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Sandra Bullock's Angry Confrontation with Jesse's Ex

7/13/2010 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock went off on Jesse James' ex-wife during a heated phone conversation a few months ago ... so says Janine Lindemulder's attorney. 

Attorney Richard Masson tells TMZ .... the blowup occurred while Jesse was in rehab earlier this year.  Janine called her daughter's cell, and Sandra answered.

Masson would not reveal what Sandra said to his client, but he claims it wasn't the first time Sandy expressed harsh feelings toward Janine.

During today's custody hearing, a teacher from Sunny's school testified that Sandra made derogatory comments about Janine in front of Sunny.  According to Masson, Sandra told the teacher, "Quite frankly, I'm glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else's life."

Janine is trying to stop Jesse from taking Sunny to Texas.  As we first reported, Jesse wants the kids to continue a relationship with Sandra.

Guess the Little Cutie!

Can you tell which fully grown superstar just Twittered this photo of himself as a 5-year-old boy?


Jesse James -- From the Dog House to a Mansion!

Jesse James just scored himself a massive 7-acre mega-estate in Austin, Texas -- so if he doesn't want to be seen, he'll have plenty of space to keep to himself!

James just closed the deal on this 9 bedroom, 7.5 bath mega-mansion estimated at $1.98 million.

And it's perfect for Jesse -- complete with a home gym, several pools, private theater and a six-car garage/workshop.

Click on the photo and check out the gallery!

MJ Tomb -- Defaced with Hidden Messages

TMZ has learned Michael Jackson's tomb has been defaced by a stealth band of vandals -- who have marked the walls of MJ's mausoleum with hidden messages ... and it's all in permanent ink.

Security at Forest Lawn in Glendale, CA is on the lookout for "fans" who have been writing messages in hard-to-spot places outside the main window of the building in which MJ is entombed.

The writing is mostly hidden underneath ledges -- or in spots covered by bushes -- and contains messages like, "Miss you" and "Keep the dream alive."

Reps at Forest Lawn are pretty ticked off -- telling TMZ, "Activity such as this, is a prime example why we are evaluating the level of access to the various entrances of the Great Mausoleum."

Forest Lawn also tells us that anyone caught vandalizing the cemetery will be banned for life.

2010 FIFA World Cup Futball Fanatics!

The 2010 FIFA World Cup was crazy... and so were the fans!

Check out some of the wildest soccer enthusiasts showing their team spirit!

Chip from 'My Three Sons': 'Memba Him?

Stanley Livingston is best known for playing Chip on the classic '60s TV sitcom "My Three Sons." Guess what he looks like now!


Sofia Vergara's Bikini Friend -- Horrible Decision!

Sofia Vergara's friend just learned a very tough lesson about life ... never pose next to Sofia Vergara in a bikini!!!!


The "Modern Family" star -- who's currently on a two week vacation in Italy -- just posted this photo on her Twitter page, declaring that her white bikini would be her "uniform" for the rest of her trip.

Hell. Yes.


Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess which funnyman's face got one hell of a celebrity scramblin'?



No Avatar


It's "dragged" not "drug." No wonder no one takes you seriously.

1562 days ago


Does AOL sponsor Bullock?!? Everytime I read the news on the frontpage I am confronted with her name. Who in their right mind cares about this woman? Give me real news dammit!

1562 days ago


Drug, Drag, Gedruggen!

1562 days ago

lois hobbs    

man do a woman not rigt he need to as god togive him

1562 days ago

Gustav LaFong    

That Janine Lindemulder is freaky-hot. No, better than that. She's naught-bad-freaky-hot. Sandra looks like stale bread next to Janine's delicious oven-fresh buns.

1562 days ago

james russell    

Evfen if Sandra reportedly said what was written above it is not defaming and the child knows where her mother is anyway. No problem. THe problem is Jesse. If he wants to take the child to TEXAS then the mother needs to file in family court for a hearing. to bad two wrongs means your wrong. IF she had stayed away from drugs then she wouldn't have gone to jail BOoHOo

1562 days ago


Who titled this article? Sandra Bullock is potentially being dragged into this problem not drug. She should also stay out of it.

1562 days ago


when I first read the word "drug" I said to myself " Did I miss something in English class" ?? what the heck is "drug" ??? I thought it was something we take orally about dumb ---yikes !!!

Sandra does not need that loser Jesse -

1562 days ago


Frankly, Sandra has no "right" to the children. She may be a good influence on them but so are clergy, teachers, scout leaders, and many others. Sandra was Jesse's wife and as such was involved, but she is not the parent. Janine deserves to see her kids as much as the violent offenders do when they exit prison. Afterall, Janine was in prison for taxes - and her tax debts were minor compared to those of the people Obama appointed to his cabinet.

1562 days ago

cam man    

Movie star past ensures that we are able to make comments good / harsh. Money will make you sell your character, mortal soul. My prayers go out to all who do.

1562 days ago


Sandra WAS a stepmother to Sunny, nothing more. Now that she is divorced from Jesse, she has NO relationship with Sunny no matter what Jesse wants. So she bad mouthed the mother a few months ago before she learned the truth about Jesse. She was in love with a liar back then and believed what he said about the mother. She is a human being, not a saint nor an angel. NO, Jesse CANNOT remove Sunny from CA to TX without a court order. And no stepmother, much less an ex-stepmother, can trump a mother's rights. Do you want your child to be taken over by an ex-stepmother and a lying cheating ex-husband? Of course NOT!

1562 days ago


To all who are in the Language Lynching Posse ( of which I am occasionally a member ), IF you will consult a CURRENT dictionary, you will learn that "DRUG" is the dialect past of drag ( meaning several things : (1) that it is accepted as correct in certain areas (2) that it is becoming acceptable as correct as our language evolves and (3) that if you are over 20, your old English teachers would slap the crap outta' you for using it. ).

1562 days ago

chris deollos    

jesse & sandra are still in love with each other, it just they can see right now, but if they would allow jesus in there lift, theres alwasy foregiveness, thats why He died on the cross so anybody can come to understand how much He loves you and I. Marrage is what had happened in the garden with Adam & Eve, don't try to understand unless you have study the bible.

1562 days ago


Jesse James did NOT divorce Sandra Bullock. SHE divorced HIM!

1562 days ago


If she hasn't gone to court yet how can it be past tense.

1562 days ago
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