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Levi and Bristol

Engaged, Not Having Sex

7/14/2010 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

America's favorite unwed, single teenage mother -- Bristol Palin -- is engaged to get married ... and the man she's tying the knot with is the most unlikely candidate ever ... her baby daddy Levi Johnston.


Levi and Bristol's story is a tale of classic romance ... he knocks her up when she's 17, she has a kid (Tripp), they break up, they attack each other in the media, he poses for Playgirl, they attack each other in the media again ... and then they reconnect during custody negotiations about three months ago.

But the best part: The couple claims they didn't tell Bristol's mom -- Sarah Palin -- about the engagement first. Instead, they told Us Weekly ... and hoped that it was one of the "variety of sources" she reads. 

Levi and Bristol claim they hope to get married in the next six weeks -- and due to Bristol's abstinence pledge, they won't be having sex again until after they say "I do."

As for the wedding -- they want to get married in Alaska ... and Bristol wants Levi to wear a camouflage vest.

Oh -- and that whole Playgirl thing ... Bristol claims she hasn't seen the spread and chalks it up to "Levi's old life." For the record -- it ran just 5 months ago.


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I sure hope it really is just a love story - but can't help but wonder if it was pushed along to shut him up. I don't think he was lying before, and bet that he knows even more damaging information about the Palins. Maybe Bristol hasn't officially talked to her mom about it, but her mom (or dad) could have had a chat with him and made an offer he couldn't refuse, plus dangling constant access to his kid (kids?) with no fuss in front of him.

Of course, Bristol might have just figured out that once she named him as the father - she was going to always be connected with him through the child, that he wasn't going to just fade away but would insist on parental rights and really intended to exercise such rights. Or she's pregnant again... :) Keep those calendars handy!

Best wishes to them, regardless.

1561 days ago


Gotta love it when the tea party morons run around calling Obama a socialist and fawn over Sarah Palin.
If any one of you knew ANYTHING about socalism, you would realize that Sarah is the socialist, not Obama. She supported and carried out oil payments to every man, woman, child, and infant in Alaska for the (half) term she was there.
Now THAT'S what I call "redistribution of wealth." Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor - isn't that what you all rail against?? What a bunch of racist, ignorant, tea *^gging bunch of loons.
Why weren't you all screaming about that??
Oh, and Bristol is just getting married to make more money from pics and articles. She's a money whore, just like her mother - she'll sell out the institution of marriage for the almighty dollar.
Like mother, like daughter.

1561 days ago


So the new baby will come at around Dec-Jan.... You think she will announce the pregnancy in a few months, or just hide herself until then for the next magazine cover?

1561 days ago


I think the whole thing was set up by her mom Sarah, or the people advising Sarah. It's a good way to get yet more free publicity for the Palins (the media just love Sarah Palin, giving her free press coverage for her future presidential run). It makes Bristol seem so "moral" now that she's becoming a secondary virgin by abstaining til marriage. It's made for the family values crowd. The whole thing stinks. Just like when Levi stood by Bristol during the Republican convention. If he's smart, he'll run away again, but he's getting paid $$$ to marry Bristol, by the Republicans, I'm betting.

1561 days ago


nothing about this **** recanting his lies? TMZ eating some crow.

1561 days ago


I smell a plubicity stunt on their part to make some bucks from the tv and magazines. He will divorce her in 3 years and she is no brain surgeon either and definitely does not have her mother's looks.

1561 days ago


What Levi found out was as soon as he was not of any use to the liberals they dumped him. He tried to enhance himself with playgirl thing but after it was over he was just another "yesterdays news" with no prospects. with child support looking him in the face and none of his "new found" friends left he didn't have many prospects. I guess Bristol just wanted to make sure her kid had a dad around, can't think of any other reason she would want him back.

1561 days ago


What a pair of idiots!!!! They deserve each other!!! Now they can be a big "idiot" happy family including her dumb mama!

1561 days ago

that's right    

Why does electric zipper sound like the one that's angry and unhinged and then accuse mighty mad of being like Mel Gibson? Must be a tea partier. Doesn't even know how ridiculous he sounds.

Bristol will get married for the money she can make on articles, pics, etc.
Like mother like daughter - anything for a buck - even the sanctity of marriage.

1561 days ago


So why have they waited until the second pregnancy to get married?

1561 days ago


Will they let her continue with the abstinence speeches with a baby bump?

1561 days ago


Does anyone really give a rats ass about these two wanna-be celebrity whores? Sarah Palin must be so proud of Bristol. Do they think for one minute that we believe that they are NOT having sex?

1561 days ago


Who would you rather? Bristol Palin or Lindsay Lohan??
Um, Bristol, Honey, suit up your going in.

1561 days ago


Bristol is about 2-3 months pregnant now. Rumors in Alaska have been around for weeks. So much for her abstinence roll model job...

1561 days ago


Bristol deserves better than this, and the past predicts the future. Levi has behaved so badly that he doesn't deserve another chance with her. For the sake of Bristol's sanity, and her child's future, she needs to move on. If she stays with him, she's living in a dream world.

Bristol should take note of the kind of person Levi has demonstrated himself to be, and be grateful she wasn't stuck with him. Levi's not someone most of us would want in our lives.

1561 days ago
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