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Kelsey Grammer Wants 'Frasier' Money to Himself

7/14/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer has just filed court docs in his divorce case, asking the judge to acknowledge he has sole financial interest in the television series, "Frasier." 

Grammer is claiming various other separate property assets, but "Frasier" is the big ticket item specifically mentioned in the legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Grammer is also asking the judge not to award Camille spousal support.

And Grammer is asking for joint legal custody of the couple's two kids.

As we first reported, Camille Grammer filed for divorce on July 1 and asked for primary physical custody.  She is also seeking spousal support.


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Pay up, Kelsey! You cheated, you pay!

1529 days ago

Don Nefasto    

It's not like Camille can't get a job tomorrow---she'll just get back in to the porno industry she came from.

1529 days ago


What is wrong with all these douches?! They get married, have children, some even have good happy lives and then a divorce comes and they (the men plus Melissa Etheridge_okay a man) doesn't want to pay spousal support? I'm sorry. You have too. These women have children to look after, they need to also be able to support themselves (yes, get a job, it isn't so easy these days) and if it didn't bother them when they were together, for goodness sakes, what's wrong with sharing some of the weather afterwards? Some people can remain friends after divorce and are even better friends afterwards. Geez. That is why I choose to be single and just enjoy my life to the fullest with friends, family & my boyfriend.

1529 days ago


Of course, Kelsey Grammer wants all of his Frasier money for himself and doesn't want to split it with his soon to be ex-wife. What man EVER wants to split HIS so-called money with his soon to be ex-wife? I have yet to meet one! Every married man that is soon to be a single man thinks he's entiled to everything he wants! Just like a man!

Posted at 10:59 AM on Jul 14, 2010 by Dani

actually to get out of a marriage I gave my wife everything
except my retiretement and I did not want to pay spousal support,I walked away with nothing.and was happy to do it.She was a great wife and a great mom,just didnt work out.She had my daughter so I gave her the house

1529 days ago


Kelsey is thinking with his little head instead of his big head and Camille should get every penny she can from him!

1529 days ago


There would be no Frasier money if she didn't sober the junkie up. He'd be dead in a ditch somewhere years ago. She saved his life, that alone should be worth more than what the mans got. He also said if it wasn't for her he would have died when he had his recent heart attack. The man is sleaze!

The guy is coming across like a real d-bag, lowlife. I guess it's true what they say about him being such a phony.

1529 days ago


Kelsey, you picked her. Hind sight is 20/20. If Frasier was before her, then it's his money. She would only be due some money from what he earned while with her.

1529 days ago


Yes, many times Frasier has credited Camille with saving his life from his addictions. Over and over I've heard him say he'd probably be dead without her. I guess time has erased those memories for him.

I like Grammer very much, but I want all men to treat all women fairly. Women shouldn't have to fight and scrabble for every cent after they give up their autonomy for a man's sake.

1529 days ago


They were married for something like 13 years and have two kids, of course she deserves spousal support. She stayed home and took care of the kids and house. He has more then enough money to support his ex and his kids .

1529 days ago


When I read these stories it just REALLY pisses me off that a great guy like Jesse James only got a mansion...he needs spousal support,the kids, therapy cost covered... someone to hold his weeweee the way it was held during their "wedded bliss"...where's a good "bottom feeder"(lawyer) when you need one??

Jesse was screwed, she was obviously the problem...she had the money!!!....oh wait... wrong ambulance...c'mon Harv where are the rec's on a "bottom feeder" for a great guy like Frasier....he needs...well you get it.

1529 days ago


Kelsey just because you phoned and said okay I now want to be single after 13 years of marriage and 2 kids - does NOT mean you get out of all your responsibilities!
You MUST pay spousal support and child support till the children are of legal age - PLUS a full 50% of what was earned in the 13 years of marriage -
You truly are acting like a dirtbag!

1529 days ago


What an @ss. No, she doesn’t deserve spousal support, she deserves half of EVERYTHING, even your Frasier money you cheap bastard. Just because you are having a mid-life crisis doesn’t mean you get to forget you ever had a wife and two kids. Go ahead and embarrass yourself with your soon-to-be-coming 18 year old girlfriend. I hope your wife takes everything. Why not? You were willing to throw away your integrity, character, and marriage. Might as well give it all away.

1529 days ago


I have to believe this is just posturing. There is no way he will get away with not paying her anything. Please note, he said no spousal support; it doesn't mean she won't get some sort of settlement in lieu of continuing support. He will definitely be paying her big bucks as they had no prenup (heard that when the two of the did an interview with Howard Stern years ago). He was married to her during the run on Frasier so I am sure she will get plenty of money out of it. For whatever reason, he is only attracted to porn starts, "dancers", etc. - just like Drew Carey - go figure.

1529 days ago


Lets see he checked out of the marriage and now doesnt want to give support? Another hollywood *******, these people are the biggest douchebags, they just have money. Pay your wife you son of a bitch

1529 days ago

Mary Ann    

#31 Snappletea:
Get real
"She stayed home and took care of the kids and house"
Yes, changed dirty diapers, scrubbed floors, did the wash and ironing, cooked meals, grocery shopped, etc.
Poor thing what a rough life she's had as a housewife...NOT!!!

1528 days ago
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