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Jaycee Dugard Dragged into Big Ben Rape Lawsuit

7/15/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jaycee Lee Dugard -- the woman who was held captive and raped for a period of 18 years -- has been injected into a new lawsuit filed by the Nevada woman who claims she was raped by Ben Roethlisberger.

Andrea McNulty has just filed new legal docs against Harrah's -- her former employer -- claiming the company went on a "witch hunt" to force her out of her job after she filed her lawsuit against the NFL star, in which she claims she was raped at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe in 2008.

In the documents, McNulty claims she was essentially forced to resign -- and in her lawsuit, she describes packing up her desk ... where she kept a photo of Jaycee Lee Dugard.

McNulty explains, "I love [the picture] because she has been through such trauma but if you look closely she still has a twinkle in her eye." She claims she kept the photo on her desk because "it gives me strength."

McNulty's case against Big Ben is currently on hold -- while a judge decides where the case should be tried.

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I cannot believe how callous people are to pick on someone who was raped by this creep. I think its damn brave of her to go after this animal and hopefully prevent him from raping another girl as he already has two victims and is unrepentant for his actions. I am glad I live in Australia as America sounds like a vile place for letting its sports people get away with stuff like this. Where I live it does not matter if you are famous or not the police still take rape as a serious crime and investigate it properly even if you are rich and powerful. As a woman I can totally understand a woman taking strength from another survivor to help herself stay strong after a terrible ordeal. In Australia we have a 16yr old rape victim who was strong enough to take on the animals that pack raped her and many victims take strength from her so they can carry on in their lives and find the courage to face their attackers in court. Do you not understand how hard it is for a rape victim to face their attacker and hostile lawyers in court. The lawyers are allowed to say any vile lie they like to try to discredit the woman and they are even allowed to try to intimidate them whilst cross examining. Its terrifying and most rape victims cannot put themselves through this whilst their attacker is smirking at them, but a rare few find the courage to try to help prevent further attacks by prosecuting these animals- and these women(like Andrea McNulty) are hero's.

1529 days ago


Wow Hime. Since you are such an expert, look up Shawn Hornbeck and give us your thoughts again on the subject of child abduction.

You have NO CLUE what these kids went through!!!! Or what way they had to deal with these things!!! Get out of your mom's basement and hear the news once in a while. Thank God she never had to worry about you being kidnaped off your bike!!!

1529 days ago


This is exactly the reason why I will never live in the USA, retards.

1529 days ago


WTF! jaycee has been through enough! McNulty or McNutty should be ashamed herself. The judge should threw out this "F'ed up" lawsuit in court.

1529 days ago

Ozzie X    

That woman is delusional and an emotional wreck. She should seek therapy and the judge should through out the case based on her mental state.

1529 days ago


God McNutty's back at it again!!! There should be jail time for people like her.

1529 days ago


Uh, what? Uh I have the People magazine, but that's it. Well, there are some things you just don't know how to comment on...and this is one of them.

Jaycee and family of Jaycee, please don't let the crazies of America get to you.

I just really don't know where to go with this one. TMZ, I am sure there is a lot to report on this morning...like well, uh, LiLo picking her nose in jail or something like that. But yeah, just not sure now, my whole day is now skewed and not sure if I should just go back to bed or wait it out.

Jaycee Dugard is not supposed to become part of American pop culture. She is a person, leave her alone and let her live in peace.

1529 days ago


McNulty has issues.
Real issues.
I really wish her 5 minutes of fame would be up and she'd leave the Jaycee, Ben, and the rest of the world ALONE.

1529 days ago


TMZ, I love ya, really, I do. But Jaycee's name should NEVER appear on your website. PERIOD.

1529 days ago


Hey #6 you're an *******, Ever heard about Stockholm syndrome??

1529 days ago


Wow TMZ - news a little slow on Gibson, Lilo, Wood's and Company? This isn't even worth reporting. I saw a interview with your top dog TMZ guy on one of the news channels and he made it sound like TMZ reported news about celebs that was both interesting and worthy of being reported. You missed the boat on this one - BIG TIME... And GO Steelers and Go Ben - #7 will WIN #7 this year - you all just watch it!

1529 days ago


To #22-Sara
No offense, if McNutty claimed she was raped, then why
1. have your picture.
2. tell people you are dating a solider name Ben.
3. Bring someone else in the picture which has nothing to do with case.
4. Why is case "still" on hold. - no evidence
She was basically a scorn woman, guaranteed they went out a time or two when he was there for a golf outing, when rejected she was doing to get even.

Read about the other "man" she claimed she was having an affair with.

To #29-Samantha
Get a life

1529 days ago


@ Hime, you are ridiculous. Jaycee was kidnapped when she was 11 years old how could you even think that she didn't want to be found by her family. There have been many cases of kidnap victims that eventually form a bond with their kidnapper, but it doesn't make them a bad person, it just means they are confused. Doesn't make anything that happened to her RIGHT.

1529 days ago


You don't understand the Jacee Dugard case because you aren't educated about cases like that! You are making foolish comments based on lack of knowledge and most likely, youth. If you aren't all naive 15 year olds then you need to go back to school, because making a girl who was kidnapped at 11 (that's 5th grade)and never had any school after that and was not let freely move around, was rapped right from the first as "selfish" is just plain crazy! She was the VICTIM! You CAN'T know what that was like and YOU not only sound Stupid but judgemental too. Grow up, this was a little girl who probably hasn't moved all that far past it due to her cir***stances.

1529 days ago


TMZ, please take Jaycee Lee Dugard's foto from the site and never use it anymore!
Don't you want, that she get a anonymous life as soon as possible at least by her look, when not by her name??

1529 days ago
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