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Oksana's Dentist Offered Her Shelter from Mel

7/14/2010 6:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the dentist who treated Oksana Grigorieva the day after the explosive January 6 blowup with Mel Gibson wrote a sworn declaration in which he says Oksana not only told him Mel had hit her ... but he was so concerned for her safety he offered to let her stay at his home.


TMZ broke the story ... Dr. Ross Shelden will be a critical witness if criminal charges are filed against Gibson.  Oksana's lawyers asked Dr. Shelden last month to write a declaration detailing information he had about the incident and aftermath. 

TMZ has learned what's in Dr. Shelden's declaration.  Dr. Shelden says he has known Oksana for 12 years.  According to the declaration, Oksana came in the day after the incident and told him Mel had hit her, but she was not more specific.  The doctor says in his declaration he saw evidence of "blunt force trauma" as well as physical damage.

Something significant -- in the declaration, Dr. Shelden says Oksana's teeth were not damaged ... just her veneers.  He says one veneer was knocked completely out and the other was broken in half.

The doctor wanted to take pictures of Oksana's mouth, but not to create a record for authorities -- he wanted them for his lab for the purpose of repairing the damage.

The doctor says Oksana did not want the pictures taken, and had expressly said she wanted to protect Mel.  But Dr. Shelden persisted and got the photos, although he says Oksana was so reluctant she would not look into the camera.

As we previously reported, Oksana insisted that Dr. Shelden keep the information confidential, which is why he did not contact the police.

Sources say Dr. Shelden says before Oksana even met Mel ... she had talked about how much she wanted to get married and have a baby.


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Time for the DA to move forward with charges or get a grand jury to indict Mel for domestic violence, making terrorist threats etc., but they probably wont. Mel owns Malibu.

And Max, thank you for wasting 2 seconds of my life as i scrolled past all of that crap you posted. You're as delusional as Mel.

1506 days ago


by Sweetheart
you need to be beaten upside the head to both learn English, and to find the caps lock key

1506 days ago


Wait a second? He's known her for 12 years? How is this possible when her son is 12 years old? I always figured when she was with Timothy Dalton and pregnant she was living in England. Hmmm. Something sounds fishy with this doctor. And offering his place of residence to protect her? Nice gesture, but it's uncalled for. He's not her friend. He's her dentist. He should have reported the alleged abuse. I think someone is lying under his sworn testimony.

1506 days ago


Never trust anything a Russian or Romanian woman says. They are the best in the world at manipulation,getting money and sympathy from people!

1506 days ago


Ok, if what Mel wanted was a gold digging whore, skank, etc. like he called her in the tapes and all then why is he upset?

He seemed to know exactly what he was getting and yet, still gets upset? It's not like the way she dressed was a secret?!

1506 days ago


Battered and abused? B.S. She knows how to push Mel's buttons, and she pushed them hard. She probably didn't want anything to come out to public at the time to squeeze Mel. The meek & passive appearance is deceiving, and is just a mask which fools others. It's pretty apparent from the tape snippets that she broke some trust and goodwill with him, which enraged him.

The pics and the dentist means nothing - it's all 3rd party. The bottom feeding dentist wants his piece of the pie. What a s*** to offer his place. If she's in so much danger, should could have gone away. Why were there settlement discussions in the first place? MONEY! If she was really interested in working things out, fueling confrontations and secret taping / breaking trust is not the way.

Mickey Rourke is right.

1506 days ago


Dirty little Dentist

1506 days ago


Dentist wanted to do a battered woman. That is so vacant.

I don't care what else Mel said. Oksana set him up.

1506 days ago


mel has problems surely, but why is nobody talking about the fact that she messed with a married man, i am sick of these women who go after married men and then cry when **** happens.

1506 days ago


I have a hard time believing anything that this woman alleges took place!!! She says nothing about the entire incident until months later and still, before she goes to the police she tries to milk Mel for a ton of cash!! And only when he refuses to pay does she suddenly claim abuse!! Okaaaaayyy-and while this alleged abuse is happening she does what? Goes in the back room and calls the police or a friend for help? Noooo! She goes in a back room and sets up a recording device to catch Mel making any derogatory comments she can later use against him. And she does this how many times?
I start to wonder if she purposely tried to provoke him in order to record these or any other incriminating statements!
Then she has the audacity to claim she has no idea how someone got access to the tapes and made them public! It's just ridiculous!
I also don't believe that the statements made by Mel automatically means hes racist! If someone were to unknowingly record most of us in what we believe is the privacy of our own home during a heated argument would shock most. Luckily those of us not in the entertainment business don't have to worry about being recorded and those tapes being leaked/given to sites like tmz for the world to hear. If that were the case, ALOT of us would incorrectly be labeled racists.

1506 days ago


Yeeah. Get married & have a baby...Gold digger.
And why the hell wouldn't this DOCTOR report? He was obviously worried about her if he offered his own home. She said no 'cause he doesn't have enough money?
Somethings up with this woman.
And the phone messages, etc. OF COURSE Mell is pissed! This 'woman' is money hungry. I feel sorry for the children- all of them.

1506 days ago


Hmm, I wonder if my dentist will offer me shelter if I run to him with a story of how Mel Gibson hit me upside the head.....

1506 days ago


This woman is a pathological manipulator using her T&A to get whatever she needs. There's a lot of woman out there like that.

It doesn't excuse any inappropriate behavior by Mel but I'm sure she played a part and her not going to authorities speaks volumes.

She's just playing the money angle and nothing else. Gloria Alred will be rep'ing her in no time.

1506 days ago


I am thinking that I actually believe her. Besides, even if she's lying he is a racist and anti-semite. I think she's telling the truth about him hitting her and he is an a$$ so he deserves to be extorted and made miserable. I don't really care if a wife beating nazi gets treated fairly but that's just me.

1506 days ago


Lots wrong with this version of events - 1. - veneers are glued on and often come off on their own - 2. there is no PROOF Mel actually caused them to come off - only Oksana's word to her dentist - 3. 12 years ago she was with T. Dalton - in England - what was her dentist doing there at the time? 4. A dentist is legally required to report abuse - he didn't - hmmmm.....and offers her a bed in his home????? Strange - none of my doctors or dentists have this as a normal business practise - Something is fishy here -
Make no mistake I don't condone Mel's abusive rants - he obviously needs anger management counselling and to be on medication - but here's Lesson #1 to Oksana - the FIRST TIME A MAN ABUSES YOU -LEAVE!!! Go to the police - report it - Don't wait around for 5 months wait for a custody battle and provoke rage and then Tape him!

Mel's obviously a verbal abuser and Oksana's an experienced extortionist and gold digger - Seems like a relationship made in heaven!

1506 days ago
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