time for some grub.

1529 days ago

Joe was my idea to get rid of Pete...and I still think it was the right one. I love Pete, but Ringo was the right move

1528 days ago


The Beatles played the instruments on all their albums.

Although they did meet Billy in the early days, he never played with them until the Get Back sessions, their second to last album. He only played on about four or five songs. He got credit on the Get Back single as The Beatles with Billy Preston.

It was unusual because, other than Eric Clapton, who played on While My Guitar Gently Weeps, no other person had ever played on a Beatle song, other than the Beatles, producer George Martin or classical musicians.

Martin had already paid for White to drum on Love Me Do, so he was not going to let Ringo play.

1528 days ago

Beatles Fan    

Can't believe all the deniers on here who are trying to claim John Lennon bares no blame for Pete's sacking and then try and put all the blame on McCartney... GET REAL! NONE of The Beatles EVER spoke to Pete again LENNON INCLUDED. Lennon was just as much to blame! Also, I've heard interviews with both John and Paul and Lennon is the one who was the meanest about Best in interviews. He always called him a crap drummer and said he never wanted him in the band. That blows a hole in Lennon defenders arguments right there. Accept it - all three of them are to blame for sacking Best, including the one Lennon fans also like to call the "leader of the group"!

1278 days ago
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