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Levi and Bristol

Engaged, Not Having Sex

7/14/2010 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

America's favorite unwed, single teenage mother -- Bristol Palin -- is engaged to get married ... and the man she's tying the knot with is the most unlikely candidate ever ... her baby daddy Levi Johnston.


Levi and Bristol's story is a tale of classic romance ... he knocks her up when she's 17, she has a kid (Tripp), they break up, they attack each other in the media, he poses for Playgirl, they attack each other in the media again ... and then they reconnect during custody negotiations about three months ago.

But the best part: The couple claims they didn't tell Bristol's mom -- Sarah Palin -- about the engagement first. Instead, they told Us Weekly ... and hoped that it was one of the "variety of sources" she reads. 

Levi and Bristol claim they hope to get married in the next six weeks -- and due to Bristol's abstinence pledge, they won't be having sex again until after they say "I do."

As for the wedding -- they want to get married in Alaska ... and Bristol wants Levi to wear a camouflage vest.

Oh -- and that whole Playgirl thing ... Bristol claims she hasn't seen the spread and chalks it up to "Levi's old life." For the record -- it ran just 5 months ago.


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1540 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

the whole thing is coming all together now. It was all a Publicity stunt. Sarah Palin for president hell no!!!!

1540 days ago


What the people that have a child together are getting married!?! The hate you spew says a lot about some of you folks.

1540 days ago


ahh, young love, what else can you say XD I wish them many happy months

1540 days ago


Why wanting to get married so fast within six weeks? Pregnant again? Bristol, let this plaything go and find someone better.

1540 days ago


I saw the cover of US and i just dont think that kid looks like Levi. im thinking they may end up on Maury. Anyone else see it?

1540 days ago


gloomhound...What the people that have a child together are getting married!?! The hate you spew says a lot about some of you folks.

Yes, these two do have a child together, an unplanned child. These two are in no way ready to get married, and it's quite obvious they aren't marrying for the right reasons. You don't go from spewing vile accusations towards each marriage this quickly and be "ready" for marriage for the right reasons. I for one cannot support two people marrying just because they produced a child together...any male/female with healthy reproductive systems can do that, doesn't mean they should marry.

There are sooooo many red-flags about this marriage. Now, maybe they do love each other...only they really know that. However, the fact that they want to rush into it within 6 weeks (red flag), the fact that they are telling the press about this before her own family (red flag), the fact that they have done such a total about-face in such a short time (HUGE red flag). I'm not even going to bring into the conversation her mother or my opinion of her...but these two aren't rushing into marriage, they are racing towards divorce.

I cannot escape the feeling that this is ALL for publicity. If the publicity goes away, then no one is willing to pay them to make appearances in public, books won't sell, no one will offer reality tv shows (cha-ching!), and no one will be willing to pay for photos of them. This is all about the all-mighty dollar.

1540 days ago


She sounds like a moron, and her mom is a moron. But I would love to bang both of them ..... at the same time.

1540 days ago


Can't wait to hear the Late Night Show jokes tonight! Tina Fey please go back to Saturday Night Live!

1540 days ago


Sweet Baby Jesus, this family should change their last name to Publicity-Whore. Really, a magazine cover? Way to keep it klassy snowbillies.

1540 days ago


No sex? Yeah, okay, whatever! But I will say the guy isn't stupid! He knows where the money is and he doesn't have to pay child support or work if he marries her. In your face Sara Palin! LOVE IT!!!

1540 days ago


I think it's funny that all the ignorant commies on here that don't know or understand the first thing about government routinely bash the Palins. Even Levi would make a better President than the current unqualified, inexperienced, non-American Marxist, Kenyan douchebag we currently have. Can't wait to watch the Obamas get thrown out on their criminal a$$es in two more short years. Maybe then America will be able to correct all the damage this headcase has done.

1540 days ago


I am hoping all will turn out well for this young couple. May God Bless them and their child.

1540 days ago


This Kid was NOT going to make it in Hollywood (not without sucking someone's C-OCK) he decided to "join the winning team"...
Kathy Griffin wasn't gonna F-Uck him, and his PLAYGIRL gig didn't NET him as much as he thought...I HEAR YA LEVI....hang in there with the $$$$...all you have to do in hunker down and get used ta looking at this "used up", "knocked-up teenage Slut"..(as MOM would say from FUTURAMA....)every morning at the breakfast table, BUT , you will be set for life as long as you stayed married to the Little Slut.
I see your Conundrum.....!
On the OTHER HAND....As a "Baby Daddy" YOU SHOULD step-up and MAN-UP and deal wit YO FAMILY!!!!
So I guess it's shut-up, and Step-up, and Deal with the PALINS MILLIONS

1540 days ago


Sarah Palin is a very controlling person! She messed these kids up the first time she dragged them out in fron of the cameras saying they were going to get married. Why does she lug her kids around with her, no matter where she goes? I wish these two the very best and I hope they elope as soon as possible before the Sarah's handlers find a way to turn it into a possitive thing for Sarah! Palin is a prop for the GOP and every move she makes is staged, written, selected for how much money she can make for herself and the GOP! These kids have their own lives to live. LEAVE THEM ALONE!

1540 days ago
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