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Kelsey Grammer Wants 'Frasier' Money to Himself

7/14/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer has just filed court docs in his divorce case, asking the judge to acknowledge he has sole financial interest in the television series, "Frasier." 

Grammer is claiming various other separate property assets, but "Frasier" is the big ticket item specifically mentioned in the legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Grammer is also asking the judge not to award Camille spousal support.

And Grammer is asking for joint legal custody of the couple's two kids.

As we first reported, Camille Grammer filed for divorce on July 1 and asked for primary physical custody.  She is also seeking spousal support.


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So Camille turned out to be a money grubbing w*ore. What a surprise. Women seem genetically programmed to raid mens wallets. What on earth makes thes women think they deserve half? They sat on their fat asses while their husbands did all the work - so they get half????

1506 days ago


Well he is asking for JOINT custody, so it's not like he isn't going to support his kids. Remember, Camille has her own career as well. It's not like she can't support herself or the kids.

1506 days ago

Julia M.    

Frasier started in 1993 and ended in 2004. They were married in 1997. Proceeds from any contracts signed before their marriage should be his. Contracts usually cover years into the future so hypothetically if in 1997 before he married he signed a Frasier contract for let's say 5 years then that covers his Frasier money into 2002 and she would get her spousal share of the last 2 seasons. Something like that. But who knows what his contracts said - maybe they have language that covers the life of the show since it was created before his marriage.

I'm female but I have never agreed with the 50% share for the non-earning spouse. Perhaps because I would hate to see my hard earned money split in a way that fails to acknowledge that it was I who earned that money. No matter how much "support" a spouse gives you it is never equal to 50% of what I put into it. And it isn't even a rebuttable presumption - it's not like I can argue back that the spouse gave me little or NO support so the share should be less than 50%.

As for Camille, she did not conceive, carry or give birth to their children and she reaped a windfall just being married to him all those years. I am sure she has huge assets already.
I can't imagine Grammar not being generous with her but 50% seems so ridiculous.

1506 days ago


Legalize pot.

1504 days ago


Don't worry, the stars are aligned, I feel a short circuit in his pace maker. What percentage will she get than? He is a slob, has no manners, is a big.

I agree, he is a d.bag, a s.bag, an a.., a contract is a contract, let the lawyers and accountants figure out the numbers. Let's talk about his character, ok, that's it, no discussion, back to the s-bag, d-bag, a-hole, etc,etc,etc.

1504 days ago


I hope he wins this. How is it fair in any way that a man is forced to support a woman after the divorce (yes I know spousal support can work both ways but it typically doesn't). This isn't 1920 she is more than capable of getting a job if she is that desperate for cash. Why shouldn't he have all the money he made for 'Frasier'? If I recall he was the one who was in Frasier, being in Frasier was his occupation... not hers so she isn't entitled to the money he earned.
Now I'm not going to go on and on about the gender inequalities in divorce proceedigns. But when it comes down to it in any marriage one person will always bring more to the table then the other financially and when that relationship is dissolved they should leave with what they brought. None of this 50/50 bull****. The one who earned the most gets the most. Fair is fair.

1504 days ago


Life isn't fair, when he got married he was of legal age, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, of sound mind and will, therefore a contract is a contract. Hollywood stars know the rules, but want to change them, when the game changes, hope you get sucked dry you arrogrant prick.

1504 days ago


I'm a woman and I don't agree that a woman should get half of everything just cuz married a successful dude. YES, the children should be well cared for by their millionaire daddy and Kelsey isn't arguing against child support at all. Camille will receive tens of thousands/ month for child support, so - no matter what - she will be living very well.

As a negotiating tactic, most higher-earning partners ask for no spousal support and the lower-earning partners ask for heaps of spousal support and the discussions go from there. He is not a d*uche for doing this: he will end up paying millions to Camille but he is trying to limit how many millions and I, for one, think this is totally fair and sane.

But men... please learn that if you marry a younger "dancer" who's posed in playboy and done "soft porn," you should really, really, really get a pre-nup. Actually, I believe that ALL people marrying should get a pre=nup. But especially men who like their women trampy.

1503 days ago


I'm starting a dating service for overpaid actors. Kelsey and Mel, I could have found better women at most any public gathering. We all could see it coming from miles away. You both could have had good 'real women'- cute, hot, midwest types. Explain yourselves. "Well she got pregnant and said she really loved me." Cha ching.

1502 days ago


camille doesn't deserve sposal support or full custody of the children. she has no contact with them now...she has to ask her nannys about them. child support is obviously yes. she is a self obsorbed witch that can talk only about herself and has no concern for others. i feel so sorry for the children, i think both of their parents are losers.

1364 days ago


She shouldnt get a dam dime from Cheers or Frasier. She wasnt there? She wasnt in the show? She didnt work for that? Kids or no kids. Those two shows have NOTHING to do with her. What ever was gained last 10yrs & child support is all she should get. And the child support needs to be put into an account for them to have when they turn 18. She tries to play all stupid & poor pitiful me. Kyle should of beat the stupid out of her

1337 days ago


the idiot marries without a prenup is so dmb in his business anyway. I give the next marriage 5yrs MAX...

1325 days ago

Michael Rice    

She was a ex-porn star (yes Playboy is pornography). He was stupid for not signing a pre-nup. She should get 1/2 of everything they made after they were married. He obviously hasn't learned *&)*&(*(%^#! because he is going with a 29 yr old. Hopefully the 29 yr old will get half of his remaining half and it repeats itself. They need new people on Celebrity Rehab anyway!

1323 days ago
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