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Sheriff's Dept. Wants Interview with Oksana's Son

7/13/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department wants to interview the 12-year-old son of Oksana Grigorieva in connection with the Mel Gibson investigation, and they believe the boy has critical information about his mom's volatile relationship with Mel.

Sources tell us Alexander Dalton saw many of the blowups between Mel and his mom, both before and after the explosive January 6 showdown.  Alexander -- whose dad is actor Timothy Dalton -- lived with Mel and Oksana while they were together, and is considered "a very important percipient witness" to Sheriff's investigators.

Based on the information we know, Alexander did not witness when Mel allegedly struck Oksana, but he may have been in the vicinity, heard the argument and saw the aftermath.

And we're told Alexander -- who is sometimes called Sacha (Russian for Alexander) -- is also a critical witness in the couple's custody battle.

Sources tell us Oksana will not try and prevent Sheriff's investigators from interviewing her son.


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I am not saying the tapes are edited. I don't know that. What I do know is that he didn't say he hit her... You are claiming he did and HE DID NOT. so stop trying to claim otherwise.

Lets not forget that SHE knew they were being taped - he didnt.

I can't believe anyone would support this woman's claims. She is such a liar!

1542 days ago


I never did like him and could not put my finger on it. Why everybody thought he was so handsome and such. I lived next door to a alcoholic and he is the perfect example of how they act. Everything is rehashed over and over again and they blame everybody else for their problems. He is probably the most abusive one I have ever heard. I cant even look at him now without getting a knot in my stomach.
That poor woman and kids for ever getting hooked up with him. Just listening to one phone call was so bad that I cannot stand to hear more. He is one sick man!

1542 days ago


She's choosing her men alright. She hit the jackpot with Mel Gibson. She broke up this mans marriage and family and trapped convient....a baby is born. Her plan was moving along smoothly until mel caught on. She's got no sympathy from me. Hope the boy exposes his mother,

1542 days ago


Why did this women allow this sort of thing to go on in front of her 12 yr. old son? How could she continue to expose him to the domestic violence? God only knows what that boy has been exposed to. Where is his father, Timothy Dalton in all this? Why hasn't he removed this boy from Oksana? Maybe she has goods on him too. After listening to these tapes, and hearing that her son was exposed to all this, I am just incensed at this women for allowing this to happen. She deliberately gets pregnant, mooches off these men, and then collects big child support checks. How Ghetto of her.

1542 days ago


Ya, we knew Mel was a racist s***bag. Funny how MSM is not calling out the New Black Panther Party for their RACIST and THREATENING rants, calling for the killing of "Crackers and they cracker babies". How does this go unreported? Read NBPP list of demands: Free all black prison/jail inmates; develop an armed Black Power Movement; Free preventative & maintenance health care; A National Territory of our own, here or elsewhere; Tax Exemption of every kind (imagine the sales revenues lost to sales of colored tv's, diapers, bling and Colt 45's); Free land, bread, housing, clothing; and of course, reparations. They will accept Mining Land, Precious Metals, Currency, etc., on top of all the freebies they have enjoyed over the generations. Really? Give me a break. It was the black Africans themselves who sold their own all over the world. When the blacks were freed in the 1860...'s, most wandered aimlessly for days and weeks, then returned to their masters and begged to be taken back. It would be a giant coup for the ML King family to join Beck on August 28, when NBPP threatens to attend. BTW - I have been mugged by black men twice, and my mother and sister each once. That's blacks 4, whites 0.

1542 days ago


His poor children having to grow up with an abusive, alcoholic father. I hope that all his children get the counselling they need. Alcoholics should be banned from seeing their kids until they can prove that they are sober 24/7. There is no way that I would let Mel Gibson anywhere near anyone's children. He just can't be trusted to behave in a responsible fashion.
Too many children are damaged by parents with alcohol issues.

1542 days ago


Oh, Please ! It's HER son. Like the kids not going to lie for his mother ? Give me a friggen break. Why are they not interviewing Mels ex-wife, and his kids ? I'm sure they have some information as well, I'm sure he has friends that could be interviewed.

The kids mother stands to gain monies from this, and he knows that means HE stands to gain monies from this.

What about Timothy Dalton. I'm sure he should be interviewed as well, since his kid would have told him something.

1542 days ago


I hope someone from tmz sees this. Miss Oksana shows all the signs of a sociopath. Mel is a emotional actor who has probably never dealt with this kind of a person.

1542 days ago


I cannot believe people are defending Mel Gibson, but it shouldn't be surprising...this is the world where a pedophile is idolized, and a racist mysogynist drunk abuser is looked upon as a victim, while the battered woman is a "whore" and a "gold digger".

Could any of your tolerate a man talking to a woman like that, even if the woman was the worst kind of person? I wouldn't, and I wouldn't let anyone talking to me like that, ever. Oksana needs to recover her dignity, that the piece of s*** took away from her

1542 days ago

Sailor White    

Well, I guess Mel Gibson...or is that MelTDOWN Gibson has finally gone off the deep end.

1542 days ago


Sasha is not Alexander in russian. Alexander in Russian is Alexander. Sasha and Alexander is like Robert and Bob.

1542 days ago


#66. EXACTLY. He never admited on the tapes that he hit her. I noticed the same thing. I personally think the tapes are edited. He could have said "You Deserved It", in regards to anything they were fighting about. She is not credible in my book. I believe she was trying to extort money from him, anyone else notice also on the tapes he says to her, you can live in the house, but you cant have it ? Pure extortion on her part. And seriously you know, it's her kid, and he's going to lie for his mother. The kid stands to gain from this as well. The woman is pure evil, and full of BS ! I'm sure the dentist stands to gain too. Mels got a lot of money.

1542 days ago


Wow! She really makes the movie star baby dropping rounds. Was Timothy not wealthy enough to tape? Or was it after him that you realized that taping your fights was the biggest pay off of them all?

1542 days ago

MIss B    

She looks like the octomom- that's who I thought it was until I read on.

1542 days ago


Madeline, Madeline, Madeline...who are you , really?

1542 days ago
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