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Lindsay Lohan Just Says No ... To Some Drugs

7/13/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A source extremely close to Lindsay Lohan tells TMZ the actress has cut herself off from several prescription meds -- including the powerful painkiller Dilaudid -- even though she's legally allowed to take them.


As we first reported ... court documents show that Lindsay is allowed to take 5 different medications while on probation because she has valid prescriptions for the drugs Zoloft (antidepressant), Trazodone (antidepressant), Adderall (stimulant to control ADHD), Nexium (acid reflux) and Dilaudid.

But a source close to Lindsay tells TMZ she only takes two of those -- Adderall and Nexium. We're told she doesn't even take the Nexium every day, but that she has taken the Adderall for years because she was diagnosed with ADD.

As for the Dilaudid -- we're told LiLo was issued a prescription when she had oral surgery back in June, but she hasn't taken the painkiller in several weeks.



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I can’t feel bad for her. She’s rich and pretty but entitled to a degree where she thinks she doesn’t have to be punished for failing to abide by the law. She’s obviously a drug addict and most likely got cut off or ran out of her pain killer. And for god’s sake, what doctor proscribes a heavy narcotic for the removal of a few teeth. When my dad had 16 teeth removed, he got a few Percocet’s. Maybe going to jail for awhile will turn her around. It can happen… Robert Downey Jr. figured it out. Maybe she should call him for help.

1562 days ago


we have all known / strongly suspected this since your first story on the drug report, even though you carefully worded it to entice otherwise.

1562 days ago


Aderall is only used in kids with ADD, same with Ritalin once they are adults docs stop this med because it's effect in adults is simple speed and it loses it's therapeutic benefits in treating the disorder and simply becomes legal uppers that are very addictive. Aderall IS her problem drug, especially combined with the heavy drinking. The Dilaudid probably made her too sick to party, not a 'fun' drug because it's too intense.

1562 days ago


eeh, that was not a very good daily story on Lindsay today TMZ, you can do better... aren't the paps hunting her 24/7 to see what she's doing these days to prepare for jail? everybody meeting up with her these days do it for self promotion, the lawyer for his book and movie scripts, her former lesbo lover for whatever gigs she has coming up, who is next to stand by Lindsay and get attention for themselves? and what craziness are her god awful parents up to these days, follow that, Lindsays prescriptions and pill use is old news, because of course she DOES use the drugs, how can she claim anxiety to the court if she does not even use the drugs to help her with that, is she trying to get a breakdown, a ambulance ride to the hospital the evening of the 19th so she can escape jail through a breakdown?

1562 days ago


#62 lol i was being Facetious when i made that of course she looks like a that was soo funny you took that seriously that the picture was flattering... i'm a RN.. of course it;'s not flattering.. she needs some serious detox.. after she spends time in

1562 days ago


I wish Lindsay all the best! If she does end up going to jail, I hope she takes what positive she can out of the situation. Every situation in life is an opportunity to learn something. Good luck!

1562 days ago


i don't understand how her new lawyer shaprio thinks he can get the judge to overturn the sentence.. anyone know?? is she going to appeal in the near future? how can she get off endangering people's lives?

1562 days ago


#15 you are so right. TMZ has posted every story they can to screw with the judges ego to try and get the judge to throw the book at LL. Well the judge did throw the book at LL. Did anyone else notice the judge had her hair & make up done professionally? What a joke - she was still butt ugly but how freakig sad is it that TMZ tells the judge how she should feel and act in court?

If LL was that much of a drug addict/alcholic she could not just set it down. Yes she has problems but please remember she has been on her own since she moved to Gollywood at the age of 15. LL's mom should be shot! What a poor excuse for a mother. Putting LL in jail is exactly what TMZ wanted so they could a story that would last for months.

Evidence of LL's mental illness was her note taking in front of the entire world. What you think she didn't know that would be seen as freaky? She did but could not stop herself.

LL has a week and she is going to jail 90% due to TMZ's BS stories pissing the judge off. Lindsey needs her doctor to now order a script for xanax that she can continue taking in jail so she can get over the withdrawal of smoking and sleep in that hell hole.

People please remember this kid did not have parents... she has been on her own since she was 15... she had no childhood as she was a childstar just like MJ and soooo many other screwed up talented people... most important is the judge has never thrown anybody else in jail like this before - and she is throwing in jail a young woman who is obviously mentally ill. That ****ed up! The judge wanted to be a star or why else allow the cameras.

BTW Shaun Holly Chapman (or whatever her name is) was the one reporting to TMZ... it was obvious all Harey can do is say "SHE A GREAT ATTORNEY." It was so obvious this attorney did not care at all about LL - never touched her once and did NOT EVEN LOOK IN HER EYE BEFORE, DURING, OR AFTER THE JUDGE SCREWED HER CLIENT.

1562 days ago


guessing it's better to stop drugs now while she can see her personal doctor than to worry about maybe contending with any kind of withdrawal symptoms in jail if that is a possibility

and thinking her dentist will not prescribe any more pain killers now that the entire world is watching and sees the excessive strength of drug he has kept her on for too long-possibly because she whined about pain longer than need be

thinking that only good can come out of this-the stopping smoking, alcohol and unnecessary meds - a chance to get her life back on track -she is so young that she can do it if she truly wants to

1562 days ago

go home!    

Oh please. Give her a freakin' medal. Obvious lies cuz she's crappin her pants about jail.

1562 days ago

Free Lindsay     

Lindsay fans
Show your support for Lindsay in these difficult times and voice your opinion about the extremely harsh sentence she unjustly received.


Free Lindsay

1562 days ago


Aderall is only used in kids with ADD, same with Ritalin once they are adults docs stop this med because it's effect in adults is simple speed and it loses it's therapeutic benefits in treating the disorder and simply becomes legal uppers that are very addictive. Aderall IS her problem drug, especially combined with the heavy drinking. The Dilaudid probably made her too sick to party, not a 'fun' drug because it's too intense.

Posted at 8:33 AM on Jul 13, 2010 by Sonja

Once again, someone posting information that is so completely false and grossly inaccurate...I have to wonder if it's just being pulled straight out of the a$$ or if it's second-hand information being pulled straight from someone else's a$$. LOL

Seriously. At least have the common sense to research your statements before you post them. There are people who are going to read that and think it's based on fact (which is a lot of the problem with the dissemination of misinformation about certain conditions of which so many people seem to have deemed themselves *experts* about.)

It's interesting to watch the dynamics involved with uneducated or fabricated statements of *fact* when you add in the anonymity of a blog or message board. I find it hard to believe someone could just spew out some of the false statements made here, when they're out to dinner with a group of friends and engaged in a discussion about a subject, and not be called out on it. They'd probably all think they were on hidden camera somewhere or that the person was making an audition tape for "Last Comic Standing." A lack of knowledge toward a particular condition isn't a free pass to engage in some sort of *diarrhea of the mouth,* especially when it is based simply on an *opinion* of the legitimacy of that condition. Theoretically, I can *say* something as ridiculous as "calcium has been known to cause cancer in kids who combine it with a morning breakfast cereal" and claim it to be a statement of fact. Obviously, that doesn't make it an *actual* factual statement.

All of that nonsense aside...Even if Lindsay has a legitimate diagnosis of Adult ADD, (which would have entailed an in-depth series of testing combined with multiple interviews with her Dr. prior to the final diagnosis,) given her history of drug and substance abuse, she should not have been given the Adderall to treat the ADD in the first place. If she'd been prescribed the medication prior to her drug and alcohol addictions, it should have been changed once that information came to light. There are other medications available that lessen the ability for abuse.

1562 days ago

Pretty LL    

Good for her! I still think she takes the Adderall for weight loss though

1562 days ago


SHE has cut herself off of Dilaudid? The dentist that prescribed Dilaudid (for a notorious drug abuser)for an extended period for wisdom tooth/teeth extraction surgery should be the first one investigated. I can't imagine why the DEA would not be on top of that investigation already.

1562 days ago


Someone who lives off of caffeine and nicotine the way she does, of course she's going to stick to upper Addrall. But the only thing I would really believe that comes from Lindsay is her blood test!

1562 days ago
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