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Oksana Grigorieva -- I'll Tell Everything About Mel

7/14/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva was strategizing with her lawyers in Century City today -- getting ready for next week's big custody hearing with Mel Gibson ... but before she walked into the office, she told photogs that she'll be tellin' the whole story.

Mel's lawyers have filed a motion to hold Oksana in contempt, because they believe she violated a restraining order by allegedly releasing the secretly taped conversations.  Oksana denies she's the leak.


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She is a whore and he is a whore monger and that is why he doesn't have any friends. I pity the child, what a disgrace.

1527 days ago


I am blown away by the amount of people calling her names and defending him???
He is a typical alcoholic! only he is more dangerous because he has had adoration all his life and he is delusional in his thinking that he owns his woman. This man should never be allowed to see that kid ever again. He is more than a drunk he is sick and I mean that sincerly not to be smart.
He is insanly jealous of her and this is at the core of his rage.
These types of men are the best in the beginning and then when they show their true colors there is no holding him back.
She needs to be very afraid for her life and the babys!

1527 days ago


Mel Gibson has delivered some slurs,
Naming folks he So not prefers.
Tis not the first, such blunder,
From the actor, down under,
True character or a case of liqueurs?
For more, google "LimRickNews".

1527 days ago


This is what happens when you take another woman's husband. I know Mel had been messing on Robin for years but this is the woman that ended the marriage. I just learned she has a 12 year old child by one time James Bond actor Timothy Dalton.

1527 days ago


***JUST IN*** Biggest bombshell, Oksana is going to drop a bomb on Mel and the court today, her real name is Nadya Suleman....the Octomom.

1527 days ago

Common Man    

OMFG #37. Wake up please. I too married a Russian women. They bleed you to death with compassion and once they're done with you they move on to the next victim. My ex waited 8 years of me paying for immigration, schooling, training, private schools for her daughter, tanning, hair, make up, photos, furniture, you name it. I traded in my retirement accounts for this women. The day after she got her citizenship (not her green card...CITIZENSHIP), she said, "I don't want to live with you anymore!". Deception is a way of life with some Russian women. She got her Russian college degree buy paying off the teacher, she brought her daughter over here by forging the girls father's signature and paying off someone at the embassy. And after bleeding me to death while married, I had to bleed some more to pay her off. I do believe Mel has a drinking problem but if you can't see that she is doing this to him on purpose then you really need to wake up! Take from someone who's been there.

1527 days ago


Oksana , the Russian woman sounds like she is a big time gold digger, after all mail order russian women that's all are looking for to marry a rich man or to work as a spies. Hope Mel gets some professional help, love his movies, and will not stop going to see his future movies. Oksana, go back to Russia, to your misery.

1527 days ago


Well of course she's going to tell everything...doesnt that seem to prove the point that she' out to screw him any way she can?? Mel may be a racist drunk, but lets face it...she's out for blood. She wants him destroyed. What's the real motice here?
She's coming on with a boat load of hatred and it seems she's not interested in JUSTICE, only that he suffers. So typical of baby mamma drama. Too bad after all is said and done, she'll be the washed up whore that she is with kids she uses as weapons and he'll still have his money and fame (what's left of it anyway)
She's only out for herself. The poor infant child is nothing but a tool for her to get back at Mel and get more money.

1527 days ago


Nobody--repeat, nobody--deserves to be beaten or abused, but this girl looks like trouble. I know the type. And these kind of women know exactly how to push men's buttons to get what they want.

These tapes that she released are unbelievable, but I can imagine that she drove Mel to the end of his wits. This is not to excuse in any way his behavior, BTW. It takes two to tango/tangle.

1527 days ago


jmak10 - you are totally right. She was "acting" in these recorded calls. Her voice was cold and detached, and the inflection in her voice was not genuine. Yes, he needs anger management, she knew this and decided to push all his buttons and provoke him. I think he went into the marriage with good intentions and has realized that she is nothing but a gold-digger with no feelings toward him.

1527 days ago


It is so clear that she's a skank. Now she wants to tell all her side of distortion? Bitch.

Looks like octomom, and has the same heart - evil greed.

1527 days ago


Hey, what happened to the sexy clothing that she liked to wear? She is now dressing modestly, so she will look more like the victim, than the tempress, huh? Mel didn't like the sexy outfits in public anyway.....

1527 days ago


What I really want to know is what does his ex wife have to say about these tapes? Does Robin agree that these tapes are an accurate representation of who Mel Gibson really is? After all, she was with this a-hole for nearly 30 years! She should know.

As for whether Oksana is a gold digger or the other nasty names everyone is calling her...why? Because she got pregnant to and had a relationship with a celebrity? Do you all forget or not know that she is famous in her own right? She's a singer!

I think that before people start calling names of the victim in a domestic abuse case, you all need to really look at the facts! Blaming the victim is just what an abuser would do so what does that say about those of you doing the same?

1527 days ago


Century City lawyers? Oksana, Don't Park There Alone. Remember the lady who was killed on the third parking level a few years ago by her husband's hitman as she was going to see her attys?

1527 days ago


Gibson admitted on record years ago that he is bipolar.
Manic episodes are not pretty. He clearly is not in his right mind. Most likely it's what he's dealing with in therapy. It explains a lot and frankly excuses a lot.

1527 days ago
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