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Lucille Ball's Daughter

Sued over Mom's Stuff

7/13/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lucille Ball's daughter has no right to some of her mom's memorabilia that's about to go up for auction ... that's according to a lawsuit filed to make sure the auction doesn't get derailed.


The lawsuit was filed in L.A. County Superior Court by Susie Morton -- whose late husband Gary Morton was previously married to Lucy when she died.

According to the lawsuit, Gary inherited a bunch of autographed pictures, artwork, and furnishings from Lucy when she passed -- stuff that Susie claims became hers when Gary died.

Susie is planning to auction off the items this weekend, but Lucy's daughter -- Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill -- now claims the items belong to her, according to the legal docs.

Susie wants the court to declare that she is the rightful owner of the Lucy treasures, thereby clearing the way for the auction.


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Get Real    

Susie Morton is a scuzzball. Give the stuff back to Lucie's daughter, you creep. You think it's yours just because your husband kept it? JERKS.

1571 days ago

mrs etherl mertz    


1571 days ago


Who knows how these items were acquired? Perhaps they are Luci's (or Desi, Jr.'s) and Gary never turned them over to her children.

Can't see how Morton left his widow so penniless, unless he was living off Lucy all along. Ethically, it certainly doesn't feel right that she should profit from the estate of her husband's first wife when the children and grandchildren of that wife still live.

1571 days ago


I am so 1000% sure IF LUCY WAS A NOBODY AND NOT A FORMER COMIC SUPERSTAR THAT SHE WAS, her stepdaughter WOULDN'T EVEN CONSIDER KEEPING ANY OF HER STUFF and would surely have given them ALL TO Lucie Arnaz.

This issue will really just go down to plain GREED. MONEY THAT IS.

1571 days ago


I read other articles on the net. Lucie Arnaz isn't suing anybody. Susie Morton planned an auction of Lucy's stuff. and is suing her daughter Lucie to keep her from interfering with the auction.

1571 days ago

Tia C    

Sorry to say, but it sounds like Lucy's daughter is legally out of luck. The widow of Lucy's former husband was probably legally willed these items, and there's not much Lucy's daughter can do about that if the will was solid.

1571 days ago

Kookie Krumbled    

Lucy died and left her possessions to her husband. If she wanted her daughter to have them, she could have given them to her as she grew older and perhaps anticipated the 'end'.
It's a murky area, but the fact is if Gary Morton owned those things, then they pass to his wife or their children. If he had adopted Lucy's daughter upon marrying Lucille Ball, it might be different.
I can see why the daughter would want the items back, for sentimental reasons, and I can see why she'd want them for monetary reasons. In the end, if she can't get them back, she'll just have to let it go. The time to have acted was when her mother was alive.

1571 days ago


Susie Morton sounds like a complete cold hearted bi** and money hungry. The items were left to Gary Morton and he has passed so the items should go to Lucy's daughter or son. Susie Morton has no connection to Lucy other then marrying the guy Lucy was married to when she passed away.

Anyone with a decent heart would have been like well this person has kids so I should give these items to them but instead she wants to auction them off to make money

1571 days ago


First.... panchang810... There is no step-daughter involved in this. It's Lucy's daughter, Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill, who was Lucy and Desie's daughter, not Susie and Gary Morton's daughter. Lucille Ball was married to Desie and had 2 children and then she married Gary Morton. When she died, he remarried. Lucie Arnez Luckinbill wants her mom's things back and is Susie wanted to play nice, she would give them back. They mean nothing to her but she must want money, money, money. That rules her life now.

1570 days ago


I agree with Patti that what was left to the daughter, goes to the daughter. The things that were her husbands, went tot he husband. Susie could be nice and give the items back to Lucy's daughter but I don't think Susie is going to play nice. The fact that she is selling them, means she's running out of money from her late husbands estate. If she had money, she wouldn't be selling them. If Lucy's daughter wants to buy them, let her pay for them. Now, if we find that Susie has the things and they should have passed to the daughter when Susie's huband died, then Susie needs to own up and give the items back.

1570 days ago


Well with the autographed pictures there might be a problem. An picture of Lucy or Desi is technically property of their estates because they have the rights to their images. So in order to sell those pictures or use them in any way you have to go through the estates which Lucie and Desi Jr. are the heads of. So on the picture part, GOOD LUCK!!!!!! They are the only ones who have the right to them. I bet this woman just took them when her dad died. It was probably not even in his will that anyone gets them. Dumb b***h.

1570 days ago


Well with the autographed pictures there could be a problem. Any picture of Lucy or Desi has to be dealt with through their estates. You can not use or sell the rights to a picture of them unless you go through the estate, which is headed by Lucie and Desi Arnaz. So good luck with that part!

1570 days ago

Dirty Martini    

Sorry about the truth. The truth is we are each independently responsible for determining the disposition of our respective estates. Lucille Ball left these belongings to her husband, not her daughter. Her husband left them to his wife.

Its legal. its reality. We dont choose what we inherit. We inherit what is chosen for us.

1570 days ago



1570 days ago


It is very unfortunate but I have to agree that a judge will see it in Susie's favor but it is absolutely NOT RIGHT AT ALL. I just wonder if poor Gary is spinning in his grave at what his last wife is doing. Shame on Susie. Shame, shame, SHAME.

1570 days ago
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