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Levi and Bristol

Engaged, Not Having Sex

7/14/2010 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

America's favorite unwed, single teenage mother -- Bristol Palin -- is engaged to get married ... and the man she's tying the knot with is the most unlikely candidate ever ... her baby daddy Levi Johnston.


Levi and Bristol's story is a tale of classic romance ... he knocks her up when she's 17, she has a kid (Tripp), they break up, they attack each other in the media, he poses for Playgirl, they attack each other in the media again ... and then they reconnect during custody negotiations about three months ago.

But the best part: The couple claims they didn't tell Bristol's mom -- Sarah Palin -- about the engagement first. Instead, they told Us Weekly ... and hoped that it was one of the "variety of sources" she reads. 

Levi and Bristol claim they hope to get married in the next six weeks -- and due to Bristol's abstinence pledge, they won't be having sex again until after they say "I do."

As for the wedding -- they want to get married in Alaska ... and Bristol wants Levi to wear a camouflage vest.

Oh -- and that whole Playgirl thing ... Bristol claims she hasn't seen the spread and chalks it up to "Levi's old life." For the record -- it ran just 5 months ago.


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i was thinking more along the lines of palin presidency in 2012
and this is real cute stunt oh i meant start.

1505 days ago

Yes or No    

They are having Sex. Levi is getting that stuff from Bristol on a regular. Who are they fooling.

1505 days ago


Why is this news and why should we care?

1505 days ago

gina ketchum    

dont ya think that Momma Palin put her big boot down and said mary her or i'll get u my pretty

1505 days ago

Jay Adler    

Why does it matter if they are or are not having relations? First of all, the criminal justice system usually does not prosecute consenting adults for sleeping together whenever they want. I have never known of a court ordered chastity belt. Their personal business is not of any value to pundits and bloggers on the the Internet should worry about their own relationships. I have written previously that the best course of action for Sarah Palin as future candidate is to have the couple move away and be quiet. Especially Levi who tends to be disruptive sometimes.

1505 days ago

Shannon Talton    

HMM> Bristol is trying to get away from her mother, who must call her a whre in every way possible. Sarah and B dont' get along, even when they are together-which is rare with mom's scedule. B has Socialized health insurance and other financial supports thru her dad's native american ancestory, so that isn't as big an issue for issue for staying at home- although it's not like a real living. Levi may want to be with his kid and the only way to do it is by separating B from her mom. I doubt he was lying, I don't think for a minute they aren't having ses, and I don't think it will last a year-unless B is completely terrified of going back home. B's ex boyfriend say he's trying to reach her and see if she is getting married because she is pregnant. Goodness.

1505 days ago

Tired of the BS    

Yeah, right! They're not having sex until after they're married, give me a break. I'm sure if she's actually going to abstain (after all, don't they have a kid already?) she must be dong contortions with the meaning of "sex". That is, " I'm going to abstain from sex, except for "oral and anal acts" until after I'm married. Maybe.

1504 days ago


Levi is just looking for a way to get with Todd...Since those two together would be so much more believable...the marriage is just a cover.

1500 days ago


Now it is reported he has knocked up a former girl friend. She is 8 months PG.

1491 days ago

Jay Adler    

A couple of thoughts here. First of all as a Republican I will support Sarah Palin in the event that she wins the nomination. These kids are becoming a PR problem for her and I have expressed my opinion that what is going on now has to be displaced as her image is being tarnished through no fault of her own.It is absolutely not the fault of the parents. My kids are adults and way passed the age where you have to stay up worried. Honestly, I learned that there is nothing you can do when they are on the other side of town at 2am. Now I heard about another girl involved with Levi that may have been impregnated. The daughter now will not marry him-good. He has to be isolated in a legally arranged way which I am sure Ms. Palin can arrange. Considering all the damage that Levi has done already and should Sarah Palin want to make a run instead of the celebrity deal she must offer him a long compensated trip to new dwellings and a confidentiality agreement with triple damages for violation.

1491 days ago


Wow! Reading some of you people's comments... you all have some real anger issues. Why do these average every day people all bring out such venom in you. These kids never asked for this just because their mother was chosen to run for VP. For you to wish such horrible things on young kids. Some of you people are just downright evil. Always remember all you experts in relationships and virtue: "The love you take is equal to the love you make." - Paul McCartney

1489 days ago
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