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Kelsey Grammer -- No Prenup!!!

7/14/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Kelsey Grammer took a page out of Larry King's playbook, and got hitched to Camille without a prenup.


It's pretty stunning, since during the run of "Frasier" Kelsey was the highest paid actor on TV ... making $1.6 mil an episode at the end of the show's 11-year run.

As we first reported, Kelsey is asking that some of his "Frasier" money be declared his separate property.  Turns out, he was married in 1997, four years after the series launched.  So Kelsey's separate property request only covers the first 4 years.  His earnings for the remaining 7 years, as well as much of the syndication money, will be considered community property.

Going 50/50 is risky business, when you've already been married twice before. Camille is Kelsey's third wife.

Just a note for the future.



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Its time we updated the laws, we are no longer in the middle ages- a vagina is NOT an atm (well, I mean it shouldn't be- apparently in NYC, LA, Chicago, it IS an atm, and w/out a daily withdrawal limit.

1530 days ago


I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Grammer years ago...He was rumored to be a "fan of alcohol" and "out there".I wish I could have worked for him. I found him to be a gentleman...nothing short of impressive.Thank you for still believing in your fellow man, or in your case woman....

1530 days ago


She deserves it for putting up with that schmuck.

1530 days ago


It's this heart warming? A Republican spokesmen showing greed in public. On his third wife no less now that is family values...

1529 days ago


I got married w/o a prenup & my butt ****ing ***got husband took my inheritance money, fixed up his house & is now living with my butt ****ing ***got brother.

Filthy gold diggers. May HIS next boyfriend be a mean, devious SOB with every STD and infect the both of them .

1529 days ago


The liberal whiners out in full force, I see. Why is he greedy? She will get millions of dollars from him and he knows it and is prepared for it! Is he greedy just for wanting to make sure she doesn't take funds from before he was married to her? Fortunately from here on out she won't get any of his revenue (let me clarify, I mean from future endeavors). Hopefully she won't have any say on the proceeds off of "Medium", etc and his other producing ventures. I hope she spends it all too fast and has to marry again. Watch it will be an Oksana move where she moves on to another rich celebrity to mooch off of.

1527 days ago

get real    

Good for Camille....... Go get em Honey.. Another Beotch is going for an Anchor Baby.

1501 days ago


When will he learn to keep it in his pants!!!!!!!!! What a loser!

1430 days ago

Camille whore    

Camile is a whore. Everyone knows it. Frasier knew it. That's why he left her.

1424 days ago


Cammille is a total airhead, really 4 nannies, really? She appears to be your run-of-the-mill golddigger who has nothing between her ears except botox! She comes off to be self-absorbed,jealous of Kyle, no class or manners (inappropriate conversation w/others husbands), sex kitten wanna-be,so obvious bopped Kelseys best friend in Vegas (please, so obvious!). Run for the hills Kelsey, this one is nuts! I hate how she brags about all her houses, being "so busy", keeping Kelsey sober...what an idiot! Get rid of her Bravo or I won't watch. I thought Danielle was the worst ever but Cammille has taken the cake.

1411 days ago


I believe it was Ivana Trump who said, "Don't get mad, get everything."

1398 days ago


egad why not just go to a stepford wife store, he gets the exact same model each time, and no pre nup is WAY stupid, he deserves to lose 50% a fool and his money are soon parted, and to think when this started i thought camille was the most unlikeable, but now she will see that its true no way anyone would be interested in her without Kelsey but she clearly already is having affair with man from RHOBH

1396 days ago


Dear Kelsey,

You have a great life. Live it. Do not take people for granted and the grass is not always greener.

I thought about what I would do with YOUR money after the bills were paid. I would put a TON of cash into savings and then I would travel the world and give money to families who needed it. Including those in the U.S.

So please, Kelsey,

Be a man and do something useful with money that most of the world only dreams of. And by the way, we work VERY hard.

1348 days ago
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