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Oksana Grigorieva -- I'll Tell Everything About Mel

7/14/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva was strategizing with her lawyers in Century City today -- getting ready for next week's big custody hearing with Mel Gibson ... but before she walked into the office, she told photogs that she'll be tellin' the whole story.

Mel's lawyers have filed a motion to hold Oksana in contempt, because they believe she violated a restraining order by allegedly releasing the secretly taped conversations.  Oksana denies she's the leak.


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This woman is totally wicked. I bet Mel is real sorry he humped her.

1525 days ago


She's the leak. she tried to use the tapes to extort money from Mel and when that didn't work, she decided to make them public in order to hurt him publicly. She's a fame whore and I hope this all backfires on her.

1525 days ago


You've come a long way baby. Let me buy you a pack of Virginia Slims!

1525 days ago




1525 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

Just can't keep her big mouth shut! You know she's lying when she opens her mouth!

1525 days ago


Mel maybe a pig but I don't believe her one bit. Couples fight and sometimes say some nasty sh*t to one another. I think she released those tapes because she wants money and lots of it.

1525 days ago


Funny how all her witnesses are HER people... She is trying to destroy Mel and the media is actually letting her. Hopefully his fans will see him through this just like they have his other struggles. He isn't perfect, he has definitly made mistakes but this woman has one thing on her mind $$$. I guess she doesn't mind getting it by being another hated face in the media.

1525 days ago


UMMMMM she gets money from another actor...can't remember his name...Was it Stephen Segal??? Anyway this is not the first celebrity baby she has had and probably won't be the last...I think the tapes were doctored personally...Yes Mel has issues but the conversations were private not for public consumption...I mean do you know what your neighbors have said to each other in arguments?? NO don't think so....

1525 days ago


Here, I place in your hand..... a stone.

1525 days ago


Well, they both seem to be playing the system. Most Russian women I have met here in the states seem to be very focused on landing a guy...a guy with money. And Mel should keep it in his pants as well...she got knocked up (she knew what she was doing and he knows it) but he needs to shut up with the comments. There's a little bigot in all of us..nobody is born 'politically correct' just have to have the brains to keep your mouth shut. They both are a 'match' made in hell...

1525 days ago


I have to say that I have a uneasy feeling every time that I am subjected to the Mel Gibson tapes. First, they sound pieced together and dubbed. Some of the conversation does not seem to match. The woman's voice is eerily calm and she does not disguise her delight in causing furor. Her acting skills are embarrassing. She has an air of the wicked, self-centered power play that only a woman who is enjoying the verbiage can attain. Second, the man's voice is so frustrated and angry and inebriated. It hurts to hear the pain and rage in his voice. Third, this was obviously a private conversation that only one of the parties knew was being taped and the man's trust was betrayed by its existence. Fourth, these tapes were illegally obtained in violation of CA law. Fifth, this is none of my business and I feel uncomfortably voyeuristic when I hear them.

Although all of the TV legal experts who have commented on the content of these private tapes concede that they had no business knowing of their existence, none had the decency to say that it was therefore immoral to air them. None minded that the standard journalists' rule of three independent sources of verification was ignored. They admitted that they could not provide authenticity of the tapes. Ethics be damned, this was going to be fun.

This brings up the question as to how they were obtained and why they are being aired.

Last night, legal experts admitted that these tapes were being used in a custody case and there was a court order regarding their suppression. Since March, when the couple had broken up and lived apart, things had been amicable. Everything regarding the custody and financial arrangements had been agreed to with the girlfriend getting twenty million dollars and a joint custody time of 80/20. The woman would be keeping the majority of the custody. Then, last month on Father's Day, the woman suddenly decided to refuse to allow the child to see her father and denied Gibson access to his baby on what would have been their first Father's Day together.

Nobody knew any of the proceedings in this case, it was all being handled quietly and respectfully and privately. Suddenly, Radaronline obtained evidence tapes of the ex-girlfriend that had been offered to them, they say, for free. Unable to contain their glee, they proceeded to distribute them in cut up pieces to be consumed by the eager media on a daily basis so they could get more victory time and do the most damage. The media happily proclaimed that everyone is talking about this and everyone agrees that Mel Gibson's career is over. Then something happened that they didn't expect.

Polls and comments of the viewers showed that they did not agree with the medias' assessment of the situation. The media started bashing their viewers for not agreeing with them but they could not change the numbers. Many people were not buying the authenticity of the tapes and questioned the ethics and motives of the ex-girlfriend who had the tapes released in violation of the agreement with the court. She was suddenly claiming that her veneer teeth had been cracked in a physical altercation with the father, and additionally that she had suffered black eyes and a January, but had not sought medical treatment nor contacted the police. Her only thought at that time was the repair of her veneer teeth and she went to a dentist.

One of the first parts of the tape that was released was an excerpt of her tricking him to comment on this incident. His words, that she deserved it, are ominous until it is learned that he had said that she was shaking the newborn infant and he was protecting his child that she was holding. It can be argued that he should have quietly called 911 and watched his infant suffer permanent brain damage and death while waiting patiently for the police to arrive and extract the baby from the woman's arms, but he apparently distracted her with a smack in the face and rescued his child. Instead of vilifying Gibson for the act of violence, many people seemed to discount it. Many questioned why, if the woman was injured and feared for not only her life, but the life of her child as she was suddenly alleging, she did not immediately call 911. Perhaps she did not want to be arrested for child abuse. With the accusation that she had black eyes and a concussion, many people wondered why she did not go to the ER or a doctor, and instead only went to a dentist to have her fake teeth repaired. It has been speculated that she was about to marry one of the richest and most powerful men in the entertainment business and had her new career as a singer that this man had bankrolled to consider. Although some are calling this a case of violent domestic abuse, others are not so quick to judge. Due to her financial and professional gains that she had earned as the mother of Gibson's illegitimate child and as a soon-to-be wife, they question the fact that the safety and well-being of her child was not more important to her. In addition, having had plenty of expensive gifts from Gibson and a child by another successful movie star, Timithy Dalton, she had plenty of money to support herself with and did not need to hide out at a shelter. If she was truly injured, Gibson would have been arrested and she would have been awarded an immediate restraining order, financial accommodations and complete custody of the child. She did not have to stay in this relationship unless the draw of more money and the lure of her new career was more important than her child's safety. This fact brings a degradation of credibility to her story.

Comments that many have been making for the last two days are mostly about the woman in question and may have been held in for years since she first strolled into public view. She broke up one of the longest marriages in current Hollywood history which involved seven children. She is a home-wrecker who selfishly hurt the children of the man she had supposedly loved and has been called a slut and a whore. She had multiple children out-of wedlock with stars, giving her the nickname, starfu**er. Many have said, and even a legal expert conceded, that the woman is a gold-digger. The woman is in her forties but has had so much surgery that she can't move her face and looks plastic and fake, which may be why she always appears to have a smug attitude. She cruelly denied a father and daughter their first Father's Day together for a power play game. Her attitude on the tapes in no way indicates fear, which would have legalized the illicit serendipitous taping. She did not attempt to make an issue of the alleged assault until she was asking for more money and complete control of the child, making it seem too convenient and undermining her credibility. She betrayed the trust of the father of her child by having the tapes released. She hurt her child by damaging the reputation of the father of her child for, let's face it, money.

There have been comments on Gibson, as well. While some have accused him of a crime that he has not even been arrested for, others think it was a power-play setup by a manipulative, greedy woman who planned, fabricated and instigated. While some are angered at words that he has used, others indicated that people do say things that they don't mean when they are angry, and if she provoked him by denying him access to his child on Father's Day, perhaps the c-word does apply. Many are more disturbed at the fact that this is even in the airways than what was said.

Posters on shows that have been dedicating their programming to the Gibson case have been yelling on Facebook pages for the shows to drop it, they have heard enough already and it is none of their business. There is a viewer backlash to CNN/HLN shows such as Nancy Grace, Issues and Prime News with viewers demanding that the shows go back to more important issues, real news. News such as the release of a fugitive criminal and admitted child rapist, Roman Polanski, has been largely ignored. Missing children have been pre-empted to have panels of legal and mental health experts pontificate their views on the Mel Gibson subject. People are turning off their televisions.

Why? Has the fascination of stalking celebrities become so stomach-turning that only the media who support this activity can stand it? Is it crossing over the line to creep into the personal conversations of celebrities, people who are not elected officials? Or is it the people in question? Mel Gibson is unquestionably a man with demons. Perhaps it is no longer considered good sport to publicly attack a man when he is down. The woman in question has a Natasha Fatale quality. She has exhibited many traits that people find distasteful and she has caused her own lack of credibility.

No matter what the opinion, it seems apparent that Radaronline and the media outlets that have used this Hollywood gossip as news worthy of preempting information that really matters to the public have over-killed their own story. By introducing small pieces of one-sided evidence on a daily basis, Radaronline has watered-down their big game booty and has made people wonder if it is ethical to even be privy to any of it. The media has just shot themselves in the foot and the song, "Dirty Laundry," seems to be appropriate when watching the news.

Can we give this a rest?

1525 days ago


She is a skank!

1525 days ago


@huh2010 6:49 pm. Fabulously written. I applaud you!!

1525 days ago


Regarding : Posted at 6:49 PM on Jul 14, 2010 by huh?2010

@huh?2010 has written an excellent synopsis.

Also all the so-called therapists making armchair diagnoses are violating ethics and professional standards. The recordings have not been proven to be anyone other than someone who sounds like Mel Gibson yet the therapists have diagnosed and recommended specific treatment for Mel Gibson based upon the illegally obtained and publicized tape recordings alleged to contain his voice.

What person would ever seek advice or treatment from a therapist who has committed such slander?

1525 days ago


She looks like Octomom's little sister!

1525 days ago
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