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Lindsay's New Lawyer:

She's Going to Jail

7/16/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has officially hired Bob Shapiro to represent her in her ongoing DUI probation case ... but only on condition that she goes to jail.

TMZ broke the story earlier this week that Shapiro was stepping in after Shawn Chapman Holley quit.  Shapiro, who repped O.J. Simpson, tells TMZ, "I have agreed to represent Ms. Lohan on the condition that she complies with all the terms of her probation, including a requirement of jail time that was imposed by Judge Marsha Revel."

Shapiro added, "Ms. Lohan is suffering from a disease that I am all too familiar with."  The lawyer's son died of a drug overdose in 2005.


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I believe he is actually saving her life - he is not playin'. I wonder if he fished around the Judge and found out that she wasn't going to change/modify the sentence? Hopefully, Shapiro can get her parents to shut the heck up. She's a grown, independent woman. How dare they blab all over the place about her business. UGH.

She is in trouble because of HER poor choices. No one is picking on her. She now faces the consequences of HER OWN ACTIONS - HER CHOICES. Probably most of those choices were made while she was under the influence of something. She is a repeat offender. As an independent, 24 year old, adult female, it is time for her to act like a responsible adult. She owes that to herself, her family, friends and fans. I believe she will eventually find her way, if she truly wants to. Why does it seem that some former Disney actors go through a period in their lives when they cannot separate their real lives from show business. Honey, it's just a job - get a life.

1557 days ago


Quote: Why did she retain Shapiro (who she cant afford)?

Posted at 4:44 PM on Jul 16, 2010 by cali

Because Shapiro won't charge her a cent. He'll do it for the publicity, and to make himself look like a good guy, which is something he has a need for. He likes to have it both ways. For example, when OJ got off, he complained (rightly) about his co-counsel, Johnnie Cochran, PLAYING THE RACE CARD FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE DECK. So what did Shapiro do about it when it was going on? NOTHING. He gets his client off scot free, and then gets to complain about the sleazy tactics used to make it happen.

It was reported when he represented Christian Brando, he didn't charge Marlon Brando a dime either, that he did it for publicity.

1557 days ago


@42 you are very evil there kids don't need see what you are disgusting!(sally)let's just have all prosecutors and no defense just pray you don't get arrested.

1557 days ago


One way or the other... the guy gets his. Typical attorney tactic. One thing they never do though... is go to jail with their clients who lose their cases. The attorneys get paid... clients do the time. Hmmmm. Let's hope for LL's sake she will walk into that courtroom with her head held high... humbled down... and willing to make the necessary changes.... "what it takes" to save her own life. If not, then look out!! It is only going to get worse before it gets better. This gal is only fooling herself when not accepting the consqueneces for her behavior. She is to blame.... now that she is an adult. Her parents certainly should have done a better job... but look at them. What good did they actually do for their child other than line their pockets with her hard earned cash. The whole family should be ashamed of themselves for not thinking ahead to the consquences of selling one soul to Hollwood. Michael woke up way too late but still tried his best to make amends... and help his child. However .. .it came way too late and just pissed off his daughter. BUT.. LL should have listened... OH WELL.. this is why we have a judicial system.... run by God.. who steps in and helps be the real mother and father we all need.

1557 days ago


Good for Bob, and good to see some realistic advice to his client. Take the hit, make your time in jail productive, do your 90-day rehab, get to the bottom of the drugging behavior and then make your comeback.

The thing Lindsay is that she is a sexy talented girl. F'ed Up. But definitely talented. There are plenty of examples where a screwed-up actor gets clean and goes on to a tremendously successful career. Particularly Robert Downey Jr.

1557 days ago

Zack Morris    

Finally! Lindsay gets some good representation. Shapiro clearly understands her plight with his statement, "Ms. Lohan is suffering from a disease that I am all too familiar with."

Hopefully he'll help the media understand that Lindsay is the victim here. She's been afflicted with a terrible disease that she has no control over. She probably honestly didn't mean most of the things she's said or done recently.

Everyone needs to give her a break and let her get the help she needs!

1557 days ago


Sooooooooo, put her in jail already! Waiting until Tuesday is just a big mistake!

1557 days ago


Kimbo that was a stupid comment. If Karma played any role in OJ's life it was that he just happens to have 'friends' who carry voice recorders when they commit crimes. HA. If that wasn't a gov. plant I don't know what was. Good chance OJ will die in prison so there is your 'karma'.

Also, Shapiro hasn't made any appearances on her behalf so there is nothing to charge for. He may be there on the Tuesday for 20 minutes but the guy is loaded and there really is not work for him to do at this point. Keep in mind HE OWNS that posh condo she has been visiting that acts as a 3/4 house. He is going to coach he on what to say and what not to say in 3 weeks when released and take her under his wing. As he did Brando's kid when he was all hyped up on dope and killed someone. Not only that IF she is to F-up again? Who do you think she will be running to for council. Smart move on both parts.

1557 days ago


Shapiro is such a bottom feeder. All he is, is Gloria Alred with a smaller wee-wee.

1557 days ago


Quote: Everyone needs to give her a break and let her get the help she needs!

Are you kidding? She's had nothing but breaks. She's used to getting off no matter WHAT she does. She was in rehab last for SIX MONTHS, and it didn't do any good.

Quote: afflicted with a terrible disease that she has no control over.

Says who? It was SHE who painted FU on her middle finger that she flashed in court. It was SHE who gave the middle finger to the Judge when she ran off to Europe, and the Judge had to take a day out of HER OWN VACATION, just to deal with the brat. She's a STUPID spoiled brat who has NO CHARACTER, no concern for the rights of others, just getting away with one crime after the next. She's not HELPLESS, she's devoid of character and will power. ALL her choices are about ME, ME, ME, like so many self centered addicts we see on Celebrity Rehab.

1557 days ago


Lindsay done goofed. Consequences will never be the same.

1557 days ago


Judge had to take a day out of HER OWN VACATION, just to deal with the brat.

Posted at 5:25 PM on Jul 16, 2010 by Sally

The judge didn't have to it was her own choice.
How long was the May 24th hearing like 15 minutes or something.
All she had to do was inform the stand in of the orders and the bail was already taken care of.

1557 days ago


Earth to Robert Shapiro, All of Lindsay's MANY problems CANNOT be "explained" by the "disease" of drug abuse. Exhibit No. 1 - HER KLEPTOMANIA. How many times has this sick individual been accused of THEFT of property, BANNED from high end retailers? Check out THE FACTS, if you dare.

Second, Shapiro, your other latest celeb client, that you helped get minimal time for a DUI, now that you're claiming not to want to "enable" them, Khloe Kardashian Odom REVELS IN GETTING SMASHED EVERY TIME SHE GOES TO A CLUB ON HER REALITY SHOWS. She drinks like an alcoholic fish every chance she gets in front of the entire country. She seems to have learned NOTHING by you're getting her off with mimimal time on a DUI, I predict big problems for that alcoholic in the future also.

1557 days ago


Lindsay suck it up when you get out you'll be the richest young actress around..that's Hollywood baby!

1557 days ago


Sally.. You evidently do not understand or have facts about addiction. All of her actions point directly to her disease of addiction. Drug addiction and alcholism is a mindset. We think differently from the norm. Our brain works differently. Selfishness is the biggest defect. We addicts suffer from every character defect you can think of. The good news is that with abstinence from all mind altering substances we can change and overcome these defects. With help she can win. Doing this alone is a lonely war that will not be won. This is not a moral issue. She is very sick. As humans we should hope she recovers and lives a somewhat normal existance. Believe me, she is suffering alot now. She is and will suffer the consequences of her addiction She has to inorder to recover.

1557 days ago
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