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Oksana/Mel Tell Different Stories Re: Extortion

7/13/2010 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a "long paper trail" showing Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort money from Mel Gibson in return for keeping the tapes secret ... this according to sources connected with the actor.


But a source close to Oksana tells TMZ, "She did not try to extort Mel Gibson nor did she ask him for money in return for the tapes."

As we have previously reported, Mel's attorneys plan to meet with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to make "a presentation of evidence" -- which, we're told, includes their evidence of alleged extortion.



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I don't believe the extortion charge. I just heard the latest audio clip. The man is truly sick he needs help.
Another site is reporting that he made a 20 million dollar offer and she turned it down. I understand why she didn't take it. He needs therapy, he can't control his anger. When a child is involved that becomes the main focus. He has become unhinged...

1565 days ago


His ex wife must be sitting back and enjoying this show

1565 days ago


the tapes were an obvious set up he was reacting to what she was saying and she was leading him Gibson may be guilty of having a bad temper and mouthing would anyone who was faced with the truth that the person they fell in love with was a cheating using he missed that is a wonder...clue number one...SHE IS RUSSIAN...they are all the same, cold materialistic users...she wants to be paid like amachine for being a baby maker...those unfortunate children are called "anchor babies"

i hope mel gets out of this mess

1565 days ago


I truly feel bad for Oksana. First, she has a homocidal mentally ill man on her hands. Then she has to deal with a public that is completely ignorant of psychiatric conditions. The thought that she is being condemned for his condition must be a lot to bear. Talk about being surrounded by insanity. She is abused by him, then abused by the public. It doesn't sound like she has much support either. She and he need serious help, and it's really tragic, especially with a baby involved.

1565 days ago


Is it me or does she look like octomom?

1565 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Ah Mel, Robin must look like the hottest girl on the planet by now. Men will never learn - like putty in girls' hands.

1565 days ago

Henry K    

With a name like hers you cant help but wonder if shes working with russian mobsters.

1565 days ago


Mel is a sick guy. I think extortion is kind of a moot point. Who cares what that woman did with the tapes, Mel needs to be institutionalized or something so he can be helped. That is the real issue here, a very sick man.

1565 days ago


She kinda looks like a skinny version of the Octo-Mom chick. Man...somebody in her camp seems to be leaking more stuff than BP.

Sorry to read about Steinbrenner. Now that dude could rant and rave when he was mad.

1565 days ago


I believe she set him up with the phone call. The things she said were lead questions to get him to admit to events that may have happened. Whether or not he committed the assaults, she did trap him into admitting it. She was specific, like "why did you hit a woman holding a baby?". I'm sure she was advised to do this because in another cir***stance, it would not have been admitted into evidence if he had no knowledge of the taping. I do believe he did it and should be prosecuted, but I also believe she deliberately got pregnant and was after his money.

1565 days ago


I would like to know more about the relationship between Oksana and Timothy Dalton.

How did they meet?
How long did they date before she got pregnant?
How long did they stay together after she gave birth?
What were the cir***stances surrounding their split?
How much money does he pay in child support?
Were there allegations of abuse in that relationship?

I would to see that compared to the relationship of Gibson and Oksana.

1565 days ago

get real    

She had an Anchor Baby.....She isnt Stupid. Sly as a Fox, But not Stupid. As for Mel........ He is an Abuser... He got what he deserved after cheating on his Long time wife with How many Kids? Robyn can get the last laugh all the way to the Bank.

1565 days ago


so gibson has a temper and mouths off when enraged big friggin deal

the glare of his celebrity and smell of the money totally distracted her from the fact that he was an alcoholic when she made her choice to hook up and get pregnant by him

on tape she sez she gave him "her keeeednees,her leever...she make heem babeeey she is hees woman"

essentially she made a present of her toxic self to mel and now she wants to be paid for it

what mother that cares about her child would do this to the father? oh wait..I forgot, she is a russian parasite, this is what they do, the kid is nothing more than a meal ticket

i really hope Gibson goes after this disgusting thing and gets the kid so that she does not grow up to be a parasite like her mother

1565 days ago


Sh*t-I don't blame her one bit. You hit me and you are gonna have the wrath of God come down on you. He cannot keep getting away with being a racist abuser any longer. His wife is lucky she got out when she did. I wonder if he did this to her too.

He is C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!!!! I do not feel sorry for him.

1565 days ago


Lady, you sit on those tapes for five months, you never once report any abuse to the cops and you want us all to believe you never held those tapes over Mel's head and tried to get money? Didn't you tell him, in one of your taped phone calls; "One day your going to answer?. Well, that day has come, but the truth, the whole truth is going to come out. Mel may be demon possessed, but you sweetheart, are a Succubus.

1565 days ago
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