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Casey Johnson's Landlord: She Was a Disaster

7/14/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson's estate now has a $200,000 problem on its hands -- which is a problem because the estate is only worth $75,000.

0714_casey_johnson_GETTY_EXAccording to the claim -- filed by Jose Luis Nazar in L.A. County Superior Court -- the Johnson & Johnson heiress signed a lease for a swanky $16,000 a month pad back in November of 2008.

In the docs, Nazar claims Casey not only failed to pay over $90,000 in rent, she also left the place in ruins, with damages totaling $102,760 in damages.

Among the repair costs:

-- Garden Restoration and Maintenance -- $22,635
-- Pool, Spa and Equipment Restoration and Maintenance -- $10,045
-- Interior Flooring Restoration -- $9,693
-- Electrical Repair and Restoration -- $7,876

As we previously reported, Casey died from a severe insulin deficiency back in January.


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And the slum lord just floated that kind of rent for months. He is a dirt bag no doubt.

1559 days ago


These women and their f'd up lips.

1559 days ago


Not to mention this because i know low life TMZ wants to embarrass the girl by saying she is worth so little but her fracking parents are multi billionaires and can buy this website and everyone who works here 1 billion times over. I am sure they are not sweating this.

1559 days ago

Jason Chambers    

Not exactly who the Johnson's family had in mind to inherit the fruits of their hard work. Stupid bitch.

1559 days ago


She was a lesbo. she just might be too hot to be worrying abou that.

1559 days ago

A. Perez    

This landlord is outrageous. She didn't do that amount damage. He is throwing everything he wants 'new' at the Johnsons. California landlords are some of the most despicable monsters around. They have the corrupt Judges and other sleazy lawyers, property developers, and most politicians on their side against the tenants because guess what - they're all greedy monsters - a Mafia Syndicate. Judges and other sleazy lawyers, and most politicians, own real estate; they are landlords. Even Governor Arnold is of the same ilk.

1559 days ago


Should I dump my Johnson & Johnson stock?

1559 days ago


she's dead. she had no money. get over it. call your ins. provider b/c her family doesn't owe you squat. Not their problem. Squeezing blood out of a turnip ain't gonna get you any where

1559 days ago


I think Tila Tequila should take care of this. She sure wanted part of it when she thought Johnson might be worth something.

1559 days ago

My New Name    

Hmmm...sounds like the landlord saw a great opportunity to renovate his place on the Johnson dime. I mean, think about it - who is around to dispute his claim? He knows she had a reputation for living a life that was pretty much a complete mess, so why not claim her personal mess spread to her living situation and get a free renovation with top-of-the-line materials and make her estate pay for it?

Could that be the situation here? I don't know...I'm just asking. This just doesn't smell right.

1559 days ago


It will be up to a judge to decide who gets paid. Her family isn't responsible for anything. A judge will divide up the $75,000 and that will be it. There is probably a claim cut off date so any one who feels they are owed will be making it public soon. Oh and comment #2, depending on the laws of your state, it could be that the credit card companies will be able to lay claim to some of that insurance. I suggest you get the rules in your state clarified so you aren't surprised when the time comes.

1559 days ago


What about the $50,000.00 in rug munching stains?

1559 days ago


I felt so sorry for her. She should have never got involved with the Gay lifestyle. It's not for everyone. :(

You suck gays.

1559 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

So sad. She was pretty (in my opinion), but didn't seem at peace. I hope she finds peace now.

Like other posters, I'm suspicious of the landlord's claims.

1559 days ago


Just a sad story- watch Savage Grace Shows when you have all that money it just saps you of your humanity in most cases.

1559 days ago
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