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Robert Shapiro

Will Rep Lindsay Lohan

7/14/2010 8:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned famed lawyer Robert Shapiro will represent Lindsay Lohan in her jail saga, but we're told Shapiro's plan is not to appeal Lindsay's 90-day jail sentence.


Sources say Shapiro, who was part of the team that successfully repped O.J. Simpson, will try to convince Judge Marsha Revel to put Lindsay in a rehab facility and either eliminate or minimize jail.

Shapiro, whose son died of a drug overdose in 2005, has a lot of experience with rehab facilities and we're told he has a specific plan for Lindsay, and a specific place in mind -- a live-in rehab facility in which Shapiro is involved.  Shapiro created a foundation to help people deal with drug and alcohol problems, named after his son -- The Brent Shapiro Foundation.

Shapiro was hired in a nick of time.  Lindsay is supposed to turn herself in on Tuesday.



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Laffn Bear    

What seems to be overlooked is that no one can "fix" Lindsay. It is an inside job. She can spend the rest of her life in and out of rehab and jail with no result. Until she hits her bottom no one can help. Only after she admits she has a problem and can come to grips with changing can she effectively defeat her addictions.
After three prior stints in rehab and multiple arrests there has been no change in her. She still insists she is just having "fun."
She seems to be having a problem growing up and taking responsibility for her actions.

1562 days ago


Where are all the "She's broke" comments?? You don't know squat, except the "facts" that are presented here...hahahahahha. The comic book club.

1562 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

I would like to believe that it is NOT the "real" LL, because it is correct that it would be an idiotic thing to do, in her position to get on a web site about her case, and start calling people names,
It is hard to believe it is her, since she used *&&^ instead of spelling it out, like she is known to do.
Regardless, I do wish LL a RECOVERY....anyone who lives a life like hers and doesnt think she has a problem, is screwed.

1562 days ago


Yes, even her drunken tweets are composed better than what is being passed off here as genuine.

1562 days ago

Joe Blow    

"I does not" --"Lindsay Lohan"

Now I really do believe it's her!

1562 days ago

Joe Blow    

I would also like to add that while it would be pretty amusing to see Lie-ho get what she deserves from the lesbian gangs waiting for her in the pokey, I somehow doubt they could do any worse damage to her cavernous vagina than she's already done to it herself.

1562 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

Post 62# I dont care whether you believe it or not! u are ****ing idiot! at least Im real! and I does not pretend at all! anyways. I dont give a **** if i post anything on celebrity gossip site, who cares!

1562 days ago


@weed How in the world can you say Lindsay is hooked on anything? Again, her test results say that for the last 6 weeks she has tested negative for all illegal drugs they test for, tested positive ONLY for Diluadid and adderall for this period and the Dilaudid ends Jun 7 and was only for her oral surgery, her SCRAM had one alert out of 7 weeks with a .03 reading which isn't close to the .08 intoxicated level. What, pray tell, is the substance she is abusing. Adderall levels were not above her prescription level so what is she abusing?? People, stop ignoring these tests. Please. There's no justification for rehab and Dina is right in saying Lindsay is clean and sober. Her tests prove it. The people right now in denial are you readers because you won't admit that Lindsay's drug tests put her in the clear for substance abuse.

1562 days ago


There is hope for this child.

Hopefully this rehab doesn't cater to "stars" and expects them to comply with the facility.

1562 days ago


"73. Post 62# I dont care whether you believe it or not! u are ****ing idiot! at least Im real! and I does not pretend at all! anyways. I dont give a **** if i post anything on celebrity gossip site, who cares!
Posted at 6:22 PM on Jul 14, 2010 by Lindsay Lohan"

If you were actually Lindsay Lohan posting this stuff a lot of people would care, 'cause it would indicate you've went off the deep-end and should probably be held on a 5150 for your own good.

1562 days ago


Dear Lindsay

shut the **** up! what the hell youre doing on this site?! youre worthless loser!

1562 days ago

Joe Blow    

Yeah, she's real alright. A real sh*tty liar!

1562 days ago


Are you kidding me? Another ploy to avoid serving time. How many times has she been to rehab and it's never worked! She needs to do her time and take it like a woman!!

1562 days ago

A. Perez    

OMG Lindsey just go to jail. Judge Revel is the best thing that has happened in your lifetime. Didn't TMZ report after another Trial that Phil Spector (Lana Clarkson) sued this lawyer for ripping Phil off for one million dollars?

1562 days ago


I agree that Lindsay needs rehab but she isn't ready for rehab.
Jail is neccesary for Miss Lohan because she is under the impression that she can buy herself out of illegal behaviors, she has yet to even suggest that she understands that she has broken the law, risked people's life's for her own self-indulgence and MORE OVER,, the manicure shows so very clearnly that this little girl is really, really out of touch with the way society works.
Mr. Shapiro stuns me, with a kid of his own that died from drugs, and with listening to Lindsay's rants about how she doesnt "deserve" this. What the hell is he doing trying to keep her from "enlightment?" If lindsay were ripe for rehab we would of hear something that would suggest that is so, but we do not. This whole thing is about her cigerettes! I guess in rehab, she can have them, in jail, she can not.

1562 days ago
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