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Oksana Demanded Millions for Tapes ... Allegedly

7/16/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Mel Gibson tell TMZ they have "hard proof" Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort Gibson, demanding more than $10 million from the actor in return for keeping the secret tapes just that -- secret.

Our sources claim Oksana demanded a specific amount of money. They would not reveal the exact sum but say it's more than $10 million.  And the sources say there are emails and other "physical evidence" to prove it.  As one source said, "There's a long trail of evidence"

TMZ broke the story .... Mel's lawyers will be meeting with L.A. County Sheriff's deputies, making a presentation of evidence which includes alleged evidence of extortion.  We're told the lawyers want the Sheriff's Department to launch a criminal investigation after they present deputies with emails and other physical evidence.



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He's not broke, lol. He is swimming in money but he's a greedy piece of chitz and doesn't want to part with a dime unless he gets something out of it. He especially doesn't want to give any to a woman, except he has to pay his ex-wife [& kids] to keep them quiet... no doubt he's always been a woman-hating, racist, violent, sociopathic little man.

1563 days ago


I don't know if she's a gold digger like everyone says but have you noticed how much Oksana looks like Liv Tyler? Seriously, check this out:

1563 days ago


Well the way 'some' women behave its hardly surprising 'some' men don't like them.

1563 days ago


No one in public has heard the original tapes, therefore, the tapes we have heard can't truly be authenticated since it came from a second hand source.

1563 days ago

get a life ho    

sweetheart .,.,please at least learn how to spell
before posting long rambling rants .,.,,

and stop posting the same thing over and over .,.we hear you .,.,.we know you love Mel .,,

bla bla bla .,.,.now go back hooked on phonics for everyones sake !


1563 days ago


"Why doesn't someone monitor this site for offensive language??"

No one can spell so it's not actually offensive - in the literal or literary sense. lol


@Sweetheart's rant: "hey the 2 bitter btich who have nothign else to do..."




The fact that she is Russian is irrelevant. Although, if we must make a point of it, she belongs with the вор в законе. As a concubine for some thug.

1563 days ago


@Sweetheart: "he can also have said i coem to oyur hose"

Someone needs to go to your "hose" to make sure you're okay. :(

1563 days ago


Hmmmm....if someone was yelling at me like that I would hang up the phone

1563 days ago


#36 Mel choose this woman to be in his life. He makes a choice everyday as to what he does and says.
She is irrelevant not matter how much money she got or what she does.
He is responsible for his relationships and who he has sex with and unprotected sex at that. He is old enough to know the game, just too drunk and mental because of it.

1563 days ago


#3, #5, #6, & #7 disguest me as much as Mel.
Do you think he was born yesterday. He choose who he had a relationship with. Regardless of who she is he is a racial, mean, roaring drunk that needs help in too many ways to count.
I believe that the tapes are real and he has been a nothing drunk for some time now. True colors are coming out.
if he does not get help, put him out of all our misery and remember him for the Passion of the Christ and let God judge after the courts and public opinion do.
There is not enough help out there for someone in his shape unless made to do it. He should call upon God for a miracle to change him.

1563 days ago


I can not believe the people that are blaming it all on Aksana.
Regardless of what and who she is, Mel was not born yesterday. He is old enough to know better when picking the women he has relationships.
Most likely this relationship began when he was drunk. It seems obvious to me that this man is a rude, racist, mean drunk.
I believe the tapes are real and when he hit her with the baby in her arms barely missing or slightly hitting the baby which ever may have occurred, I do not blame her for showing him for the man he is.
The Passion of the Christ was a wonderful movie and the last by him that I intend to watch.
This man needs help in so many ways. The truth of oneself often comes out when you are drunk and he is sure showing his true colors. The world would be a better place without this type of person.
I struggle to find one redeeming quality in Mel anymore.

1563 days ago


Dear Harvey,

While you were sleeping...

1563 days ago


Maybe she provoked him earlier, once he exploded, she had found the perfect opportunity to tape him. Who has a tape recorder readily available for a heated argument with your spouse or significant other? I never have.

1563 days ago


Sweetheart, I see some of your points, the points that I can divine anyway, but I have to wonder if you are Dyslexic. Not downing Dyslexia, as my cousin has it, but it's hard to read your posts.

1563 days ago


Mel still needs to work on his mental health issues and his distrust of minorities.
Mel should still have to pay child support but it should be a reasonable amount and it should be money for the child not the gold digger...she should get a job(maybe sell some of her music...not that anyone is interested in her music).
Plastic face has her anchor baby now but if she is feeling so abused and fearful for her life and the welfare of her children then she should probably get out of Mel's house.
Mel has no obligation to this woman as she is not legally his WIFE.
Oksana=just another single mother.

1563 days ago
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