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Tiger Woods Mistress -- More DNA, Please!

7/15/2010 8:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The porn star who claims Tiger Woods is her baby daddy has filed court documents -- obtained by TMZ -- practically begging for a judge to force Tiger to submit to a DNA test.

Devon James -- mistress # 20ish -- claims there was a "misunderstanding" when a prior paternity test showed that a man named Pele Watkins was most likely the father to her 9-year-old son.

In the docs, Devon states that she believes Tiger is the real father -- and she's willing to provide information on the time, place and hotel location where the child was conceived to help prove her point.

She's also willing to name "his golf buddies who were there at the time in Pebble Beach."

As we first reported, Tiger denies the whole thing ... and recently filed papers of his own asking a judge to throw out the entire paternity case.

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mom of 3    

could someone please explain to me how there is a "misunderstanding" with the prior father????Also, why the hell has she waited 9 years to say anything???Sounds pretty fishy to me.This woman had an affair with him and now is pissed and looking for her two minutes in the light,how freakin' pathetic!!!!

1558 days ago


"Misunderstanding" = Someone needs to have their meds adjusted.

1558 days ago


if she has herpes and was giving tiger blow jobs...chances are he's got it too

1558 days ago


i thought she was a guy when i first opened the page.

1558 days ago


Crawl back under your rock - no one cares! Make money the way normal people do - get a real job and work!

1558 days ago


SHE needs to get a REAL job and stop trying to force her way into the spotlight with her authentic or not sexual exploits! I am NOT holding up for Tiger Woods for one moment. But these people need to do something which truly deserves attention, and fortunately-this doesn't. So many people like her have no shame anymore which is really sad. They will do whatever with whomever to make some bucks and try and get noticed. Very ignorant, sad and downright pathetic!!

1558 days ago


Why are you giving this delusional nut job any publicity? Let's move on to something more interesting.

1558 days ago


you know that Gl-WHORE-ia al-DEAD is financing this skank to pull some publicity stunt before every tourney that tiger plays in.

ole gl-WHORE-ia is pissed she can't get laid by anything still breathing

1558 days ago


TMZ, does Devon notify you when she is going to do something stupid again so you can get it on line?
Do you have her on retainer the same as Rachel Uchitel to keep them in the news?

1558 days ago


Good grief, I guess Tiger will do any warm hole...pathetic.

1558 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

At least Tiger has outed most of the trashy, skanky women in the world so classy guys know who to avoid!

1558 days ago


She is disgusting...Its looks like her herps are acting up!! LMAO...They already proved Tiger is not the father!! Shes trash..She wants him to be sooo bad but a shirt isnt gonna magically make that happen no matter how much she trys!!

1558 days ago


she's so nasty, do any of these people have morals or values. Tiger you should have picked me, I know how to keep my mouth shut!

1558 days ago

Are you sure?    

Just think...Elin had unprotected sex with Tiger after all these other skanks! This one takes the cake!

1558 days ago


Are we even sure this isn't a man of some sort? She reminds me of Katelyn from the Realworld....

1558 days ago
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