MJ Fans -- Dying to Clean Up Tomb Graffiti

7/14/2010 8:20 AM PDT

MJ Fans -- Dying to Clean Up Tomb Graffiti

An MJ fan club is on a desperate mission to clean up the recent graffiti onslaught outside the King of Pop's tomb -- claiming a few bad apples could spoil everything for MJ's non-vandal followers.

The Official Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California
have extended an olive branch to Forest Lawn Cemetery -- where MJ is buried -- offering to clean up the recent wave of hidden vandalism outside the singer's tomb ... before the cemetery decides to ban MJ fans altogether.

A rep for the group -- which organizes a monthly pilgrimage to MJ's burial place -- tells TMZ, they want to "fix this mess" so FLC doesn't associate MJ's upstanding fans with a bunch of sharpie-wielding hoodlums.

As TMZ first reported, Forest Lawn is currently on red alert over the illegal doodles -- hunting down the artists responsible ... and threatening to ban any potential copycats for life.

No word if Forest Lawn will take the fan group up on their offer.