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Ben Roethlisberger Named in Urine Investigation

7/13/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a report from police in Dublin, Ohio which shows Ben Roethlisberger was investigated for allegedly peeing in public at a local golf course this past Friday.


According to the report, a woman named Nan Fowler phoned the pro shop at the Country Club at Muirfield Village around 6:53 PM and complained that a white, tall male -- sporting a blue golf shirt and khaki shorts -- was "urinating into some trees."

The report states that Nan was informed by the woman at the pro shop that the person who fit that description was Big Ben. Nan then called police and told them that the NFL star was peeing in public.

Cops eventually arrived to the scene and spoke with country club management -- and later determined that no crime had been committed.  Sources connected to the investigation tell us cops never interacted with Roethlisberger -- because Ben was "long gone" by the time authorities had arrived.

TMZ spoke with reps at Muirfield who tell us, "We had a full slate of golfers that day ... it may have been anyone."

Of course, this isn't the first time Ben's penis has been at the center of controversy -- earlier this year, he was accused of raping a young woman inside a nightclub bathroom. That case was ultimately dropped after investigators determined there wasn't enough evidence to proceed.

So far, no comment from Roethlisberger's camp.

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Are you all serious? I have golfed quite a bit and I am happy to report that I have never once seen some excuse for a man urinating in public. Those of you who find this behavior acceptable are probably the same people who talk loudly on your cell phones around others, talk during movies, where your pants down under and are, basically, lacking in class.

1541 days ago


no coment

1541 days ago


I was in clovis Ca.and pissed on a fence >Grandma saw me and called the cops..Of course they have nothing better to do do in that town..They wanted a drunk in public charge...This is a golf course so.Luckily I was gone .....Do it in Vegas on the strip and you might get a ticket...

1541 days ago


How does this even amount to anything? What a waste of time and crawling around to see some pee.....

1541 days ago


Well as someone who lives in the wonderful city of Dublin I don't want some kind of trashy person peeing on the golf course. Dublin is a nice neighborhood with wealthy taxpayers who would rather not see Ben's itty bitty wee wee. And honestly what kind of grown man does that in public its not like he is a 16 year old kid he's a grown a** man. Just think if you were taking your teenage daughter golfing and she had to see that so inappropriate

1541 days ago

Tony B    

★ ★ ★Big fn deal.

All guys do this, it's part of being a man.

Besides, I think it's kinda hawt when guys take a leak outside. *wink*

Leave Woofy Ben alone, ya prudey old crone. Let the man piss where he needs to. Sheesh.★ ★ ★

1541 days ago


This guy is a disgrace. Unfortunatly all the talking heads on espn won't actually criticize him. They won't even report this story probably.

1541 days ago


Women shouldn't be allowed on a golf course that'l solve it. Golf was invented to get away from the bitches.
If Mel was at the course he wouldn't have had to punch that bich for getting out of hand and talking back to him.

1541 days ago

Tony B    

★ ★ ★BFD.

Guys do this all the time, just part of being a man.

Besides, I've always thought it was kinda hawt when a guy takes a leak out in the open. *wink*

Leave Woofy Ben alone, ya prudy old crone. Let the man take a leak where he needs to.★ ★ ★

1541 days ago


Knowing I'll be a target for attacks, I am fully aware that it is wear, not where.

1541 days ago

Joe Blow    

Yeah, not going to lie, Ben has really f-ed up a couple of times recently, but c'mon, what guy hasn't taken a leak on the side of a road or such?

1541 days ago


Ah, come on, Big Ben! Keep it in your pants already!

1541 days ago


What an old cow, just don't look at him takeing a leak. I was at the US Open at Pebble Beach and Luc Donald disappeared in the bushes off the ninth tee, the ladies in the crowd just giggled.

1541 days ago


We have established that Big Ben is a turd of a human being, but if peeing in the bushes on a golf course is a crime worthy of calling the police then I should have been locked up in Pelican Bay many years ago. If he was waving it around and trying to show it off, then by all means call the police. But just sneaking a whiz in the trees is one of the perks of being a guy. Can't we just have that?

1541 days ago


"According to the report, a woman named Nan Fowler phoned the pro shop at the Country Club at Muirfield Village around 6:53 PM and complained"

I find it funny (both haha & strange) that Nan Fowler chose to give her name when phoning in her BS to the pro shop. People who are reporting REAL crimes often do so anonymously. Seems to me as though someone, NAN FOWLER, had probably already cleared her schedule for the next few weeks for all of the TV, radio, newspaper and magazine interviews that she would be doing after Big Ben was hauled off in handcuffs, jailed, arraigned and released on bail all for NOTHING! Poor NAN FOWLER, instead of getting famous for being a crime fighting superhero she now goes down in history as a whiny, attention seeking, MORON! I wonder if she was doing undercover work for the Dallas Cowboys? GO STEELERS! GO BIG BEN!

1541 days ago
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