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Lindsay Lohan Just Says No ... To Some Drugs

7/13/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A source extremely close to Lindsay Lohan tells TMZ the actress has cut herself off from several prescription meds -- including the powerful painkiller Dilaudid -- even though she's legally allowed to take them.


As we first reported ... court documents show that Lindsay is allowed to take 5 different medications while on probation because she has valid prescriptions for the drugs Zoloft (antidepressant), Trazodone (antidepressant), Adderall (stimulant to control ADHD), Nexium (acid reflux) and Dilaudid.

But a source close to Lindsay tells TMZ she only takes two of those -- Adderall and Nexium. We're told she doesn't even take the Nexium every day, but that she has taken the Adderall for years because she was diagnosed with ADD.

As for the Dilaudid -- we're told LiLo was issued a prescription when she had oral surgery back in June, but she hasn't taken the painkiller in several weeks.



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TMZ - check your facts BEFORE you write the story.

Isn't it time to do a story on the person who is driving all of the hysteria - Michael Lohan?

Michael Lohan is the classic codependent. Codependency often surfaces once an addict stops using. Here are some of the characteristics:

Tendency to look for "victims" to rescue.
Hypersensitivity to criticism.
Inability to know what "normal" is.
Judging others without mercy.
Low self esteem, often projected onto others. (eg: Why don't they get their act together!)
Being addicted to excitement / drama. (Chaos making.)
Difficulty in developing or sustaining meaningful relationships.
Belief that others cause or are responsible for the codependent's emotions.
Confusion between love and pity.
Rigidity and need to control.
Lies, when it would be just as easy to tell the truth.
Overreacting to change. (or intense fear of / inability to deal with change.)
Inability to see alternatives to situations, thus responding very impulsively.
Constantly seeking approval and affirmation, yet having compromised sense of self.

Do a story on that TMZ and stop buying Michael's BS.

1562 days ago


Not doing Dilaudid?

Then why on Earth does she still have an active perscription and her lawyer is requesting that, that perscription stays active during her jail time?

Also, I find it incredibly strange that a doctor perscribed her Dilaudid for several weeks following simple wisdom teeth removal.

If she has indeed become tolerant to lesser painkillers and needed Dilaudid, then that should have been a clear sign to the dentist/doctor that he is dealing with an addict. He should have perscribed Dilaudid for a maximum of two weeks. If it still hurts after that, then suck it up, or take a Tylenol. Narcotic painkillers should only be given during times of UNBEARABLE pain, and I'm pretty sure even if she still had pain after two weeks, it was bearable since she could go out partying every night.

1562 days ago


"Since she is allowed to be positevly tested for amphetamines she can take most of the streets drugs she wants incl. ecstasy,speed,mdma,and hell of a lot of much much more."

Not really. The metabolites of ecstasy, MDMA, and others are different than those of amphetamine and would be independently detected in the urine if she was taking them.

She is clear to have amphetamine metabolites in the urine, but that's not a problem, since she is legally allowed to take amphetamine (Adderall).

Methamphetamine will have different metabolites in more sensitive tests, so that would be detected as well.

"Adderall is the problem. She needs to get off it. It's legal speed! "

If she indeed has ADHD, then no, she does not need to go off of it. ADHD patients have impaired brains. There is a part of the brain that inhibits erratic behavior, aka self-control, and in ADHD patients it doesn't do it's job. Adderall stimulates that part of the brain so that it can do it's job.

The only thing that is of concern is that her psychiatrist is monitoring her progress with ADHD. ADHD treatment is more than popping a pill. You have to make sure the dosage stays as low as needed, that it's working, and still it's only 1/2 of what you need to do. There are behavior treatment plans that need to be practiced for proper management of ADHD.

1562 days ago


"We're told..." she doesn't take Nexium everyday? By who? Her people that are paid to "tell" you whatever they know you'll print? Hogwash. Lindsay Lohan has acid reflux EVERY DAY!

1562 days ago


Dont stop takin them all ,then you wont o.d and we'll have to keep hearing about you and your non existing career.

1562 days ago


The drug Adderall is extremely addictive and the drug is Meth!

No wonder Lindsay cannot understand she is doing anything wrong, the drug makes people careless and reckless in their actions! People with ADHD or ADD are so much more mindful, insightful and normal without Adderall!! Adderal makes people crazy!

Holywood people are popping Adderal like candy to stay thin and meanwhile they are losing their sanity!! Is it worth the price?

Lindsay needs to get off every drug and especially Adderall!

1562 days ago


She's not a kid anymore. There's no need to take adderall. Maybe if she'd stop taking drugs she wouldn't need it but I've heard that as an adult it gives you a high feeling.

1562 days ago


I don’t think the judge had the authority or the right to call the Right On program and tell them that Lindsay has to attend every week. She may have broken the law by making that call.

The program has a contract with the state to operate the program and the way that is done is (or should be) spelled out in the contract. Calling them and making a change to the contracted responsibilities could mean that the state would be charged additional money for the modification. There are usually only specified people who can change a contract and I doubt that judges are on that list. Using her position to impose additional requirements on the program may be a violation of the law.

Absolutely no doubt the judge can order Lindsay to attend every week. Also no doubt she can be charged with Violation of Probation (VOP) if she does not obey the judge.

I think the judge should have called the probation officer Lindsay was assigned to and told him or her of the order. The probation officer should have been told to verify her attendance each week and to violate her if she failed to attend. Violating her would have put her in jail after the first missed week. It is the same thing as being arrested. No bail, she would have been jailed until her hearing with the judge.

1562 days ago


@Spot. That's the whole thing. Compounding going by a phone call to the Right On program, the judge did not even call Lindsay into the earlier hearing (btwn Dec. and the one she missed when she was in France), said she was making good progress and did not have to attend. Now, how is Lindsay and her lawyer supposed to respond to that? She had already not done the once a week classes which is fine per the state laws that the program follows. Some sort of investigation needs to be done there, but I guess the judge was within her rights because no one seems to be challenging or even mentioning it. But objectively, the court bungled their communication to both the Right on program and to Lindsay and I really feel that this judge was inappropriate and went with her biases more than just applying the law in dealing with Lindsay.

1562 days ago


Of course she'll take Adderall, it's the equivalent of legal cocaine.

1562 days ago

Jade evergreen    

please Nicole,spot,Madeline Lindsay got fair sentence that she got from the judge is fair and Lindsay had more chance than a normal person would get if the would in Lindsay situation and Lindsay she didn't complete all her classes and didn't stay way from alcohol and were was Lindsay when she in the Cannes doing drugs and maybe she not taking prescribtion drug who know but coming from Lindsay she lying and Dina probably was the one to so Lindsay not taking prescription drugs.

Lindsay does need to go to jail for her actions and stay in rehab and get out of hollywood for few years get clean and sober

1562 days ago


@91- Just because you claim Right On has a "contract with the State" to run the program a certain way, and just because Right On's program only requires certain things, does NOT mean a judge is beyond their scope of power to add certain obligations to a probation agreement. Probation agreements are at the discretion of the judge, and the judge only- not an alcohol education program, not the State, not any contract, THE JUDGE.

That means that even if the Right On Program only requires their attendees to attend once every 23 days to be in compliance with their program, that DOES NOT override the fact that Lindsay has SEPARATE probation terms to fulfill- terms SHE needs to be responsible for and fulfill on HER OWN. It is not up to the program to enforce the judge's ruling since Lindsay's probation has nothing to do with the program. The probation terms were set by the judge to Lindsay- the judge has a right to ask for whatever she thinks is in Lindsay's best interest, and in order to remain OUT OF JAIL through the great GIFT of probation, Lindsay has to comply to all the orders given to her.

Again, it was not up to her program to tell her when she had to attend, and Lindsay's probation was VERY clear: if she needs to MISS a week, she must make arrangements WITH THE COURT, not with the program.

The program and the court orders are separate. The problem is that Lindsay and her minuscule brain needs her hand held through every little thing and apparently failed to listen to her probation conditions. That's not the program nor the judge's fault.

The reason the program is going under investigation isn't because they didn't enforce Lindsay's probation, it's because they submitted false attendance records. Very different, and very warranted.

1562 days ago


Isn't it just lovely how everyone's got all the answers?

1562 days ago


bull****, she just doesn't want to go to rehab.

1562 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

@Delmar maybe you should go and watch the whole video from that october court date. The Judge was crystal clear.
And btw Im still waiting for you to explain 1 thing just ONE thing you think lindsay should change about herself.. just pick one like stop smoking or something.

1562 days ago
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