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Tiger Woods Files Daddy Dismissal Papers

7/12/2010 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods has fired back at porn star Devon James and her paternity claims -- asking the court to throw the case out for one simple reason ... the kid ain't his.

As we first reported, James filed papers back in June alleging Woods was the father of her 9-year-old son -- even though DNA tests proved the daddy was someone else.

We've learned attorneys for Woods have now filed legal docs declaring that Woods is not the daddy of James' son and, therefore, the paternity case should be history.

Sounds like reality will be setting in for Miss James any second now ...

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TMZ Staff    


1562 days ago


Many of the whores he slept with said he didn't use condoms. It seems impossible he didn't get a hole in one with one of them !!
Frankly he must be the luckiest guy in the world if he didn't father another child ........
It serves him right the sick little bastard. After all what he did to his family shouldn't bother him too much as he said his marriage was a sham...
When I look back at this whole fiasco I would say HIS LIFE IS A SHAM !!

1562 days ago


#25 matty i agree...this girls own mom has said from day 1 that she's a liar & that she NEVER even met tiger let alone slept w/ him or had his kid...tmz would of known that if they read the mom's E! news interview when this story broke, instead of running any random claim.

1562 days ago


ZR and Samantaha: Psycho PUTAS for the ages LOL.

You guys are in need of urgehnt psychological counseling. The fact that you two bimbettes are walking the streets is symptomatic of the wrong direction of our society.

Sick Fu@ks!!!

1562 days ago


im the papi :)

1562 days ago


Is Tiger going through a nervous breakdown. If you agree or disagree click the link to see the battle on AskDrO http://ow.ly/2a9Bv

1562 days ago


Anthony get lost f^^^^^^^^ing idiot.
The word puta you use is more appropriate to your hero. He's the greatest skank in this fiasco. A pervert horndog with a shocking inability to keep it in his pants.
He has the guts to show his face on the golf course as if nothing happened.
Only pathetic losers like you jackass can root for this lowlife.

1562 days ago


Should the lawyer who is handling this debunked claim be sanctioned by the State Bar for abuse of process?

1562 days ago


Who be your daddy?

1562 days ago


ZR: Sick fu@k PSYCHO PUTA.

STFU, psychological unhinged byeatch. You are dismissed!!!

1562 days ago


I hope he makes her pay his court costs. A who*e is a whor* is a w........Please Mr Woods, in the future date your pay grade, if you must; cheat with someone with something to loose.

1562 days ago


the tramp should hide in shame for causing her son to be talked about and for the world knowing his mom cannot even figure out who his father is and she should pay Tiger for defaming him as a deadbeat dad

1562 days ago


Can someone tell me why we give so much press and attention to the womanizers, prostitutes and alike? We have so many other issues to deal with, our families, the economy and what about feeding the hungry in USA? (No I am not running for political office or entering a beauty pageant). And to the women who slept were with Tiger Woods, Why should we feel sorry for you? You slept with him and you knew he was married, so did you really think he was leaving his wife? Where have you been, under a rock? Give me a break. No Pitty from me. Grow up and get a life and a descent job.

1562 days ago


She should have to perform sex acts on the Golf Channel

1562 days ago


#6 The father is known, has been named and I'm pretty sure the ho's mum said the father pays child support and has contact with the boy - or did I miss the plot somewhere months ago (don't answer that lol)?!
Her claim was that the DNA test was falsified wasn't it? Easy to prove otherwise cheaply in view of a) knowing who the father is and b) testing both, the father, Tiger and the kid!! Jeez!! I pity the poor kid knowing this is his mother - yeuck, he'll beed counselling for life lol!!

1562 days ago
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