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Steven Seagal Accuser

Drops 'Sex Toy' Lawsuit

7/14/2010 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Seagal's former executive assistant has officially dropped her lawsuit against the actor -- in which she had accused Seagal of sexually assaulting her while employed by him.


As TMZ first reported, 23-year-old Kayden Nguyen wanted more than $1 million from Seagal -- claiming he not only treated her like a "sex toy" ... but also accused him of trafficking women for sex.

But yesterday, Kayden's lawyers filed documents in L.A. County Superior Court asking for the case to be dismissed.

The documents did not specify if a settlement was reached.


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If you know where Kayden is her Cocaine dealer is looking for her she owes a lot of money and has not "Compensated" him for the last credit withdraw.

1528 days ago


I'll work for him and he can fondle me all he wants.

1528 days ago


What has this world become? Anyone that has been subjected to harassment or abuse won't be able to come forward now. All these skankhos are ruining it for the legit people. Steven needs to counter sue her ass and get money form this ho. She defamed his name and reputation for no other purpose then to extort money from him. Sounds like another Oksana.

1528 days ago


Well that's another young little ol sweetie who's got her 15 mins of fame this year by going to the media over ANYTHING with sex in the word regarding a famous man lol!! Did she get a job at the Playboy mansion then or just the local strip club?! Blackmail's so much easier, just ask Octomum/Oskansa!!
Sorry, but no sympathy with these women anymore - they're happy to wreck marriages, careers, and reputations by f****** anyone with money, making claims that can't be proven one way or the other in the media and their smug little smiles are enough to make anyone with a living braincell barf!!
Sexual harrassment claims have always been hard enough for women OR men to prove and then you get these little extortionists coming along and making it harder for women or men to be taken seriously!! Don't you find it just a little too convenient that this claim was made after the Lawman series hm?! Being innoccent wouldn't matter would it, it's just that the claim was ever made and for a man who guards his private life so well that must hurt him for his family!!
Question is, if you've got that much money and this sort of extortion comes along and there's no way to prove the story one way or another would YOU cough up to shut the person up and protect everything you have made your life out of being OR as Mel is doing say no and be crucified in the press daily hm?!

1528 days ago


HE is a lying freak PIG..Guilty..Total Freak..He has been getting away with this sex crap 4 years..Ask his former wife..He is a real s*** bag

1528 days ago

Ron Golden    

Sex Toy? If using a woman as a sex toy is illegal I'd be doing 1,000 life terms....

1527 days ago


If fish are supposed to be 'equal', then what is the reason for all this special treatment. We say: arrest the fish!

1527 days ago


Folks...hate to break it to you but this isnt the first time with Seagal and its one of the reasons he became persona non grata with the studios. There is a long history of of this sort of thing with him and it always gets hushed up. Pretty sad, actually.

1527 days ago

Cameras w DVR    

Hopefully we can move on now and get his show back on TV. Love this new show and crime definitely needs him. He has had issues in the past but he definitely is a positive force. Keep it up.

1527 days ago


#26 You are right with that, he's at least putting something positive back into the neighbourhoods! Don't think there are that many stars who would get out of their warm, cosy little beds to be out looking for crims - they'd expect the cops to do it for them lol!!
I saw the Lawman series and I don't care what anyone says happened in the past, he's been doing this for 25 years without us all knowing about it - any other star (if you could wake them up) would be letting everyone know what a hero they were hm?!! If I'm right he was born in Louisianna and this is his way of contributing something positive to the place he grew up - if I'm wrong, he's still doing something positive lol!!

1527 days ago


I think he's sexy. I'd be his sex slave.

1524 days ago


Obviously a payoff just like the others! So typical. Yeh, she was greedy, yeh, she was sexually harrassed - no doubt in my mind, yeh, she's a jerk - should have pressed criminal charges right away and yeh, he got off easy - only because she was a money grubber. She was not interested in justice - she just wanted a payoff -just wait until it happens again - you can be sure it will. This is the umteenth time he's paid off girls to keep their mouths shut about his behavior.

1523 days ago


PAYOFF - In my opinion she was sexually harassed, she should have reported it to the police but again all she wanted was money. She obviously dropped the lawsuit due a financial settlement. I guess she got what she wanted and he escapes criminal charges and all the horrible press that would go with a trial. He seems to have done this previously and always pays off with a no disclosure paragraph in the agreement. Many of the rich and famous pay rather then play in court - because they are guilty. Innocent people don't pay - no matter what because they know it implies guilt. Eventually he'll accost the wrong girl and he'll wind up in jail.

1523 days ago


I think Steven needs to talk things out about his sex toy addiction, he needs to go to lol

1487 days ago
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