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Robert Shapiro

Will Rep Lindsay Lohan

7/14/2010 8:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned famed lawyer Robert Shapiro will represent Lindsay Lohan in her jail saga, but we're told Shapiro's plan is not to appeal Lindsay's 90-day jail sentence.


Sources say Shapiro, who was part of the team that successfully repped O.J. Simpson, will try to convince Judge Marsha Revel to put Lindsay in a rehab facility and either eliminate or minimize jail.

Shapiro, whose son died of a drug overdose in 2005, has a lot of experience with rehab facilities and we're told he has a specific plan for Lindsay, and a specific place in mind -- a live-in rehab facility in which Shapiro is involved.  Shapiro created a foundation to help people deal with drug and alcohol problems, named after his son -- The Brent Shapiro Foundation.

Shapiro was hired in a nick of time.  Lindsay is supposed to turn herself in on Tuesday.



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JR Jake    

I am reminded of all those who have been clamoring about the jails and prisons being filled with non-violent offenders and the legalization of pot and other recreational pursuits. Now you want a girl who needs some serious 'inhouse rehab' do some jail time? If she is successful and the doctors, psychologists and counselors give her good reports; than maybe we can save a salvageable young girl.

This is a classic example of a person who grew up too soon, too fast and her support systems either failed her or were severely flawed. I can empathize with Lindsey, been there and done that.

I GREATLY appreciate Mr. Sharpiro taking interest in her. I was unaware he had a child who perished and I am sure his love for people and the gifts he has been granted, weigh on his responsibility to help someone in dire need. If I was a lawyer, I would gladly take her case on, and maybe she could benefit from some 'straight talk'.

Thanks Mr. Shapiro and good luck to both of you. Maybe this 'Scared Straight' episode wakes up Lindsey and others who are milking their way through life.

1498 days ago


#4, #13

1498 days ago

bring back recent posts    

JR Jake...wishfull thinking....Linday has done no wrong ..and has been persecuted enuff...this gall is gonna b DEAD..plan and simple..jst a matter or time..sad.

1498 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I wonder if Tiger paid for Shapiro?????????

1498 days ago


Forget it, you skanky ginger! Bob Shapiro and his magic fedora aren't going to make Revel forget about the F.U. fingernail. You're going to sit alone in that cell, with no booze and no cigarettes, just your own vacuous self to keep you company. Sounds like a fate worse than death. 6 DAYS!

1498 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...what a circus...that pic of Shapiro...u can c the hurt and void in his eyes..........too bad we won't c that out of dina and michael...ENABLERS

1498 days ago


@154- there is a big difference between wanting to legalize weed, and the Lindsay Lohan case.

First of all, many people argue that weed is much less harmful to people than alcohol- which is legal. So to many people, weed isn't a real "drug". Lindsay Lohan was caught with *cocaine*.

Personally I don't think any drug dealers or drug users should be behind bars- I think people should be free to poison, kill or hurt themselves if they want to, and I think people should be able to profit from that (drug dealers) if they want to.

THE ISSUE with Ms. Lohan is not that she was caught with drugs. The issue is that she was caught with drugs while *driving*. It's one thing to take drugs, it's another to risk other people's lives. Of course there is also the car hijack/kidnapping element of one of the TWO DUIs.

Therein lies all the difference. Though she might be referred to as such, I don't view her as "non-violent". She could have killed someone with her car on both occasions, AND she held people captive as she drove recklessly while under the influence of hard drugs. She deserves time for endangering those people, as well as endangering everyone on the same road as her. She could have killed someone, and she shows no signs of growing up, realizing her responsibility in all this, and taking steps to prevent it from happening again. She needs to be behind bars not because she's a druggie alcoholic, but because she likes to DRIVE at the same time. The day she gets her license back, this will happen again- so long as she thinks what she does gets no punishment. Which is why she needs it. No one wants Ms Lohan to KILL somebody one day, and everyone knows that if she drinks and drives and knows she won't go to prison, she will go right back to driving drunk or coked up.

This is not about what's best for Lindsay, it's about what's best for the residents of LA county. This bitch is a danger to everyone. We all know a suspended license doesn't stop crazy people from driving anyway. Lock her up where she can't kill someone.

1498 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

Whoever is posting as "the real LL" needs to stop it. Even if, particually IF, it is the REAL LL.
If the poster is NOT LL, she is doing LL NO FAVORS by cyber-ranting trash and **&&^%%'s.
If she is LL, she is not following her attorney advice...(another one bites the dust?" as far a a "zip-the-lip-order". There is no way an attorney would advice his client to participate in online commentary. Particually, since this LL's offerings show nothing but a spoiled brat who is very very angry.
I am not sure why of all the post here, some saying horrible things, that I have been choosen to be the reciept of this LL's rage.
I don't wish you to be raped, or beaten or OD, or anything BAD, --real LL---- I wish for you to get your crap together.
Believe it or not, I have been including you in my prayers since this started over a week ago, until then, I never really heard of you.
If you are The "real LL," hush-your-mouth-child, YOU HAVE NO IDEA who reads this stuff....maybe even, like, JUDGES and stuff...
If you are some punk trying to help or hurt Lindsay, freakin' leave her alone. She does NOT need anyone to contribute to her poo-poo pile.

1498 days ago


Oh pulleease. Shapiro representing Lindsey Lohan!! That's so appropriate. I mean he got OJ Simpson the murderer off the hook. Piece of cake to get LL off. What a media hound he is. I lost all respect for him during the Simpson fiasco. I guess he's board now and needs a little attention. Why don't you try representing Scott Peterson? Shapiro is only about the attention (and money)

1498 days ago


This guy was the primary joke of the "Dream Team" and an attention whore. He was elbowed out when Cochran came on board. If the rehab we're talking is not some sort of Romper Room, and will actually TREAT the girl (i.e., not allow her to sign herself out and go sashaying off the first weekend), perhaps some good could come of it. But generally, I'm cynical. She just wants to stay out of jail, and she will do whatever it takes to slip that knot and still live her crazy life.

1498 days ago


Lindsay thinks if she gets a good enough lawyer she won't have to do time for violating her probation. Throwing money around to solve problems may work for celebrities, but what happens when she kills someone or herself. She deserves jail time and she NEEDS rehab. The judge made the right decision. Maybe Lindsay will get some help and therapy that is truly needed. She obviously has problems and needs to be removed from society for awhile. As much as I think her father is a media seeking attention whore, he is the only family member that seems to understand how deeply Linsay is messed up. Her mother is in denial and probably doesn't want her meal ticket locked up.

1498 days ago


What she really needs right now is a line of blow and a bottle of apple twist vodka.

Soon enough...

1498 days ago


If he's doing it pro bono, he ain't playin' about rehab. She may wish she'd done the time.

I don't care what happens as long as I don't have to hear about it anymore - YUCK.

1498 days ago


At least Paris Hilton didn't whine a lot about going to jail! I give her some respect for that! She went in and did her time like she was suppose to do! Props to Miss Hilton!

Posted at 8:25 PM on Jul 14, 2010 by alienforce1

Didn't you see the picture of Paris when they went to arrest her?
The picture of her crying in the back of the police car was hilarious.

1498 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

I can Not imagine why anyone would think SHapiro is a good bet, myself.????
And, what's with the Rehab if LL doesn't think she has a problem? Does that make any sence? If Lindsay is going to fight this "injustice" it make NO sense for her to SETTLE for rehab, just because the beds and food are perhaps NICER.
Really, can we get to the ISSUE....Is Lindsay guilty of anything? Lindsay?
What IS the best answer? Just forget all this....or what? What does she possibly believe CAN happen? That this, now an International Issue (or sorts) is just going to DISAPEAR? Or does she just want "another chance" to finish her classes.
It is NOT at all clear to me what Ms. Lohan's actual EXPECTATIONS and DESIRES are.
Is she going to do anything beside scream "NO?"

1498 days ago
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