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Sheriff's Dept. Wants Interview with Oksana's Son

7/13/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department wants to interview the 12-year-old son of Oksana Grigorieva in connection with the Mel Gibson investigation, and they believe the boy has critical information about his mom's volatile relationship with Mel.

Sources tell us Alexander Dalton saw many of the blowups between Mel and his mom, both before and after the explosive January 6 showdown.  Alexander -- whose dad is actor Timothy Dalton -- lived with Mel and Oksana while they were together, and is considered "a very important percipient witness" to Sheriff's investigators.

Based on the information we know, Alexander did not witness when Mel allegedly struck Oksana, but he may have been in the vicinity, heard the argument and saw the aftermath.

And we're told Alexander -- who is sometimes called Sacha (Russian for Alexander) -- is also a critical witness in the couple's custody battle.

Sources tell us Oksana will not try and prevent Sheriff's investigators from interviewing her son.


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Upwith c*nts    

Don't forget, everyone, that Mel Gibson is a "devout Christian" and pious Catholic who had his own Church built for $37 million so hear could hear the Mass said in Latin very day.
Looks like from here on out it's gonna be
Hallelujiah ....**** YOU, MEL!!

1541 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

@Rach again!

There is no proof on the tape that he hit her... any moron with half a brain can hear how cut and badly edited that tape is, there's is sections missing and she starts saying stuff in the middle of his thoughts that don't even mesh with his rants...

is he a raving verbal lunatic? ya, probably... that's quite evident. BUT WHERE"S THE REAL PROOF???

where's the picture evidence of what her face looked like after he hit her? where's the bruising? where's the black eye?

gimmie a break, you're only siding with Oksana cuz you're one of those feminist women who think all men who yell and scream are also physically abusive...

1541 days ago


First, to "rach" no one is defending Mel Gibson, however as most of the post say this woman new a good thing when she saw it. Meaning "mo money, mo money, mo money". She probably has dated so many men in Hollywood and seems to only forgotten her birth control twice...with two high profile actors that can support her. What does this woman do for a living?? Unfortunately, I know two other men who have gone to Russia, dated and brought back Russian women to the USA who they were hoping to marry. Both were taken for thousands of dollars and the women soon disappeared once they hit our soil. There seems to be a pattern/profile here.

1541 days ago


go listen to the second tape.She asks him what kind of man hits a women holding a child and knocking her teeth out.He answers u deserved it..

1541 days ago


Oh wow. Poor kid. He's a nice looking young man. I hope when he's interviewed he's honest and not just trying to protect his mother's best interest.

1541 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

wow rach you actually believe that tape in the order it's cut together, you're more arrogant and ignorant than I oringially thought... I'm officially done with you. I don't like to argue too much with complete morons...

1541 days ago


I was a big fan of Mel Gibson and have followed his career from his first movies in Australia. It is horrifying to see what drink has done to him. The man is an alcoholic and has been for many years. I have no doubt that he treated his wife badly and was certainly unfaithful to her.

As for this woman - perhaps she is a golddigger but no one deserves such behaviour. He wasn't exactly an innocent 20 year old when he met her so all this talk of how she "tricked" him is just nonsense. Mel has lost it and probably his career as well.

I am sorry for her older boy but he lives with his mother and was witness to the violence. It is very sad indeed and I outraged that TMZ choose to include a photo of the boy in this article. For heavens sake, he is suffering enough, please don't show photos of him as well.

1541 days ago

Lotso Huggins    

Mel needs help and she's a gold digger. He should know better than to get involved with women of that nature, especially since he is famous and rich. Still doesn't change the fact that he has some serious anger and ego issues though. I've seen Christians do the same things for all you all catholic bashers. Every religion is just as crummy as the next and the biggest hypocrites are the biggest touters of those religions so your comments alone say a lot about yourselves... just so you know.

1541 days ago


wow now ppl r saying the tapes r edited..Wow so pathetic..Mels silence is quite telling.

1541 days ago


Is it me or does this person look like a BAG LADY!

1541 days ago


Off Topic. #47, Sasha is a Russian form of Alexander. Look in a baby name book. It can also stand on it's own, just like Jack & John. Jack is indeed a form of John and can be used as a nickname also.
PS: I don't really know why that bothered me.

1541 days ago


The only thing Mel Gibson is guilty of is crappy taste in whores.

Should have stayed with the wife, Mel.

1541 days ago



You really didn't do well in reading comprehension class, did you? You rant worse than Mel on these tapes. And if you had paid any attention to those tapes you would hear a distinct difference in the background noise when she is talking versus when he is talking. Have you ever been on a 3 way call? It is the same thing. You would hear the same background noise when either party is communicating. Not to mention, why is it we never hear the beginning of the conversation? It just goes right into his rage and her being so quiet and meek, and again, NO FRIGGIN BACKGROUND NOISE WHEN SHE SPEAKS! Now do you hear and comprehend anything? And as for the women bashing other victimized women issue bring up, hear me clearly now IF SHE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH SHE WOULD BE BELIEVED AND SHOWN SYMPATHY. I detest women using the "women have to stand together" card. I am a woman, not a sheep. You are the kind that would vote for a woman in politics because she has a set of tits and a vagina - and if you really believe what you are stating you are an insult to intelligent women everywhere and THAT makes a REAL WOMAN SICK!!

1541 days ago


An ass and a ho---makes on big assho mess!!! Gibson is a pig and Oksana is a $ grubbing ho---and 2 kids are stuck in the middle of a huge mess. Sad.

1541 days ago


For his pathetic supporters above me he said ****,whore,bitch.*****,wetback.He made at at least three threats.What the hell is your problem.The tapes have been edited **** off

1541 days ago
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