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D.A.'s Office Will Not Rush Mel Gibson Case

7/14/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources involved in the Mel Gibson investigation tell TMZ ... the D.A's office will not become "part of the howling mob" and rush a decision on whether to prosecute the actor.

We're told reps from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department told the D.A.'s office last week ...  the case could be sent over to prosecutors as early as this week, but now that will definitely not happen.

There are critical witnesses still to interview -- including Oksana's dentist and 12-year-old son -- as well as the presentation Mel's lawyers will make to Sheriff's detectives.  And the Sheriff's department still needs to review and authenticate the tapes.

We're told prosecutors are in touch with Sheriff's detectives but they are not attending the witness interviews.

One source involved in the case put it this way:  "Mel isn't going anywhere.  He's like Tiger Woods.  There's no where he can hide in the world.  And she (Oksana) isn't in any danger.  We're in no rush to make a decision.  We're going to do it right."



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Sounds good to me. I'd rather they take the time to do the investigation right instead of rushing things and screwing it up.

1527 days ago


Leave Mel alone and keep Oksana away from Mel.

1527 days ago


So lets see, he punched her in the face, threatened to burn the house down, pulled a gun on her and they are going to wait.

1527 days ago


Oksana isn't in danger? How the hell do they know that? Sounds like they've already taken sides... a la OJ SImpson.

1527 days ago


And because they, unlike the howling masses, know his side of the story.

1527 days ago


Perhaps Oskana fabricated some of her story, after all...words are just that. We have not seen any physical proof. We have seen Oksana illegally tape someone for the intention of extorting money, all the while pushing their buttons on those strangely arranged, she had control of the tapes..only she and her lawyers, only she or her lawyers *contempt of court? could have leaked it to the media.

1527 days ago


What she did was not only illegal, it was slimy, unethical and wrong. She goes after a MARRIED man, blows him for 3 years, gets knocked up, (she has ANOTHER bast@rd by Timothy Dalton) and then goads him into saying these things to her. She dubs what she says to him, and tapes him going psycho. I wish he had killed the Russian prosty.

1527 days ago


I'm sure he will get off easy anyway. OctoSANA is just looking for her big pay day. Mel should have left this poisonous woman alone a long time ago.

1527 days ago


Who cares. Radar Online sucks for leaking this crap out a little every day. WHEN WILL IT END?! We all say stupid crap when we have stupid partners he does NOT deserve all this attention. He's always been an ass. This is SO nothing new.

1527 days ago


Money and fame has turned Mel into a dangerous man.

1527 days ago


Clearly, Mel has proven he is a foul mouthed woman bashing pig. I would ask everyone to boycott his movies.

1527 days ago


I have Mel's perfect match, Michelle McGee....racists deserve love too....

1527 days ago


The L.A. Team Justice is investiging. Lord help us all. Excuse me, but Oksanamama attempted extortion, shouldn't that make her the prime suspect? I hope this doesn't mean that they'll have to take manpower off that Lohan case. L.A. needs more Public Defenders to protect the public from these fame-seeking goof balls.

1527 days ago


She certanely doesnt wants to put him in jail since she needs money from him, but she is trying very hard to prove him she has power too and the baby is the thing that turn Mel even deeper in the ground.
Sax to be him.

1527 days ago


I think she screwed herself for releasing the tapes. Who in their right mind releases the tapes ONLY IF they are being manipulative, vindictive and hoping for a big pay day from Mel. She is not going to be credible since she released it. Now please Oksana if you are reading this the public are not stupid we see behind your vindictiveness and what you are trying to do. You would've been credible if you didn't release them in public. Your true colors show and what you are after honey. We are not dumb

1527 days ago
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