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Oksana's Dentist Offered Her Shelter from Mel

7/14/2010 6:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the dentist who treated Oksana Grigorieva the day after the explosive January 6 blowup with Mel Gibson wrote a sworn declaration in which he says Oksana not only told him Mel had hit her ... but he was so concerned for her safety he offered to let her stay at his home.


TMZ broke the story ... Dr. Ross Shelden will be a critical witness if criminal charges are filed against Gibson.  Oksana's lawyers asked Dr. Shelden last month to write a declaration detailing information he had about the incident and aftermath. 

TMZ has learned what's in Dr. Shelden's declaration.  Dr. Shelden says he has known Oksana for 12 years.  According to the declaration, Oksana came in the day after the incident and told him Mel had hit her, but she was not more specific.  The doctor says in his declaration he saw evidence of "blunt force trauma" as well as physical damage.

Something significant -- in the declaration, Dr. Shelden says Oksana's teeth were not damaged ... just her veneers.  He says one veneer was knocked completely out and the other was broken in half.

The doctor wanted to take pictures of Oksana's mouth, but not to create a record for authorities -- he wanted them for his lab for the purpose of repairing the damage.

The doctor says Oksana did not want the pictures taken, and had expressly said she wanted to protect Mel.  But Dr. Shelden persisted and got the photos, although he says Oksana was so reluctant she would not look into the camera.

As we previously reported, Oksana insisted that Dr. Shelden keep the information confidential, which is why he did not contact the police.

Sources say Dr. Shelden says before Oksana even met Mel ... she had talked about how much she wanted to get married and have a baby.


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Whether they were her veneers or teeth, they are both in her mouth and the fact is something/someone damaged them... more than likely racist b*stard Mel. I don't know why people are giving Oksana so much hell (My guess is just because she is Russian) but Mel deserves everything he is getting. He is just like his racist father Hutton Gibson (look him up). You will find Mel doesn't fall far from the racist tree.

1570 days ago


She's really taking this too far...she's not happy with the amount of money and/or custody of their child, so she's doing anything and everything she can to get him in jail. whatever.
She can tell the press, even our beloved TMZ, anything she wants. She can report that Mel forced her to screw a donkey while high on glue...ultimately it's to the courts that is going to matter-- evidence and discovery is a key in courts. While TMZ is gold to the rest of us, I don't think accusations made to the press are going to stand terribly strong in court.

1570 days ago

Rodney Peterson    

Wow...I/we've been going through something similar for months, actually years at this point, in which I have posted a lot of information online including an FBI/IC3 (internet arm of the FBI) report I filed months ago concerning a girlfriend who is constantly threatened and now missing (she is either missing or simply doesn't want to talk to me-I don't know-but unlike Mel Gibson I have and always have seen her as an individual person with rights-it does irritate me she won't communicate but it's way more bizarre than that-she can't communicate-and she is constantly threatened which is why I filed the FBI report (it's online) and I was physically attacked by the person threatening her. As I said, I don't know if she's missing or just doesn't want to talk to me-it's almost impossible to get the police to pay any attention and I've been there several times fearing for her safety and am also unsure she may have been kidnapped. It is pretty much the same types of threats Mel Gibson is making on tape against Oksana, so yes she is very much in danger (or was) and Mel Gibson has certainly proven he is more than capable of killing her if he wanted to-it's amazing someone in therapy, supposedly, could be this angry (I'm writing a movie based around this girl I talked about above that is partially set in a psychiatric hospital. I would never dream of demanding sex from her, burning her house down, whatever-the fact that I don't know if she's really missing or been hurt makes me feel powerless in some ways (I have received text messages from the person who may have hurt her that he has evidence I killed her which is ridiculous and makes me fear for her safety even more-maybe there will finally be some public interest in the mystery because of this comment and how it's sort of similar with this bit of sickness. I don't believe this woman Oksana is acting like a gold digger, she's acting like a classic abused woman and Mel Gibson's threats, which I've just recently actually read, are beyond unbelievable (and yet in some ways similar to the stuff I have posted on my websites because of the case I'm describing which has already resulted in me being physically hurt and concerned for the girl in my stories safety-I've kept a very detailed account of a lot of the threats which will help in case anything really has happened to her which is a huge reason I've kept them online all these months. The anger coming out of Mel Gibson and the abusive, demanding behavior is beyond disturbing and neither Oksana nor Tamar, the woman in my story, deserve that kind of treatment. Mel Gibson is definitely headed to criminal court and I have no idea if that will happen to the abuser of the woman in my very complicated case, but it is all here online-please don't let the fact I've been writing a book/movie based around this girl make you think I'm posting purely for publicity purposes-I am not-I'm looking at other employment opportunities for myself and have been for a while, some of which are pretty exciting potentially, however the uncertainty of what has happened with this woman, whom I genuinely like or love (but nonetheless if she wants nothing to do with me, that is her right)-the concern for her safety is what has caused me to leave her real name online in connection with this story for a long time now and all the other details-originally the plan was to make her anonymous at a certain point in the development of the script and book, but because of all the threats against both of us and the physical violence against myself by her stalker, I've never been able to comfortably delete her real name from the whole thing-you can read the whole confusing thing right here in the same blog as a review of a recent showing of a Tribute to Shadoe Stevens and the old Federated commercials (because MySpace only allows five blogs from the main page I combine them which I know is confusing but trust me my FBI complaint and a LOT more really are there:

Thanks and I wish Oksana and her family the best-as far as Mel Gibson, he's in need of serious therapy most likely combined with substance abuse treatment. What a heartbreaking story of domestic violence.

Rodney Peterson

1570 days ago


I saw this posted previously.
She played Mel like a well tuned fiddle.
She is so calm on the tapes as if she is being coached by someone or reading from a script. And so far, like most police videos, we only her what transpires halfway into the conversation. Not that it excuses Mel's tirade, but could make it more understandable.

As to the Dentist, he should be saying bye bye to his license.
Domestic violence is a mandated report.
A dentist is a mandated reporter, he is guilty of at the least a misdemeanor and on the licensing side loss of his California License to practice. Also any civil suit she brings against him for injuries that occur as a result of his failure to report.

He is hung out to dry...

1570 days ago


Regardless of what Oksana "wanted", the Dentist had a LEGAL OBLIGATION to report the alleged signs of domestic abuse...
Is Oksana worth losing his license over?...His career?...His own freedom?...

1570 days ago


Failure to report the evidence of domestic violence jeopardizes his California license. The doctor presents himself as a kind, helpful soul. He is technically an accessory after the fact.

Oksana's failure to report the crime when it occured harms all women and raises the suspicion of extortion as Mel's lawyers have alleged.

Oksana's failure to report life-threatening words which were so frightening that she was legally justified in secretly recording them is likewise an indicator of extortion.

California law permits secret recording when a person believes that his or her life is in danger, but Oksana failed to notify police of Mel's threatening words after she recorded them. That erodes her claim of fear and bolsters his claim of an extortion attempt.

There is one point where I flatly do not believe Mel. On the fourth tape released just today, he says Oksana will not succeed in pressing all his buttons.

1570 days ago


FYI, the simple act of biting into something like a Peanut M&M can crack a veneer, or even cause them to fall off altogether...

1570 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

These two were made for each other...I knew her motives when I read she was pregnant from him. That was one thing on her to do list...the other was to hide a recorder around the house and then antagonize the bigot to where he spouts off his racism. Now Mel woll get his, but I have to wonder why she recorded their fights.......I never know when me and my spouse will she had to push all the right buttons in hime to get him going so that she will have these rants on tape for her financial gain...I think if these tapes were not released by her then she woukld have used them as blackmail tactics. Dont condone Mels racism, but this skank of a woman knew what and how to extort money from him...all hollywood men...dont hook up with this russian whore, she has motives and it takes a loose woman to do something like this....she and heather mills need to be stuck on an island alone together..a russian whore and a oner legged gimp!

1570 days ago


Whether he broke her teeth or veneers - it's irrelevant..what's relevant is the fact that he was (allegedly) abusive. If this in fact true, he's in DEEEEEEP Doo-Doo!

1570 days ago


Something stinks in all this for sure, I still want to know if she shook baby Lucia. I'd knock someone in the mouth for shaking a helpless baby. He said she was throwing herself down around the backyard, why couldn't she knock her own veneers out. My daughter fell down and broke her front tooth.
Why didn't the dentist do his job and call the cops? Letting her stay at his place? Hmm.

1570 days ago


She is doing everything to provoke him.And he falls for it.She is after his money.GOLD DIGER!!

1570 days ago


If that's a gold digger, it's a darn scared one, and rightfully so.

1570 days ago


Look at this!

A top forensic exzpert is saying the tapes were tampered with... of COURSE THEY WERE! It is apparent when you listen to them.
Just another example of her duplicity... she is so totally a lying gold digger.
Mel, on the other hand, is what he is. He is straightforward and honest. Says just what he thinks (and how! gotta love that Irish temper) and doesn't sneak around.
In the end, her conniving ways will be her undoing.

1570 days ago


He figured,she was just another subservient cu_nt, and wanted some too

1570 days ago


This dentist has known her for 12 years, so he is probably like the Gay friend/Dentist, if he offered her his home to stay at. Either that or he is a "friend" of 12 years who would do and say anything to help his "friend" out. Why was he so persistent in taking photo's of her face, and not just her mouth, and wouldn't x-rays be sufficient evidence. He is stressing his point that SHE did not want to take the photos, that it was all his idea. Sounds like he's protecting her and helping her set up Mel. Lover or Gay friend?

1570 days ago
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