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Oksana's Dentist Offered Her Shelter from Mel

7/14/2010 6:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the dentist who treated Oksana Grigorieva the day after the explosive January 6 blowup with Mel Gibson wrote a sworn declaration in which he says Oksana not only told him Mel had hit her ... but he was so concerned for her safety he offered to let her stay at his home.


TMZ broke the story ... Dr. Ross Shelden will be a critical witness if criminal charges are filed against Gibson.  Oksana's lawyers asked Dr. Shelden last month to write a declaration detailing information he had about the incident and aftermath. 

TMZ has learned what's in Dr. Shelden's declaration.  Dr. Shelden says he has known Oksana for 12 years.  According to the declaration, Oksana came in the day after the incident and told him Mel had hit her, but she was not more specific.  The doctor says in his declaration he saw evidence of "blunt force trauma" as well as physical damage.

Something significant -- in the declaration, Dr. Shelden says Oksana's teeth were not damaged ... just her veneers.  He says one veneer was knocked completely out and the other was broken in half.

The doctor wanted to take pictures of Oksana's mouth, but not to create a record for authorities -- he wanted them for his lab for the purpose of repairing the damage.

The doctor says Oksana did not want the pictures taken, and had expressly said she wanted to protect Mel.  But Dr. Shelden persisted and got the photos, although he says Oksana was so reluctant she would not look into the camera.

As we previously reported, Oksana insisted that Dr. Shelden keep the information confidential, which is why he did not contact the police.

Sources say Dr. Shelden says before Oksana even met Mel ... she had talked about how much she wanted to get married and have a baby.


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"he offered to let her stay at his home"...


1569 days ago


Yeah - none of her actions sound like battered woman syndrome! Battered women don't usually provoke and record fights, engage in extortion and when that fails, sell the tapes. None of her actions fit with the psychological stages of battered woman's syndrome. Her actions, do however, match those of lying, conniving, money-grubbing bitch syndrome!

1569 days ago


#14 You're right. People keep saying she should have called the cops sooner but I dont think they understand whats its like to actually BE IN an abusive relationship.

Ive been in them before. I i honestly did the same. I was more worried about do***entation than telling the cops.

1569 days ago


Quantum - are so right - I am surprised Gloria Allred hasn't been contacted already!

1569 days ago



1569 days ago



I agree. I've been there and also know all to well. I doc*umented just in case I ended up dead. At least, the police would have something. It also helped when I finally did get the nerve to get the restraining order. People don't understand unless they have been through it. I can relate on some levels. Then again, my ex wasn't Mel Gibson either which would make it a lot harder. I can see how the world would already be ready to judge you and be ready to call you the golddigger and not see you as a victim. Quite sad when it comes down to it but, until we have ALL the facts, like others have said, innocent until proven guilty. Sad thing is, they have prosecuted and hung her already without the facts! What a mess!

1569 days ago


Had my son listen to these tapes, he's a total geek/wiz at this sort of thing, he says flat out "Their doctored, they've been tampered with". So, it's as I thought and said yesterday, These tapes have been edited, dubbed over and spliced. That's why her voice sounds so clear,with no background noise, and it sounds like she prerecorded his rants, spliced bits and pieces together and then it sounds like she talks in a mic and does voice addition. Don't know the technical terms, but bottom line is that these tapes are tampered with, and the Sheriffs dept. should have professionals go over them before using them as evidence. I get that Mel wants his daughter, and there must be something seriously wrong, that he is going ballistic over it. I think she betrayed him big time, used him, deliberately got pregnant and tried to extort money from him. He lost it, and I am just as guilty of once saying horrible racist things in a fit of rage at my ex, it was a one time thing, which I know I absolutely did not mean what came out of my mouth. Mel is a crude, foul mouth male pig, with control issues, and he's a sexist pig, but I believe he is also a good man, not all evil and this woman screwed him over big time, in such a way that has just about destroyed him and drove him over the edge. Some people can do that to you, and he tells her to stay away from him, cause he knows what's happening, and he's trying to put a stop to it. Thats why some people get divorced, and others break up. Sometimes someone can just bring out a demon in you.

1569 days ago


I would love to give her a place to slee.... no no she won't be getting much sleep that's for dam sure. Don't care what anyone thinks I would pound the hell out of her.

1569 days ago


Ok, if these tapes were fake....I think, we would know by now. They are in the hands of the police and if they were fake they would have released a statement by now stating that they re fakes to protect the innocent. They have not made such statements because they are the real deal. That is why the police are continuing the police investigation. Come on people?!? Do you really think the police would continue wasting their time with FAKE TAPES?!?!? They wouldn't!! They are real. Why are you people looking for excuses for Mel Gibson? Are you all in denial? Can he NOT be capable of such horrible allegations? The police will get to the bottom of it. They will continue or dismiss it. Obviously, they have enough to go on to continue their investigation into BOTH, MEL AND OSKANA!! Wake up people! The tapes are real! What's the next excuse for Mel? Maybe, just maybe he's not a wonderful human being! Maybe, just maybe, neither is Oskana. maybe, just maybe, that's why they found each other! My goodness!

1569 days ago



You're right. She's after mega-millions so she can retire for the rest of her life and be taken care of. Good thing she's not Tiger's type of woman!

1569 days ago


That's what happens when you put your pee pee into a woman who gets knocked up by celebrities. Should've seen it coming and known better Mel. Even though I still think you're losing your mind, what did you expect?

1569 days ago


Don't get me wrong, I do not condone what Mel Gibson says on those tapes, or any other racist remarks he's made over the years. The truth is within the privacy of our own homes, when we think it's "PRIVATE", we all have probably one time or another said something racist, Archie Bunker style. Who hasn't lost control of themselves at some point in their life? We just don't usually have girlfriends and/or husbands taping what we say when we go off. And remember a taped call is to make one person look innocent and the other person to look guilty. A taped call is to entrap someone for whatever reason. This whole thing is about betrayal. Men tend to rage when betrayed, women cry and beat it till it's a dead horse, and then keep beating it. I know from my own experience.

1569 days ago


Because some of you keep insisting on saying/writing it, I will keep insisting on correcting it...Plus, I like being a pain in the arse to a bunch of you, lol. Hey, I'm only Mel and Oskana! Plus, because I can!

IT TAKES TWO people to make a BABY. If one does NOT want a baby then a form of BIRTH CONTROL should be used!

One person CAN NOT make a baby by themsleves (techinically speaking).

Mel Gibson DOES NOT BELIEVE IN BIRTH CONTROL. REASON he and his wife ROBYN have so many!! Reason, I believe, she at some point got birth control and said ENOUGH!! Against, Mel's wishes (years ago). Mel has been very vocal about this in the past.

Did Oskana get pregnant on purpose, probably NOT! However, Mel probably insisted she NOT use birth control and what will be will be and what

Again, it takes TWO to make a baby! NOT one, but, TWO! IF MEL GIBSON did NOT want another child he would have worn protection but, MEL GIBSON CHOOSE NOT TO WEAR PROTECTION...RISKING THE CHANCE HIS GIRLFRIEND OF A COUPLE OF YEARS BECOMING PREGNANT WHICH...SHE DID!!!


1569 days ago

Lynn M    

If what he says is true, he's in violation of CA Penal Code section 11160....

1569 days ago


She definitely is the huge goldigging instigator in this relationship!! Poor Mel fell into her trap and got her prego...his big huge mistake!! Everthing is superficial about her from her teeth to her udders, wtf... i don't believe her one bit! This whole relationship is beginning to be a circus fiasco... Team Mel!

1569 days ago
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