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Oksana Grigorieva -- I'll Tell Everything About Mel

7/14/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva was strategizing with her lawyers in Century City today -- getting ready for next week's big custody hearing with Mel Gibson ... but before she walked into the office, she told photogs that she'll be tellin' the whole story.

Mel's lawyers have filed a motion to hold Oksana in contempt, because they believe she violated a restraining order by allegedly releasing the secretly taped conversations.  Oksana denies she's the leak.


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People defending Mr. Gibson's violent verbal abuse, death threats and physical assault on a woman are making me so sick at heart I can barely keep from weeping. I pray no woman you care about (if there are any) falls victim to a battering where people assume she must have "made him" beat her and make death threats. Of course maybe she will "deserve it".

1560 days ago


I can not believe how everyone is gunning for Mel sure he ranted and raved but hey how many men do this every day especialy when you have a MONEY HUNGRY SLUT after you, and these tapes are bull ****, the slut has now said i will tell all ? what next did she video tape them having sex without Mel knowing COME ON. The man was married for 30 years dont u think if he was a woman basher it would have come out before GET REAL everyone. This slut had dollar signs in her eyes when she met him and this was all PRE PLANNED by the slut.

1560 days ago


Post #95...very interesting this campaign on Mel political? Look at what was done to Carrie Prejean...she was also the victim of a set up and subsequent smear campaign. Alot of people did not want "The Passion of the Christ" made and Mel made it anyway, going so far as to finance it himself when all the studios shut him out.

Something is rotten in Hollywood.

1560 days ago


for a moment, stop lisning to me, listen to her.
mel is out of control, but she is in complete control. she is pusing his buttons, shee taped him illegaly, and she is editing the tapes. why does'nt she just release the whole tape and let use decide. my bet is that she is blackmailing him. and the tapes will stop when she get the money she is after.

1560 days ago


Oksana is lying, she has no soul, and is a user. She is such an embarassment for women. She needs to go back to her country. She example of gold digger, pushing men's button to get what she wants. How can a human being do this to another human being. Mel Gibson is a great guy and very talented. I'm glad she is not my mother. Doesn't she feel ashamed to spill her private life on tv. Tell her to get loss!

1560 days ago


russian whore, just playin' the game . . . when men start thinking with their big head these whores will have no power, Mel deserves his downfall, this whore deserves nothing.

1560 days ago


HAHHAHA STUPID WHORE she is just trying to get MONEY

1559 days ago


She said she didn't leak the tapes, but who made the tapes? Shame on her for lying.

1559 days ago


While I can't condone his violent outbursts and physical abuse (threats and otherwise) what in the wide world of sports would she have done to set him off like that??? She's not completely innocent in this whole mess...Russian women are one of a kind...and not in a good way.

1559 days ago


Oksana plotted to bleed Mel dry.
Octomom plotted to bleed us dry.

1559 days ago

Bob Roberts    


Not only should she give him the s*x and a b***j**, she better bring him a G**D*** sammich when she's done!

1559 days ago


If she used him make money for herself
that what happened really
Nobody want to feel used
It heart

1559 days ago


I dont feel sorry for either of them,There problem is haveing to much money.This is a good example of haveing to much money ,They cannot handle it.They both need Jesus Christ in there lives,Give away all there money and follow Jesus.

1559 days ago


The courts in Alberta do not take it lightly when parents denigrate each other when divorcing. In Alberta, Canada, a course is mandatory for divorcing parents. The following is part of the information regarding that program.

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Additional information

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Oksana and Mel need to be forced by the courts to stop taking this into the public arena because there are children involved, for one thing.

1558 days ago

Wondering In Whittier    

What russian dating agency did Mel go too? May want to stay away from it

1558 days ago
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