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Star Witness in Mel Gibson Case -- Oksana's Dentist

7/13/2010 4:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Ross Shelden will be a star witness in the Mel Gibson investigation, TMZ has learned ... and we're told he has powerful evidence that Mel Gibson hurt Oksana Grigorieva.


Sources familiar with the treatment tell TMZ Dr. Shelden, who practices in the San Fernando Valley, took photos of Oksana's mouth the day after the January 6 blowout, in which Mel allegedly knocked out Oksana's teeth.

We're told Dr. Shelden took photos of Oksana's mouth and turned them over to her lawyers.  We're also told Dr. Shelden has made it clear ... it was not a case where Oksana lost her veneers, which Gibson's people have claimed.  We're told Dr. Shelden's analysis is that Oksana lost a tooth and another was chipped.

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana told her dentist -- whom we now know is Dr. Shelden -- that Mel knocked her teeth out, yet he did not report the incident to authorities which he is required to do by law.   We now know why Dr. Shelden didn't report the incident  -- before telling him about Mel, Oksana insisted on confidentiality and Dr. Shelden felt he was duty-bound to honor it.

We've also learned Dr. Shelden has not been interviewed by L.A. County Sheriff's investigators yet but he will indeed be interviewed as part of the investigation.  We've also learned Oksana's lawyers have given Dr. Shelden written authorization to share all of his medical records related to Oksana with the Sheriff's Department.


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oksana deserve all Mel told her and more, that will teach that cheap tramp not to destroy marriages like she did, she didn't care about Mel being married for so long, the cheap tramp is just a gold digger and this is how she will make her money, using her a** since she has no brain, she is a nobody the ugly tramp, how can she be respected as a lady when she is not, so she deserves that and a lot more the home wrecking witch, she is a satan's witch

1530 days ago


The dentist was used by Oksana to redirect attention away from her throwing herself down on the ground with her baby. Bet her teeth suffered as a result of the impact with the ground. The dentist knows only what Oksana told him and he was not there to see things first hand. No one in their right mind would not report this to the police when the event occurred and continue to go out with the assailant. The Russian w**** is lying.

1530 days ago


I don't think the law says don't turn in your patient if they ask you not to. The law is designed to protect those who need protecting.

1530 days ago


The tape is totally skewed. Mel didn't know he was being taped, she did, so she was on her best behavior knowing she'd sound like the sane one. Who knows what she said off tape that got Mel heated up. There are two sides to this tape.

1530 days ago


The crazy bastard must go to JAIL!

1530 days ago

Yes indeed!    

she is a GOLD DIGGER and a slut
in for the money, lies about the teeth

when her cash stopped coming she cut visitation rights to Mel and tapped him at his craziest time - maybe intoxicated then released tapes or gave them to others to release for her

Mel if a public figure. Is that the way to do things in public? Put the father of her child in a position which makes him look like an arse when she is the money grabbed fake books, fake lips slut??

Oxy - where is your gravy train coming from next - bitch?

1530 days ago


He breaks her teeth,she doesn't press charges and stays with him? No sympathy for her whatsoever;if you don't possess any instinct for survival,don't play the helpless damsel in distress,waiting for Someone To Save You.

1530 days ago


MEL GIBSON IS AN ALCOHOLIC....alcohol has ruined his life...everything that he has done is a result of being drunk...

1530 days ago


I don't like Mel but I think she set him up from the beginning. Just a gut feeling.

1530 days ago


Doesn't she have custody of her son with Dalton? Why, if she feared for her life, would she put him in this position too? Or even put him in such a volitile space? Sticking it out in a mansion, owned by someone you claim could kill you is not a smart thing for any mother who loves her children.

1530 days ago


The dentist is not a star witness , she could have knocked her own tooth out and chipped the other. Unless the dentist was there when Mel hit her and did the damage a judge can throw this out.

1530 days ago


I don't believe he hit her at all.
If he hit her hard enough to cause her teeth to chip, she would've had damage done to her lips as well. Cuts from the teeth, bruising from the hit, split lip, whatever.
He may be a raving lunatic, but I don't see him as a wife beater.

1530 days ago


Since when does an intelligent, gifted man wind up with a gold-digging piece of sludge? When he thinks with the wrong head! And to think, you procreated with that slime which reverted you to her commie background. Damn, I thought I was a b@#$h. She-Monster tapes her arguments - what was she thinking? Oh, forgot, MONEY!!!

1530 days ago


@zoolady you need to stfu...

Before you start talking crap why not do a little research on her past and how she pulls the same SCAMS over and over... Funny how No one in Mels past is still not coming out and accusing him and trust me the money is ready to be paid and I bet shows like inside addition is ready to kick down 500k to one of his kids or ex wife to say something.

I watched my mom deal with real abuse and if you sadly were telling the truth or implying you know how its like then you go listen to the tapes and think about how you react.. forget about the part that she sounds like in a booth and him on a 1980s phone and its out of sync etc...

But listen to her reactions to him yelling at her.. she is a bad actress.. That isn't Stockholm syndrome.. ITs called gold digging..

1530 days ago

joe mac    

@Squeaky shoes couldn't have said it better myself. @ brightside your an idiot I never said he had the right to hit any one I said SHE VIOLATED HIS CIVIL RIGHTS BY TAPING HIM WITH OUT TELLING HIM HE WAS BEING RECORDED. She violate FEDERAL LAWS by taping him without his consent. If you were in GIBSONS place you would be crying your rights were violated and you know it. Choke on something please do us all a favor and stop typing your idiotic thoughts on what other people have a right to or not.

1530 days ago
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