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Oksana Demanded Millions for Tapes ... Allegedly

7/16/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Mel Gibson tell TMZ they have "hard proof" Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort Gibson, demanding more than $10 million from the actor in return for keeping the secret tapes just that -- secret.

Our sources claim Oksana demanded a specific amount of money. They would not reveal the exact sum but say it's more than $10 million.  And the sources say there are emails and other "physical evidence" to prove it.  As one source said, "There's a long trail of evidence"

TMZ broke the story .... Mel's lawyers will be meeting with L.A. County Sheriff's deputies, making a presentation of evidence which includes alleged evidence of extortion.  We're told the lawyers want the Sheriff's Department to launch a criminal investigation after they present deputies with emails and other physical evidence.



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Russian skank whore. Wouldn't surprise me that the tapes are fabricated. Mel's an idiot. Should keep his pecker in his pants. Stupid old men.

1531 days ago


YOU DONT SEEM TO GET IT Sweetheart! MAYBE IF I TYPE IN ALL CAPS LIKE YOU DO YOU WILL GET IT. No one edited these tapes to make him appear to say sexist and racist comments he said them on his own and he has to take responsibility for what he said and the way he acted he owes women in general and the minorities he's insulted an apolgy. Even if you believe they were cut and pasted to make full conversations he said those words end of story. So you believe he didn't say these things to her then who the hell was he talking to? THE MAID? hahaah get over it he is a hateful evil sexist racist man that is the bottomline at this point no one cares what she did or said he is evil you don't say things like that sober or drunk there is no excuse. Like there really was a need to attack her 12 year old son in the tapes? WTF did her son ever do to him? He's a child you don't use the F WORD in referring to a child sorry. He's a disease and he's diseased us all Oksana,Her Son,Their Daughter and Chuck and that guy.

1531 days ago


Of course the piece of garbage is extorting money from Mel. I really hope the judge throws the book at this Skank. It's always about money, she purposely got pregnant and to her it pobably meant CHA-CHING. Look it backfired in her UGLY-ASS face.

1531 days ago


# 102

Cuz it's a free worldand I don't have to splain to nobody!!
: )

Cuz I don't think Mel paid lawyers to go defend someone else.

The police dept would not be investigating Mel Gibson.

It was his girlfriend.

I won't even mention his priors, k?! Is that good for u??

1531 days ago


This will be is reporting they will be releasing the photos of Oskana's broken veneer's, sometime this Friday am. I can't believe this story has me so captivated.

1531 days ago


Ok I can't believe how many racist statements are on here about Russian women. Also I can't believe ABC said the tapes were tampered with - on GMA yesterday an expert said they were most definitely not edited/tampered with, just well recorded! Nothing about the tapes seems strange to me and they don't sound odd or edited...her voice is clear bc she was recording herself, and him on speakerphone, it's as simple as that! Also the way he speaks his conversation flows never seems to be jumpy or edited...and the exchanges in convo between them sound normal. They weren't tampered with, just divided into sections!

1531 days ago


Like I said before look at Uncle Jessie from Full House he didn't go to the police he went right to the FBI and look how fast his extortionist's were convicted I find it funny he's going to the sheriff's deputies with his extortion case isn't this the same department that doctor'd his dui arrest sheet to take out the racist rants? I could be wrong but if it was no wonder why he's going to thim remember what he said to the officer's "I OWN MALIBU" so ofcourse they will help him out infact if it wasn't for this website we would have never known what he said to those officers that night.

1531 days ago


This Oksana is a piece of work...little golddigging tool. If only these older men would realize there's only 1 reason young women want them.

1531 days ago

Duane Garrett    

It's not Oksana's fault. Mel pushed her too far. She earned every dime!

1531 days ago


#102 of 'donates' to your education fund; that seriously need better grammer skills

1531 days ago


yes #14, if mel would be a regular joe he would be in jail AND SHE WOULD HAVE NOT RECORDED HIM AND DEMANDED MONEY! dumb*ss!

GO MEL!!!!!!!!!! She should be sent back to russia for being a
mel-spy--- LOSER!!!

1531 days ago


sweetheart you at least have theory behind what you say.
Since I don't know anyting about editing I somehow still believe you know what your talking about.
As far as Radar online goes I wonder why harvey didnt jump on this story?

1531 days ago


not defending Mel but I knew there had to be more to this story.

1531 days ago


I can't even read past page one of these comments, the majority of which indicate a very sick readership. How in the world can anyone listen to what Mel Gibson said on those tapes and not hear an abuser? If he spoke that way to your mother or sister, you'd want him committed. Mel Gibson clearly needs help. It makes no difference whatsoever how or why or when he was recorded...just that he's a danger to himself and others. To pick on or blame this woman is a disgrace. Check yourselves, people.

1531 days ago

Miss Cali    

114 she most certainly was a hostess at a restaurant when she met Mel Gibson! Go Google it!

1531 days ago
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